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  • Fuji Digital Imaging: One-Stop-Digital Shop for Busy Parents

    Looking for a digital photo shop that can do everything from studio shots to quick printing without the hassle of a long queue? Check out Fuji Digital Imaging at SM MOA.
    by Jazer Basan .
  • From filmmaking to photography, everything has gone digital. Lessons we learned in photography in college may not apply anymore in this modern world. Terms like dark room and Polaroid will not be heard of in the next generation. In the 80s, having a palm-sized 110 camera that doubled as a keychain was a fad. Many teens idolized local supermodels and posed like Tweetie de Leon, Nanette Medved (before she entered showbiz) and Melanie Marquez. Blurred 3R photos with parallax errors were treasured. Today, there are no rolls of film to develop but memories still keep getting captured. What’s a busy parent to do with so many digital images?

    Not to worry. There is a one-stop-shop solution for everything, even for photo needs.


    Fuji Digital Imaging—From Studio Shots to Printing

    Fuji Digital Imaging at SM Mall of Asia has services and facilities that cater to most photography needs of busy parents. The store is spacious even on a crowded weekend. They have sets of tables and chairs where customers can relax while waiting for their prints. Snacks and drinks allowed inside the store.


    This branch has 3 PC units in their working station plus two Easy Pix Digital Printing station which customers can freely use to print images from their cellphones, USB, CD or memory cards. The FDI staff has 2 working stations other than the ones for customer use, where they can edit and correct your images to save you the work.


    Click here to read more about Fuji Digital Imaging and their offered photo services.

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