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  • 19 Tips for a Happy Summer Trip

  • family going on a trip

    Long weekends, holiday vacations, cheap flights, group travel deals— because of these, more families are planning fun getaway trips.

    Traveling with your brood is such a memorable bonding experience. However, being in a strange land with unfamiliar conditions can also be stressful, especially when it comes to your kids’ safety. These travel-savvy moms and dads give their own stress-busting tips for a safe and fun time for the whole family.

    1. “Always pack your kids’ medicine for fever, allergy, cough, and cold. You won’t know what could happen if you’re in a new place or, worse, if the only drugstore is in the next town. Don’t forget the mosquito repellant!” - Angie Dimagiba, mom to Maxie, 5, and Lily, 2

    2. “We always bring gadgets such as an iPad and Nintendo DS to keep the kids settled and preoccupied during long hours on the road.” — Michelle Lim, entrepreneur and blogger; mom to JT, 9, and Mika, 6

    3. “Give your kids cameras. A camera will amuse them more than any video game or app. When you view their photos at the end of the trip, you’ll see your vacation from a whole new perspective.” - Sam Sotto, author; mom to N, 11, and C, 8

    4. “Bring a sling for babywearing. It keeps your kids safe and secure and doubles as a blanket and a scarf, too.— Eliza Santiago-Ypon, blogger; mom to Basti, 3

    5. “Always have drinking water for your kids. Mealtime schedules get messed up and kids get distracted by all the sights, so they tend to forget to drink water and become dehydrated. Let them drink water every 30 minutes or so.” — Polly Fong, photographer; mom to Riley, 2

    6. “I bring utensils for my kids to ensure that they always use clean and uncontaminated spoons and forks. It helps save the environment, too.” — Candy Esteban, banker; mom to Kimi, 4, and Sachi, 2

    7. “Always bring a first-aid kit for wounds, scratches, and insect bites. In my travel kit, I have a bottle of no-sting wound cleanser and bandage strips and hydrocortisone cream to help ease the sting and itchiness of insect bites. My kids find comfort knowing that Mommy always has a remedy for minor boo-boos.” — Jardin Bautista, mom to Mishka, 8, and Mikka, 3

    8. “When we go to a restaurant with our kids, we settle the bill even before we’re done eating. This way, in case there’s a crisis (i.e., a tantrum or a bathroom emergency), we can pack up and leave in a jiffy without the long wait for the bill.” — Fiona Sandoval, strategy planner; mom to Justi, 6, and Rojo, 2

    9. “During take-off and landing (when I can’t use my reliable iPad to distract my son), I make a puppet out of the barf bags on the plane.” - Maita Ancheta Santiago, regional marketing director; mom to Arturo, 2

    10. “Every time you enter a mall or a theme park, agree on a specific place to meet in case you get separated while exploring the new sights or attractive shopping deals.” — Juni Corleto, group product manager; mom to Coleen, 16, and Ice, 8


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