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  • folding clothesMany moms will protest that they put in more hours running the household, taking care of the kids, and working at the office. In most cases, moms will insist that they really do multitask more than their husbands. Consider yourselves right, ladies.

    A recent study published in the American Sociological Review shows that working moms spend more hours multitasking (48.3 hours) than working dads (38.9 hours). 

    While the moms spend less hours in the office, they spend more hours attending to tasks at home. Despite the modern dual-income household, moms still perform most of the household chores, and many two or even three at a time. 

    Says Dr. Barbara Schneider, the study’s author and sociology professor at Michigan State University, “This suggests that working mothers are doing two activities at once more than two-fifths of the time they are awake, while working fathers are multitasking more than a third of their waking hours.”


    The study’s findings also reveals that women tend to hate multitasking at home more than men do. It’s probably because of the more complex tasks that women take on at home. 

    Men, on the other hand, while they still are involved in household work, and multitask at that, don’t really get their elbows in labor-intensive activities.

    So yes, women still play quite the primary role in housework and child care. Says Shira Offer, lead author of the study, and an assistant professor of sociology at the Bar Ilan University in Israel, “We expect mothers to be good workers who are highly committed to their work, but they are also the ones held accountable for how their children do and how their households are run. So they have to multitask. There's no other way to do it."


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