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  • When Accident Strikes: 5 Safety Tips for Pedestrians

    Safety should be top priority when on the road
  • Woman hit by a car

    Photo Source: topgear.com.ph

    Yesterday before noon, a pregnant lady was hit by a speeding Toyota Fortuner in Bonifacio Global City, Taguig. 

    People would think that they’d be safe crossing the street in a designated pedestrian crossing in a private community like Bonifacio Global City, but apparently, this is not a guarantee.

    This piece of shi*t was speeding around the corner of 30th street and 2nd Avenue in BGC,” witness Scott Gutsy Tuason told Top Gear Philippines through a Facebook post. “It hit another car and ran over a pedestrian on the crosswalk at 11:30am today.”

    A comment on the post by photogrpaher Jun de Leon said that the victim was brought to an ICU after the crash, while a Jo Elize Comendador left a comment with an update on the woman, saying that she has suffered multiple abrasions, dislocation of her right arm and a possible arm fracture, and that she is currently in stable condition.

    According to the World Health Organization’s (WHO) road safety manual published in 2013, pedestrians represent around 22% of all road traffic deaths globally. That’s 273,000 people killed on the street in 2010.

    “In many countries, crashes involving pedestrians are poorly reported in official road traffic injuries statistics. The actual number of pedestrian fatalities and injuries is probably higher than what the official statistics show,” it added.

    WHO together with the organization Youth for Road Safety advises that pedestrians (which include cyclists) remember a very simple rule while practicing road safety: see and be seen!

    Two-fifths of pedestrian casualties are caused by the drivers having difficulty seeing the pedestrian, especially when the street lighting is poor. “See and be seen” is especially vital in a country like ours where pedestrians are forced to walk on the road as sidewalks are made unusable by street vendors, parked cars or repairs.

    Here are some things you can do to be more visible when on the road:
    1. Wear white or light colored clothes - which shouldn't be a problem with the current summer heat
    2. Walk facing oncoming traffic and where there is good lighting
    3. Wear retro-reflective strips wherever possible - like on bags and shoes
    For those on bikes
    4. Have front, rear and wheel reflectors
    5. Make sure your bike has bicycle lamps - remember to turn them on at night!

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    Infographics taken from the Youth and Road Safety Action Kit

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