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  • This Dad Makes Cool Pancake Art For His Kids--and A Good Cause

    Pancakes for clean water? Just brilliant!
  • How good are you at making pancakes?

    For some of us moms, a pancake mix is already heaven sent. Even shaping it into something that resembles a circle is not that easy. But what if you have a picky eaters and the need to be creative in the kitchen is absolutely necessary? Well, there's nothing else to do but to try our best.

    This dad, however, tried his best—and it turns out he can make incredible pancake art that puts our smiley faces (with sliced fruits and whipped cream, yeah?) and heart-shaped pancakes (with the help of shape molds, of course!) to shame.

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    Brady Phelps, a dad of two from San Diego, California, tried making pancake art because it made his kids -- a six-year-old daughter and a four-year-old son -- smile. You wouldn’t believe he didn't know how to make a decent round pancake when he was starting in 2012.


    Phelps, who dubbed himself The Pancake Dad, learned that using a squeeze bottle is the key to making perfect round pancakes. “Then I realized that three perfect circles make for a great Mickey Mouse. Then I left one on too long, it burnt, and I realized that I could use time and temperature in my favor to create contrast and designs using the squirt bottle. Then it just sort of snowballed from there,” he says in an interview with Babble.

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    Mind you, Phelps says he's not an artist, but look at his food art masterpieces. Here are our favorites:

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    This one is a time-lapse video of his pancake interpretation of Vincent can Gogh's "The Starry Night."

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    Not only does he make cool hot-off-the grill creations, he also put it to good use. He accepted donations in exchange for a personalized pancake art for Charity: Water to fund sustainable, community-owned water projects in 24 developing countries around the world. He was able to raise a total of $53,420 in a span of four months. Good job!


    What’s more awesome? Phelps’s kids learned some life lessons, too. He shares that his kids often ask if the pancakes he’s whipping up in the kitchen are for them to devour or for the kids that need clean water. He adds, "They are starting to really grasp that the world doesn’t revolve around their needs, which is a huge step for little ones.”

    See more of The Pancake Dad's creations on website and his Instagram and Twitter. To donate to Charity: Water, click here.


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