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  • There's Now a Stroller that Pushes Itself!

    Go completely hands-free while taking a stroll in the mall with your baby.

  • Photo from Smartbe Intelligent Stroller/Indiegogo

    You’ve heard about the self-installing baby car seat. But, have you been acquainted with the self-propelling stroller? Yup, that’s right. It’s a stroller that runs on its own. You don’t have to push it and you don’t even have to hold on to the handlebar. Welcome to the future. 

    A team based in the U.S. claims they know how to build the very first intelligent stroller and they’re calling it the Smartbe. We say “claims” because it’s still being funded on Indiegogo and therefore, no one can really buy it and say it works yet.

    So what makes the Smartbe so smart? Well, it’s got an electric engine for one. This engine makes it so that you don’t have to push the stroller. The stroller pushes itself!  

    Photo from Smartbe Intelligent Stroller/Indiegogo

    The parent walks or runs (for parents who like to jog) behind the stroller and, using a sensor, the stroller will move at the same pace as the parent. No more pushing and completely hands-free! Move forward and the stroller moves forward in perfect sync. Move back and it moves back as well. It’s a self-propelled stroller. 

    If you’d rather have ai bit more control, it also has an “Assist Propelled Mode” where you can hold on to the bars to direct it but you still don’t need to push. The “Manual Mode” shuts off the engine and gives you complete control over the stroller. 

    The stroller, which can be turned into a bassinet or seat, also has a bottle warmer, a wireless speaker, an option to turn the bassinet into a rocker, an anti-theft sensor, a temperature control system, two cameras (for checking-in on your baby), a microphone (so you can hear your baby), automatic folding, three canopies (for baby’s sun and insect protection) and light signals to name a few.

    Photo from Smartbe Intelligent Stroller/Indiegogo

    The stroller modes including all its snazzy features can be controlled with an app on your phone or smartwatch, or manually through a control panel. Now, that’s what we call modern parenting.

    Smartbe’s CFO Mark Ramondt says the team was inspired by their own experience as parents. “I'm the father of two girls and I've had that problem when one wants to be in your arms and the other wants to be pushed,” he told Today. 

    That’s perfectly understandable. But would mom or dad pay $3,000 (P135,000), the price they plan to sell the Smartbe, so he or she doesn’t have to carry and push at the same time? 

    Photo from Smartbe Intelligent Stroller/Indiegogo

    As mentioned, parents will have to wait a while before they can get their hands on a Smartbe of their own as it’s still in development. They do have a non-propulsion stroller available, however, which has all the neat features of the Smartbe without the engine over on their Indiegogo page. 

    With 23 days left to go, the self-propelled stroller has currently reached 16% of its goal of $13,991 (P629,595). 

    “One thing that's really important to say is that all the technologies that were put into this stroller are existing technologies,” said Ramondt. “But they're being applied here in a revolutionary way.”

    Watch the video for the Smartbe Intelligent Stroller below.

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