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  • This Girl Wrote To Lego Asking For More "Daring Girl Adventures"

    "So girls don't think boys can do so many things that girls can't," she said.
This Girl Wrote To Lego Asking For More "Daring Girl Adventures"
  • Photo from Amy Pontes/Facebook

    Are you a Lego parent? Do your kids mind about the Lego characters' gender?

    For the past years, Lego has been receiving flak for their marketing strategies that are geared mostly for boys. Its attempt to draw a line between their toy sets (there's a different page on their web site for boys and for girls) also backfired. Lego friends have also been criticized for being too girly and stereotypical, discriminating against girls who actually do something more than just hang out with friends or curl their hair.

    This letter from a 10-year-old girl is just one of them, and she raises very valid points, indeed.

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    "How come boy Legos get to go on awesome adventures like deep sea exploring and breaking people out of jail, while girl Legos are shopping and hanging out?" asked Shea Heelan, 10 years old from Rhode Island. American Radio DJ Amy Pontes of Lite Rock 105 FM posted a photo of Shea’s letter on her Facebook account.


    Heelan wrote her letter addressed to the Lego company, complaining about girl Lego adventures. She continues, "The only real adventure the girl Legos go on is rescuing a few animals. That's just one thing! The only thing boy Legos do is go on adventures! It's so unfair!" The girl makes a strong point.

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    The 10-year-old girl goes on to prove her point: that she -- a girl -- once went swimming and saw a huge water shark and that she went climbing once. Heelan, who's clearly more spirited than your average tween, also mentioned that the girl's Lego commercials have pretty adorable music and "pink everywhere!" while the boy's ads have action and daring characters.

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    This isn't the first time Lego received a letter from a girl fan. Last year, another girl, then seven-year-old Charlotte Benjamin, also wrote to the Danish toy company to complain about the lack of female Lego characters.


    "I want you to make more Lego girl people and let them go on adventures and have fun," she wrote.

    Lego responded by releasing the Lego Research Institute Set, which will let girls take on the roles of a paleontologist, astronomer, or chemist, among others. It was the winner of the Lego Ideas Winter 2014 review, where Lego fans vote on submitted Lego set proposals. It quickly flew off the shelves.

    The giant toy company has not yet responded to Shea's letter. However, we bet Lego is already lining up Lego sets that champion girl power.


    August 4, 2015. Lego Creates Female Scientist Set Months After 7-Year-Old Girl Called Their Female Toys “Boring” (buzzfeed.com)

    What other parents are reading

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