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  • Women Have More Sexual Fantasies during Ovulation, Study Finds

    Your cycle influences your level of arousal in a month.
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    It’s not just the men who daydream about sex every day. A study reveals that, in fact, women have sexual fantasies at an average of at least 1.3 times per day, and in particular, when they ovulate (that period when an ovarian follicle breaks and releases an egg). 

    When researchers from the University of Lethbridge in Alberta, Canada, paid 27 single and heterosexual women - majority of whom were college students - to take note of their sexual fantasies for a month, they found out that these women have a greater tendency to fantasize about sex when they’re most fertile during the month. The researchers pegged the 10-day window period from the women’s last menstruation to mark more or less when they’d ovulate. During this 10-day period, these women were made to take a urine test to find out if they were ovulating. 


    Said Samantha Dawson, lead researcher, "I wanted to study fantasies because they are not constrained by the presence or absence of a partner, so the increase in fantasies and also the increase in how arousing those fantasies were is a reflection of this increased interest in sex mid-cycle."

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    Based on the diary entries, the researchers discovered that these women have 0.77 sexual fantasies in a day. But when they ovulate, this figure increased to as much as 1.3 sexual fantasies in a day. Women’s interest in men peak as well when they’re fertile. 

    Moreover, the researchers noted that their fantasies during ovulation were more arousing than fantasies during their less fertile days.

    Adds Dawson, "It's really important that we are conscious in these changes of female sexuality when we are researching components of women's sexual interest, even the timing of when they're answering the questionnaire or when we're assessing sexual arousal."



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