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    Vacations to far off places can be fun and exciting... but also costly. A big chunk of the expenses go to accomodation, food and transportation. Air travel, in particular, can be quite expensive. Be a smart shopper and get the cheapest fares possible with the help of these tips.

    1. Monitor the prices early on.

    Don’t wait until your trip is a few weeks away before booking your flight. In fact, if you book within 14 days of travel, it’s likely you’re paying for the highest fare, according to CheapAir. Hence, months before your trip, monitor the ticket prices already. Airlines change fares each week and keeping track will help you spot a bargain when it pops up. 

    2. Clear your cookies.
    Did you know that refreshing your browser often to see if flight prices have dropped can actually make the prices go up? It’s because airline websites use cookies to track their users’ searches and search habits, says Min-Jee Hwang from Wiser, a firm that analyses pricing strategies. It’s a strategy called “dynamic pricing,” and it means that prices change based on demand. To counter this, clear your browser’s cookies before checking for prices. 

    3. Know when (what day and what time) to fly. 
    Fridays and Sundays are the most popular days to fly, which makes these tickets to these days more costly. Tuesdays and Wednesdays are the cheapest days to fly, and the latter being the cheapest day to fly internationally, according to research conducted by Hopper. Not only that, the time of the flight matters, too. Tickets are cheapest between 5 a.m. and 7 a.m. or after 8 p.m. When demand is higher, prices go up. 

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    4. Get alerts. 
    Follow airlines on Facebook or Twitter to know when they have promos or discounts. Cebu Pacific, for example, has several promos a year. They even have a sale where they offer P1 fares for domestic flights. You wouldn’t want to miss out, would you?  

    5. Know what comes with your seat. 
    Does your ticket already include airline fees? How about snacks and checked-in baggage? Sometimes, a ticket only appears cheap because the airline has charged a la carte prices. It may come as a shock for those who bought the tickets that they need to pay extra for airline fees, taxes, check-in baggage, seat, etc., and they end up paying more. Always, always check the terms and conditions of your ticket. 

    6. Check alternate airports. 
    There’s a chance that choosing the right airport can snag you the cheapest fare. Different airlines offer different rates at different arrival points, especially if that airport is a hub for the airline. Airports that serve lots of business travelers, for example, are usually costlier and the opposite is true for airports that serve a lot of budget-conscious vacationers, according to The Wall Street Journal

    7. Travel during off-peak season. 
    Here’s one of the truths of life: flights during holidays are always more expensive. This is true for the Philippines around Christmas, during Holy Week and Chinese New Year, according to TravelOnline Philippines

    They’re also expensive during school breaks and summer vacation since this is when families tend to go on vacation. If you can, plan your trip during the off-peak seasons of the year. It won’t just be cheaper, the crowd will be considerably thinner, too, at tourist attraction sites. 

    Sources:  CBS NewsThrillist

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