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Who Is The Actress Playing Mulan in The Live Action Film?
PHOTO BY @disney/Instagram
  • After a year-long global casting search, Disney finally casted their Mulan for the live action film and we couldn't be any happier with their final choice. Although, they've only started production and the flick is slated for a 2020 release date, fans have waited for this reveal with excitement.

    That woman is none other than Liu Yifei, a Chinese-American actress, model, and singer, so you know she'll be all in on those iconic Mulan hit songs like "I'll Make A Man Out Of You" and the classic "Reflection", which was performed in the 1998 animated film by our very own Lea Salonga.


    In the entertainment industry, apparently, Liu has quite the reputation for her delicate and angelic image despite already being 30 years old. Because of this, she has earned the nickname 'Fairy Sister.'


    As proof of just how talented this young lady is, she was chosen out of nearly 1,000 candidates for the role. That included Jelly Lin Yun, who starred in the smash hit The Mermaid in 2016, and Natasha Liu Bordizzo, one of the most beautiful American-Chinese actresses in the martial arts film Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Sword of Destiny.


    To be cast in the title role, she needed to meet three main criteria: English-language ability, martial arts skills, and star quality—and Liu fits the bill. She is a fluent English speaker, having moved to the United States with her mother at the age of 10. She is also known for her flexibility and agility in martial arts films like The Forbidden Kingdom, where she starred in alongside Jackie Chan and Jet Li. In 2009, she was even named as one of the New Four Dan Actresses, a Chinese term referring to the four most bankable young actresses from Mainland China. Talk about reputation.


    With all these credentials, it sure looks like Disney made the right choice for the role.

    This story originally appeared on Fhm.com.ph.

    * Minor edits have been made by the Smartparenting.com.ph editors.

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