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    How many times in a day do you see photos of your friends’ babies or kids on your Facebook or Instagram feeds? However these pictures make you feel, you might want to learn about this new app that actually lets babies share photos of themselves on the web.

    That’s right. A new app called “Baby Selfie” is programmed to produce sounds and show cartoon animals in the hopes of surprising your little one. It then triggers the camera to start taking photos.

    "We capture your baby's reaction in unique, unexpected photos that you'll love to share,” says the description of the app on Google Play.

    The app was initially intended to help parents know what their baby likes, explains creator Matthew Pegula, in an interview with The Daily Beast.

    “Baby Selfie” has bolstered criticism from parents and non-parents alike, for a variety of reasons. Some stress that it goes against the recommendation of the American Academy of Pediatrics that children under two years old should have minimal to no exposure to tablet or smart phones.

    Another critique is that “Baby Selfie” actually encourages parents who are already trigger-happy to transfer the same obsession to their kids.

    Adds Pegula in an e-mail to the Washington Post, “I expect there [would] be some eye-rolling/‘this is what’s wrong with kids today’ type stuff but hopefully people realize it’s all in good fun and can provide parents with some fun photos/baby distraction. I think it’s good because it engages parents and babies with the screen, it’s not really something where you can park your kid in front of it and walk away.”  

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