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  • 4 Tips For a Worry-Free Trip, According to Moms of Toddlers

    For them, even if family trips can be a hassle, “the memories we create are more valuable.”
4 Tips For a Worry-Free Trip, According to Moms of Toddlers
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  • Why give your kids the gift of travel? Psychologist Oliver James says, "Family holidays are valued by children, both in the moment and for long afterward in their memory. It’s all about talking nonsense with your parents, sharing an ice cream and moments in which your interests are genuinely taken into account."

    Child psychotherapist Dr. Margot Sunderland adds that travel can also be beneficial to kids' brain development. "An enriched environment offers new experiences that are strong in combined social, physical, cognitive, and sensory interaction," she explains.

    The logistics of planning a trip with a baby or toddler, however, will make any parent pause. It isn’t the same when you plan for a trip with just you and your husband. There are more things to pack and so many more considerations to put on that checklist (is there a place that has something for a two-year-old?).

    And more often than not, you find out about the real travel essentials from the mistakes you’ve made. Hopefully, these tried-and-true tips from moms Nix Soon, Izah Morales-Dy, and Kay Concengco will help you prepare better when traveling with toddlers:

    1. Always put your child’s must-haves in the same bag, so you have a visual cue to pack and bring this one first when you travel.

    First-time mom and travel-preneur Izah makes sure to pack the following items for her daughter, 9-month-old Serena: carrier for babywearing, diapers, wipes, Lucas Papaw ointment for nappy rash and as a first-aid antibiotic, mosquito patches, baby lotion, and a warm jacket and a hat.

    "My husband and I love to travel as it is both our passion and our livelihood," shares Izah, who was recently on a trip to Japan with her family. "We want our daughter to learn about the world through traveling. Yes, some hassles really tested our patience, but the memories we created as a family was more valuable than any hassle we encountered."

    2. Remember to pack your kids’ medications (and bring it in the original packaging).

    Kay, the co-founder of a local furniture brand, never forgets the medications of kids, Diego, 7, Aurora, 4, and Luna, 2. "Because my kids are of different ages, packing medicines can be tricky. Usually, the medicine for Diego and Aurora are the same; I just need to adjust the dosage according to their weight," Kay explains. "I would always pack a different set for Luna."

    The most important ones to remember are antihistamine and paracetamol because "they can treat discomfort almost instantly," she says. "Should I run out, I just show the bottle to the pharmacy so I can get a similar medication."

    Kay also includes sodium chloride nasal spray in her kit. It helps "keep the kids’ noses moist during a long flight [and] prevent nosebleeds during winter trips," she explains.

    3. Pack mini-size sanitizers and cleansers so you can put in your carry-on luggage or handbag.

    Soap, rubbing alcohol, and wipes are a must in Nix’s travel kit. "Riley loves touching things," she shares, referring to her three-year-old daughter. "She has not given up on thumbsucking, so it is important for me always to sanitize her hands, especially when traveling," the mom adds.

    Keeping hands clean is particularly crucial for tots like Riley, who love to eat snacks like bread, crackers, and fruits on the road.

    4. Prepare for the unexpected in a way that really matters.

    Another thing Kay never goes on a family trip without is travel insurance. She explains: "Imagine if I get hospitalized in a country like Japan. I would spend about P20,000 to P30,000 a day. And dahil na-ospital ka niyan, for sure hindi siya simpleng sakit or incident. At least, I can reimburse my expenses when I get home."

    "Getting into an accident or falling ill during a trip is bad enough. It gets worse when all of a sudden you lose all your savings," the mom of three adds.

    For Izah, a good travel insurance policy is necessary to protect her family from unforeseen incidents "such as delayed flight, losing baggage, getting sick, or worse, meeting an accident."

    She says: "[Travel insurance] gives me peace of mind, knowing that I have a backup fund in case the unexpected happens."

    To help keep families safe and at ease while traveling, insurance companies now offer travel insurance packages with additional benefits. AXA Philippines offers Smart Traveller packages that provide monetary compensation for lost luggage, cancelled flight, and 24/7 medical assistance.

    With a good travel insurance coverage, you have more freedom to enjoy your trip with your family as you make those special memories.

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