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  • Top of the Morning: Zooey Deschanel is Pregnant

    The New Girl star is expecting, plus why it's important for babies to take naps
  • 1. Zooey Deschanel is pregnant!
























    The "New Girl" actress is expecting her first child with producer boyfriend Jacob Pechenick, whom she has been dating since 2004. The baby is due around summer (June-July in the U.S.). The upcoming baby will have plenty of playdates soon as Zooey’s sister is also a soon-to-be mom. Congratulations! (people.com)

    2. Naps helps babies retain memories
    A new study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences suggests that babies take at least a 30-minute nap after learning something new, as this may help them remember the new information more accurately. Sleeping has long been tied to improving memory, but this is the first study that looked at babies six to 12 months old. (time.com)

    3. Here's an app that lets you consult a doc, stat
    Don’t know whether you should rush to the ER, schedule a well-baby visit, or simply manage a fever? There's an app for that (a number, actually) -- try First Opinion, UrgentCare, HealthTap, and Doctor on Demand, to name a few! They help you find doctors you could “consult” (read: send questions) about your child’s symptoms. Quite handy, too —- the docs reply in nine minutes or less, and you can send queries 24/7. It does require you to pay a minimal fee for the convenience they offer. (nytimes.com)


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    4. Kid with a peanut allergy prohibited from flying
    Eleven-year-old boy Daniel Levitan was about to fly from Florida back home to England when he was reportedly not allowed to board the American Airlines flight because his parents asked to make an announcement about his severe peanut allergy. His mom Judith asked an attendant to make a request for the other passengers to refrain from eating peanuts on the flight, and even as the boy had emergency meds with him, the attendant refused to let them board without a “fit-to-fly” medical certificate. (yahoo.com)

    5. Moms donate breast milk for orphaned baby
    Friends of California mom-of-five Liz Marquez worked together to collect breast milk for five-month-baby Brixton when she suddenly died from a heart attack. One of her friends Kristina Pulistar, who launched the Milk for Brixton Project, shared that Liz was determined to breastfeed Brixton who was a preemie, until he was a year old -— and that’s exactly what they are working to achieve. (huffingtonpost.com)

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