• Smart Parenting Moms Give Love to PGH Cancer Institute Patients

    SP moms pay a visit to cancer patients at PGH and bring smiles through an outreach program and donations.
  • On February 4, 2011, a group of moms from the Smart Parenting (SP) forum conducted an outreach program for patients of the PGH Cancer Institute pedia ward.  The project was conceptualized to spread cheer to the patients whose ages range from a few months to 18 years old.

    To support the said event, each of the SP moms contributed what they could, in cash and in kind, to cover expenses for the program. They prepared meals for the young patients, gave away gifts, and distributed milk products courtesy of Alaska Milk Corporation.

    The February 4 outreach group is composed of the following members:
    GreenMoM, Mommyangel, TWYSHY, ACI Treats, caramel_delarosa, dad & angel's mom, dangerous_429, dimplethine, funnyarte, I love_dadilove7503, iamkiara, kassandradenise, kidsrepublik, mac717, magilas, marimar, mitch_chels, moi angels, mommy Irene, mommyclayde, momy weng, myjourney4life, nylej20, prettyannpurplemom, thersie_marie, thersie_marie's hubby (Noli), tonnee, tuts, xxXiansMamxx, yhamslove & Mommy Phie.

    Smart Parenting is grateful for your selfless act of charity.  We salute you, SP Moms!

    Check out photos from the outreach by clicking through the image gallery below.

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