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  • This Dad Built His Daughter A Fairytale Treehouse in Her Own Bedroom

    And it's enchantingly gorgeous!
  • For parents, the bedroom is the place we retreat to every night after a long, tiring day. Naturally, we want to step in a bedroom and feel an instant calm coming over us and get us ready for a restful sleep, so we can get up the next day ready for another busy day as mom. 

    Themes for kids’ rooms can go from cartoon characters they love (from superheroes to Disney and other TV show characters), the toys they love to play with (e.g. cars, trains, etc.), and even their hobbies (sports and music, anyone?). What the child loves is realty the first factor to consider when designing your little one’s room.

    This little girl, however, just asked for a fairytale treehouse in her bedroom. Little did she know that she’s getting a full-on enchantingly beautiful forest in its entirety. 

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    Reddit and imgur user and dad Rob Adams, a.k.a. radamshome, chronicled the bedroom project he took on after her six-year-daughter Lia asked him to build her a fairytale treehouse as a reading nook. The nook is even tall enough to accommodate and adult so her parents could read to her inside. She also wanted a tree to climb (no stairs needed!) and a tree-top sitting area to go with it. Look at the finished bedroom!

    Enchanted Fairytale tree house room 1


    Enchanted Fairytale tree house room 2

    Enchanted Fairytale tree house room 3

    The bedroom project was not cheap on the cost nor on the time this 44-year-old dad spent working on it. It cost him around $4,250 and about 350 hours on nights and weekends over 18 months to complete the job. That includes taking classes on welding and making the skeleton of the tree using metal bars, warping it with mesh, electrical wirings (it has working lights!), doing a paper-Mache, painting, and a lot more! 

    See more details of the enchanted fairy forest bedroom:

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    Enchanted Fairytale tree house room 4

    Enchanted Fairytale tree house room 6

    Enchanted Fairytale tree house room 5


    “I thought I was crazy at least 10 times and cried (actually) three times while building it. I'm really glad it's finished,” this dad, who is also an artist in the video-game industry, said on the Reddit feed. “It turned out pretty well, and she's so happy in her new room!" he wrote on his Imgur post. His biggest fear, he admitted, is that his daughter would grow up and would want the tree removed. We feel you, dad!

    The work he put in was so great that even someone who designs sets for companies like Disney praised his work as a "fantastic build." Some commenters said that he deserves an award for completing this awesome project. However, this dad had some words of wisdom for other dads out there. “All that matters is how you spend your time with your kid. That's it. Good times trump everything,” he said.

    That said, his next project is going to be a pirate ship for his son’s bedroom. We’re looking forward to that.  

    All photo from radamshome/Imgur. For more behind-the-scenes and detailed how-to, click here

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