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  • 4 Times Zia Dantes Showed She's Ready To Be An Ate!

    To mark her third birthday, here's Ate Zia in all her adorable cuteness!
    by Rachel Perez .
  • Three years ago today, Marian Rivera and Dingdong Dantes were blessed with their first child, Maria Letizia "Zia" Rivera Dantes. For her birthday this year, the little girl didn't ask for a big party, but opted for a trip to Disneyland!

    Earlier this year, Marian and Dingdong announced that they are expecting their second baby, and everyone has been awaiting the gender reveal announcement. Since last year, the couple has been praying and hoping for another addition to the family, even Zia herself. 

    To honor the soon-to-be big sister on her birthday, here are all of the times she looked the part of an excited ate-to-be. Zia always wins us over with her smiles, laughs and more!

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    Zia like parties and events!

    Zia is turning out to be a people person, joining her parents at events and fan get-togethers, and meeting people young and old! She was all smiles during her advanced birthday party with her classmates and at the recently-held Color Run to raise funds for dad Dingdong's YesPinoy Foundation. 


    She loves to play dress-up!

    Halloween or not, this little girl is super game to dress up and play pretend. Can you believe Zia pulled off Heath Ledger's The Joker just last October? Dressing up in matching costumes for Halloween is a tradition that the Dantes family observes. We can't wait for the matching costumes she and her baby sibling will wear!

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    She loves to play with lots of other kids!

    Even though Zia is an only child—at least for now—we often see her with many other kids, such as her cousins and fellow celebrity kids like Scarlet Snow Belo, and Kendra, Scarlet, and Gavin Kramer. This is probably why she's such a charmer among people of all ages. 

    Zia brings her dolls with her all the time.

    A lot of baby girls love dolls for many different reasons. Maybe Zia is excited to have a baby sibling because she's been pretending that her doll is the baby? We could already imagine her cuddling and doting on her baby sibling as soon as he or she arrives.


    In a photo shared by the Instagram account Team Dongyanatics, Zia can be seen holding a bottle lovingly to a baby. She's going to be a great ate! 

    "Si Ate Zia nagpapractice na," the caption read. Awww.

    Happy birthday, Ate Zia!

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