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  • The Smurfs – Out of their Village, into our World!

    The Smurfs arrive on the big screen in Columbia Pictures and Sony Pictures Animation’s hybrid live-action and animated family comedy in 3D, “The Smurfs.”
  • Smurfs“It’s very much a Smurf-out-of-water movie,” says Raja Gosnell, who directs the film.  “We took this Smurfy code of living and played it against modern-day New York City.”
    Véronique Culliford, Peyo’s daughter, says that her father gave his creation a universal appeal. “The Smurfs are all very similar, but each Smurf is unique,” she says. “Everybody can recognize himself in one of the Smurfs. There is a Smurf for every personality.  They are very kind, very social. They have all the qualities that people would like to have.”
    As Culliford notes, some things change in life, but the Smurfs are a constant reference point. “The stories remain popular across the generations because people will stay people.  We remain as we are and the Smurfs mirror us in our lives. We can adapt to the years, to different technology, but who we are is unchanged.”
    Kerner adds that director Raja Gosnell’s expertise and gentle touch -- not to mention his hands-on experience marrying live-action and computer animated characters in such films as “Scooby-Doo” and “Beverly Hills Chihuahua” – made him the perfect choice to direct. “I just have to say that Raja is one of the smartest, most intuitive, kindest, wonderful people to work with,” he says.  “It was magical every day. We all wanted to make a film we would be proud of, and to help execute the vision he had for these characters.”
    The family wanted to preserve the Smurf legacy as true to form as possible—and so did Kerner. “The most important thing,” Culliford adds, “is that the Smurfs stay the Smurfs.  They’re leaving their village for the first time, which is exciting.

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