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  • You have probably seen Google's offices--the bean bags, the slides, the greens, and all the cool stuff your office doesn't have yet (*crossing fingers*). We all wish to work in a similar environment, right? 

    Now watch this:

    You may have been distracted by the fact that it's a recruitment video by Victoria Court (there's no mistaking that logo). And, no, they didn't send this to us--we found it ourselves. We couldn't resist showing it because...the office looks so cool! It's not Google, of course, but tell us an office you know that has a rock climbing wall or a slide that actually goes into another room. (We hope it wasn't special effects or else, what a bummer.) 

    Our hats off to Victoria Court because judging from the comments, the video was an effective tool--a lot of people were raring to apply. They saw the company as creative, imaginative, and fun. So, parents, don't be surrpised if your kid who is now looking for a job suddenly say, "I want to work for Victoria Court." What they mean is they want to work in the office you see in the video above.

    Besides, what's wrong about working for a motel chain? Nothing. But, true, you can't ignore the stigma that comes with it. So it led us to this question: When you work in an industry that most people often associate with promiscuous sex, how do you explain it to your kids? We raised the question to some parents and soon-to-be parents, and here are their honest insights: 

    What other parents are reading

    "You can say you work in a hotel instead of a motel. But say goodbye 'bring your child to work' day, lest he or she accidentally slips about the name of the company you work for." --Rae, 34, single mom of three

    "Dito lang naman sa Pilipinas masama ang tunog ng motel. It's really just a hotel for motorists. And motels are really not only for sex. If my child were old enough, [I'll tel her] it's my job to help the company earn as simple as that." --BB, 40, dad to a two year old girl

    "You can mention that society thinks it's a place of sin, but really it's not. I'd tell my child that just because other people think of it that way, it means they are right." --Leen, 28, 7 months along the family way

    What other parents are reading

    "You can say it's a job with good perks. It's nothing personal just business. It doesn’t mean I will tolerate it when my son is old enough. That’s a different discussion for another time." --Carlo, 31, dad of two

    "After saying you work for a motel, I'd use it as a jump off point to talk about sex with my teenagers--that it should be with a person you feel deeply connected with--and to always use protection. I know that's not a popular opinion, but I'd rather they get it from me than anyone else." --Ronald, 36, dad of four older kids

    What do you think? Anyone here who works in the motel industry? We'd love to hear your thoughts! Sound off on the comment box below or send us a message in our Facebook page. 

    What other parents are reading

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