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  • Wish Granted: Dad Gets Diaper-changing Table in Men's Bathroom

    All he did was write a letter and asked for one.
Wish Granted: Dad Gets Diaper-changing Table in Men's Bathroom
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    Early in 2015, when actor Ashton Kutcher became a new dad to his daughter Wyatt (with actress and wife Mila Kunis), he publicly called for changing tables in the men's bathroom.

    He wrote in his Facebook post, "There are NEVER diaper changing stations in men’s public restrooms. The first public men's room that I go into that has one gets a free shout out on my FB page! ‪#‎BeTheChange." Kutcher also started an online petition asking big stores Target and Costco to install changing tables in the restrooms.

    The celebrity dad is not alone; there are many dads who wantneed it. It turns out, all one has to do is ask. One dad decided to speak up and do something about it and he got what he wanted.

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    New dad Anthony Dew only realized that there were no changing tables at Macy’s in Prince George’s County, Maryland when his four-month-old son Jeremiah needed a nappy change. Absolutely none of the men's bathrooms had diaper changing tables.

    Dew didn't just sit on the issue. He decided to write a letter to Terry Lundgren. Macy's chairman and CEO, explained why men need access to diaper changing stations, too. It's a good thing top management promptly addressed the issue he raised. He immediately called the store branch and renovations were soon underway.

    Now, fathers in Dew's community have access to a changing station in the store.

    “I was quite surprised, actually, that it was within the same week,” said his wife Tameka Dew in an interview with Fox. Dew added that all businesses should keep in mind that “babies matter and changing stations too.”

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    In 2014, two laws were passed in California requiring public and private places -- such as restaurants, theaters, and even sports arenas -- to have at least one changing station, and that it should be accessible to both men and women. There is also a similar law proposed in New York in last year.

    Here in the Philippines, Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago had proposed a similar law. Senate Bill 2704 would require all major establishments and government offices to provide diaper changing stations in restrooms pf men and women. "To have changing tables located only in female restrooms assumes that only women have the responsibility to care for children and change their diapers," she said, adding that men are also involved in childcare.

    Indeed, Dads have become more hands-on and involved in caring and raising kids. Don't you think it's about time men’s bathrooms had diaper-changing tables, too? Let us know what you think in the comments below.



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