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  • Top of The Morning: Adam Levine Meets Young Girl From Viral "He's Not Married!" Video

    See how the little girl reacted when she met the "love of her life." Plus, have you seen the new vagina emojis?
  • 1. Young girl who cried when told Adam Levine got married meets him in real life

    Remember the video of a young girl who refuse to believe Maroon 5 frontman and singer Adam Levine is married? Well, Ellen DeGeneres invited three-year-old Mila and her mom to her show and the young girl said she had always wanted to marry Adam. When asked if he was boyfriend, Mila said yes and that she loves him. Good thing, Adam dropped by to meet her--to everyone's surprise! He brought Mila a flower, but then she was a little too shy, an dprobably overwhelmed, to the love of her life! Awww. (popsugar.com)

    2. Preggy The Vampire Diaries star Candice Accola King blessed by the Pope


    Actress Candice Accola King, who plays Caroline in the hit TV show The Vampire Diaries, received such a rare blessing. The soon-to-be mom met Pope Francis, who blessed her belly, during his U.S. visit two weeks ago. Her husband The Fray rocker Joe King got to perform for Pope in Philadelphia and she just happened to be there supporting him. "It was such as honor to have a moment with The Pope. [My husband and I] are still speechless and cannot believe it happened," she said. (people.com)

    3. Introducing: Vagina emojis!
    Sex-positive startup company Flirtmoji released a set of five vagina emojis--and it's here to take sexting to a whole new level. THe diverse, body-positive and cute emojis--each one with a unique shape, size, color, and haircut just like a real vagina--were designed by Jeremy Ylingling and Katy McCarthy. Flirtmoji has already released almost 200 emojis "designed to empower people of all sexualities to communicate their desires, concerns and flirtations" as a playful way to talk about sex, sexuality, and connect in a playful and healthy way. (huffingtonpost.com)

    4. Don't want your child to be a klutz? Avoid stress in your third trimester
    Researchers from the University of Notre Dame Australia found that stressful events during a pregnant woman's third trimester could increase the chances of her child growing up to be clumsy. The study, which was published in the journal Child Development, looked at 2,900 Australian mothers, testing them at 18 and 34 weeks pregnant and after a decade, also their kids. The more stressful events, such as divorces, death in the family, a move or even pregnancy issues, a pregnant mother experience during her third trimester, the more their children grew up to be less coordinated in their movements. (yahoo.com)

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    5. U.K. mom gives birth to 18th child
    Sue Radford has given birth to her 18th child. The mom who became well known for being the mother of Britain's biggest family via the local TV show 16 and Counting, has released photos of he newborn daughter, Hallie Alphia Beau on the family's website. Sue suffered a miscarriage in 2013, gave birth to a stillborn baby in 2014. SHe announced her new pregnancy in December last year. According to her blog, newborn Hallie was "so doted on by all her brothers and sister and is setting in really well" in the family. (huffingtompost.com)

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