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  • This Made Our Day: What Age Would You Rather Be?

    This was asked to 50 individuals of varying ages. Here's what they answered and why.

  • Video from JubileeProject/Youtube

    If you could be any age, what age would you be? 

    This was the question 50 individuals had to answer in a video by the Jubilee Project. They were kids as young as five, teenagers, young adults in their 20s, adults in their 40s and seniors, and there answers had a noticeable pattern.

    A lot of the kids wanted to be older so they could drive or have a sweet 16 party. Most of the adults, on the other hand, wanted to be younger.  “After you get over 18 or 21 you stop wishing you were older and start wishing you were perhaps a bit younger,” says a 44-year-old in the video. 

    A 67-year-old, however, imparts the real message of the video. “Embrace everything that you can about your life as it is today.” And, true enough, there will always be good things in every moment of one’s life, as shown by the participants of the video. 

    A five-year-old says she like being five because she just started school. A 16-year-old likes his new found independency. A man in his 20s is thankful for all the years he has left to grow. A man in his 40s talks about the stability of his life now compared to when he was in his younger years.

    It’s important to stop and appreciate every moment, says the 67-year-old. “I was in a hurry to get through life. Consequently, many of those years are a blur." 

    “We don’t want to go through life having regrets,” she said. “My regrets were a result of not being in the moment.”

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