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  • Video from Normandie-actu/Youtube

    It's a bizarre and brazen scene--and one that we strongly caution against attempting to do if you are faced in a similar situation.

    The footage is from a French casual restaurant in Normandy, France, which shows a woman fighting off an armed robber and ultimately saving the customers inside the store from harm including a baby she was just holding. 

    French news site The Local reports that the incident occured at around 10:30 p.m. The resto owner, in red cardigan and white pants, comes out from the bar, holding a customer's baby. 

    As she sits down, a man, wearing a black mask over his face and brandishing a gun, enters. Here's the bizarre part: no one seems to panic upon seeing the gun. In fact, the owner stands up, walks in front of the robber, and shoves his arm away while still holding the baby! She disappears from the screen, likely handed the baby to his parent, and returns to confront the robber. She can be seen animatedly conversing with him and, at one point, even reaches over to grab his mask. 

    The news site reports that the store owner shouted, "You're not in a bank here, it's stupid" and "Stop pointing that gun at me." 

    The robber then points the gun directly at her, and she starts hitting him out the door with the black bag the robber was holding! Then another customer comes to help wielding a chair. Two shots had been fired but, thankfully, no one was hurt (they were blank bullets) and police caught the robber, reports The Local.

    We can imagine how grateful the parents of the baby are to the owner who certainly made sure her customers were happy and safe. 

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