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  • Wearable Tech Tells Woman She's Pregnant!

    Who knew that Fitbit fitness tracker could be used as an "unlikely" pregnancy test?
Wearable Tech Tells Woman She's Pregnant!
  • Does anyone still remember the days when the world is not yet on our fingertips? Smartphones and tablets have already become a daily necessity--and soon, so will wearable tech devices like the smart watch and fitness bands.

    And since tech is more and more integrated in our daily life, it's no surprise that it would dabble into life, the start of it, which is--getting pregnant and giving birth. That's why there are so many apps that cater to pregnant women and new moms.

    But did you know that a wearable fitness tracking device could also double as a pregnancy test? Well, it's not exactly a kit you pee in, but it did cause this couple a visit to the doctor.

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    David Trinidad, of New York City, got himself a Fitbit fitness tracker for the New Year to motivate himself to be more active. Soon after, he also got his wife Yvonne one, too. Soon after, he noticed something strange about his wife's Fitbit data.

    He thought the sensor in his wife Fitbit is defective because it's recording inaccurate data. And so, he posted an inquiry about it on Reddit to see if he could reset or recalibrate the device, or if his issue would allow him to get the product replaced. "My wife’s Fitbit is showing her heartbeat being consistently high over the last few days," he wrote. He added that Yvonne's Fitbit showed that she logged 10 hours in the fat burning zone and that the data for the calories she burned is highly unusual.

    Responses posed several explanations about the "glitch"--one even suggested his wife is pregnant, as she experienced similar heart readings on her device before finding out she was two months pregnant. True enough, a pregnancy test and a visit to the doctor confirmed that they are indeed around a month along the family way.


    "We were both obviously very surprised, very happy,” the dad-to-be told Buzzfeed. “It’s definitely a great story to tell [the baby] one day about how it happened, and [we are] happy to have all the support of people on Reddit," Trinidad added. The couple is planning to continue to use Fitbit to help them in staying active, especially with a little one on the way. The baby is due on October.

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    According to the Mayo Clinic, a spike in a mother’s heart beat is not a surefire indicator of pregnancy. However, a pregnant woman’s body is working harder overall, what with the changes in blood production, metabolism, being exhaustion, just to name a few. Andrew Pesce, M.D., clinical director of Women and Children's Health for the Western Sydney Local Health District explained to The Sydney Morning Herald: “Cardiovascular output increases because of hormone changes. The heart beats stronger, that doesn't mean it goes faster."

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    This is not the first time that a wearable fitness device factored into pregnancy or childbirth. Last year, a couple shared with their loved ones their newborn’s first heartbeat using the Apple Watch.

    Want to know more about this couple’s road to parenthood, follow @BabyFitbit on Instagram and Twitter


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    What other parents are reading

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