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  • What Happens When A Daughter Asks Her Dad To Buy Sanitary Pads?

    A very hilarious Facebook conversation!
What Happens When A Daughter Asks Her Dad To Buy Sanitary Pads?
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    You've seen it before--a man hesitantly moving towards the sanitary napkin section of the supermarket. He is obviously on an errand for his wife or daughter, trying his best to be inconspicuous as he browses and try to decipher the brand or kind to buy. You'd think that he has at least an idea of what "wings" mean in the context of sanitary pads.

    This dad, however, did not. Tia Savva, from Bedfordshire, England, posted on her Facebook the hilarious conversation she had with her dad when she asked him to buy her pads. "I'm nearly as stressed as my Dad trying to find the right sanitary towels," she wrote on her post. 

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    For starters, Dad needed directions the moment he got into the store. Then, he was confused about the brand. "Always what?" he asked.

    "No, they are called Always," Tia replied. By the way, Dad was also shocked to see how expensive sanitary pads are. 


    Then, Tia gave specific instructions to buy the "scented with wings" kind, but apparently Dad didn't know that pads could have wings. You'd also have to commend him for his honest question: "How will I know if they are scented? Will I have to smell them?" 

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    As you may have noticed, Tia had to repeatedly remind her dad to relax, especially when the latter noticed that a stranger could sense his difficult situation. Mission accomplished, though. He was able to buy the right kind of pads--and chocolate! Good job, Dad! 

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