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  • 5 Awesome Theme Parks around the World You'll Want to Visit

    We take you on a virtual tour of some of the most family-friendly.
  • If time and money were not a problem, we’d be on vacations every month -- especially when there are so many places to see with the family all over the world.

    Whether you’re planning a family trip, or merely fantasizing about your dream holiday, here's a roundup of some of the most family-friendly theme parks in the U.S., Europe, and Asia to inspire you to indulge your wanderlust.

    1. Europa Park in Rust, Germany

    Why it’s great for families: Wouldn’t you want to take a tour of Europe in a day or two? By tour, we mean “simulated”, of course. In this massive theme park are 13 European-themed areas with their respective native architecture, cuisine, and even foliage. What countries are these? Iceland, France, Russia, Austria, Spain, Netherlands, Greece, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, England, Scandinavia, and Portugal.

    Europa Park

    Photo from europark.de/en

    The main attractions are its 12 roller coasters, one of which Europa Park boasts to be the highest launch-coaster in Europe. You go upside down four times during the ride! It’s super fast too, at 100 kilometers per hour.

    The most family-friendly though, we would have to say, is one of their newest attractions, called “Arthur”, an indoor ride through the “Kingdom of the Invisibles”, which opened in April 2014. Families get to immerse themselves in the make-believe kingdom with hi-tech gondolas, the speed of which they can adjust. They can choose to move faster, move forward or backward at certain parts of the attraction.  



    Photo from europark.de/en

    See a presentation video of Arthur in the Minimoys Kingdom here:

    We love how Europa Park has strollers you can rent for families with babies. You can also bring your furry friends with you to the park! Valuables can be stored in lockers for rent, first-aid attendants and first-aid stations are all over the park, and wheelchairs are offered for disabled guests.

    Aside from all these, Europa Park also has Wi-Fi access points where guests can check the park map, waiting time for rides, and even share posts on their favorite social media sites.

    Learn more about Europa Park when you visit its website, europark.de/en.


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