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  • Study: Online Gaming Disastrous to Marriage, Beneficial to Others

    Find out how online video games decrease marital satisfaction for some couples.

    On the other hand, couples where in both spouses played online games reported being happier in their marriage, as their virtual interactions helped improve their offline relationship. 75 percent of the gamer couple respondents said that playing together improved their marital satisfaction.

    The researchers note that couples should also consider the nature of the video game’s content when playing, and its possible effects on the marriage. “Consider what you are doing in the game, how much time it is taking, how it is affecting you, your schooling, work, sleep, body and especially how it is affecting your spouse and marital relationship.”

    Anthony Rotolo, though, a professor at the Syracuse University iSchool, which studies social networks, cautions that spouses should be careful when trying out hobbies with an inexperienced partner. Instead, he suggests picking an activity that’s new and interesting to both, to keep things exciting.


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    Photo by Dyvo via flickr creative commons

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