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  • This Dad Turned His Car Into Lightning McQueen for His Cars-Loving Son

    A single dad transformed his red Mustand into Lightning McQueen from Pixar's Cars for his son. Now he and his car are twice as cool
  • Brett Winek and Holden in front of the transformed car

    Photo from Brett Winek/Facebook

    Is it true that single parents love their children twice as much? We don’t know. What we do know is that one particular single dad will go through great lengths – including many miles – to make his son happy. He transformed his new car into Lightning McQueen from Pixar's Cars.

    Brett Winek’s son Holden is a huge fan of Pixar’s Cars films. “Just to give you an example, he watched Cars 2 yesterday — three times,” Winek told Yahoo Parenting. Holden’s favorite characters from the films are Lightning McQueen, the superstar racecar and Mater, the down-to-earth tow truck. Here's Lightning McQueen if you're not familiar:

    Lightning McQueen from Pixar's Cars

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    It happened that Winek’s new car, a Mustang, is the same shade of red as Lightning McQueen. Winek then started formulating a plan. He searched far and wide for the right people to execute his plan with, until finally he found Tennessee Tint, a company that decorates cars using vehicle wrap. Winek told him the plan and the owner was only too happy to be part of it.

    First, designs were made using the Cars films as guides and a few cars already existing that were turned into the iconic character as well. Then, the car was decorated using removable premium wrap material. Next, they printed the eyes on the windshield on vinyl. A few days later, the car was done!

    Brett Winek's red Mustang


    Photo from Brett Winek/Facebook

    And when Holden finally saw his dad’s previous usual Mustang turned into the spectacular Lightning McQueen he was, of course, over the moon.

    “He lit up so much when we picked up the car,” Winek said. “He hopped around it and immediately wanted to jump in the driver’s seat!”

    Any dads up for transforming a tow truck into Mater?

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