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  • South Carolina Mom Shocked After Delivering 14-pound Baby!

    Plus, Chynna Ortaleza salutes working mothers, watch Richard Yap do his daughter's makeup, and more!
    by Rachel Perez .
  • South Carolina mom shocked after delivering 14-pound baby! 

    Cindy Richmond was expecting her third baby to be on the heavier side, about 10 or 11 pounds, but never thought she'd give birth to a baby weighing a whopping 14.4 pounds. "We were in the surgery room, and everyone was getting their phones out to Google who is the biggest baby. I couldn’t believe it," Cindy told ABC News

    She and husband Austin Keisler welcomed their son Colin recently at the Lexington Medical Center, and among the visitors were the newborn's grandparents who had to bring new sets of clothes large enough to fit a four- to five-month-old toddler. Cindy and Austin said their baby is happy and healthy despite his unusually large size. Thankfully, neither mom or baby have diabetes (moms who have babies larger than their gestational age are sometimes afflicted with diabetes) -- the newborn is just naturally big. 

    Lexington Medical Center's Dr. Jamie Brown-Price said Colin is the largest baby she has ever delivered. Nurse Donna Hinton agreed, saying that after 29 years of working in the hospital, she had never seen a 14-pound baby born before Colin. (abcnews.go.com)

    Chynna Ortaleza salutes working mothers 


    "Will I ever get used to separation anxiety? I hope this gets better over time," the new mom wrote in the caption for a photo of her daughter Stellar. Chynna has often expressed her guilt over working now that she's a mom because it means she'd have less time for family, but she also knows that work is important for her, as an artist and an individual. Chynna shared a bit of what helps her through the days when she misses her Stellar. "Prayer and family always get me through, she wrote. Chynna also gave a shout-out to all working moms: "Cheers to working Moms everywhere! Now I am more aware of the strength that we learn to develop over time."

    WATCH: Richard Yap does his daughter's makeup

    watch now

    Actor Richard Yap, known to many as Sir Chief in the defunct hit teleserye Be Careful With My Heart, proved how supportive a dad he is. His 21-year-old daughter Ashley Sandrine Yap, who is a beauty and lifestyle vlogger (video blogger), featured him in one of her videos where she let him put makeup on her! Richard was taking instructions from Ashley, of course. We think he did great -- contouring, eyebrow drawing, and all -- but we also noticed Ashley's restraint from taking his dad's hand to guide him in applying the concealer correctly. Haha! It was all done in the spirit of Father's Day. (abs-cbn.com)

    Claudine Barretto lashes out at newly-adopted daughter's basher


    "If you have a problem with my child, please be brave enough to say this to my face. Walang ginagawa sa'yo si Quia, two years old, i-ba-bash mo??" the actress and mom wrote in another post on Instagram. Claudine was referring to a comment by Instagram user @enriquez.peggy, who wrote: "Your ampon looks like batang lansangan... am sorry to say." "I believe you're sick to bash a two-year-old," Claudine wrote.


    The child being referred to was Quia Arianna Barretto, a two-year-old girl whom Claudine has adopted. Her followers were quick to defend her and Quia, too. "Thank you for the overwhelming outpour of love for my daughter Quia and I. Marami pa rin pong mabubuti ang loob gaya ninyong lahat na dinedefend kami," Claudine said. (pep.ph)

    WATCH: The NSFW trailer for the Bad Moms movie sequel is here!

    The surprise 2016 hit movie Bad Moms that many moms could relate to (at some point) is back to bring on more laughs. Mila Kunis, Kristen Bell, and Kathryn Hahn are reprising their roles as mothers who are tired and fed-up of doing everything for their kids and family. This time around, they're taking on the holidays! "Do you know the secret behind what makes Christmas so special? Moms. Moms working their asses off -- cooking, wrapping decorating and shopping," Kunis' character Amy said in the trailer. So the "bad moms" decide to take Christmas back -- that is, until their mothers, played by Cheryl Hines, Christine Baranski and Susan Sarandon, drop by. A Bad Moms Christmas will be shown in cinemas starting November 3. (deadline.com)

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