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Bianca Gonzalez Asked To Go On A Solo Trip For Her 40th, JC Said No But The Reason Might Surprise You
  • Bianca Gonzalez has celebrated a milestone birthday in a number of ways: she got tattoos of her kids' names on her arm, she shot a series of black and white photos sans makeup, and her latest treat yet is a solo trip to Bhutan. The mom of two says she's always enjoyed travelling alone before becoming a familywoman so for her fortieth birthday, she asked husband JC to be able to do it again.

    "When my husband asked me how I wanted to celebrate my 40th birthday, I told him I wanted to go on a solo trip. Before I got married and had kids, I really enjoyed travelling alone so I knew it was something I wanted to experience again.

    But JC said no. Sort of. 

    The birthday girl had a solo trip to Bhutan in her bucketlist, "and I wanted to gift myself with this trip but my husband and no, he wanted to give it to me as his gift. And a deeply meaningful gift it was.

    On March 23, Bianca shared this story on Instagram together with a photo of herself in Bhutan. She goes on to thank JC for giving her the gift of solo travel and also for supporting her. "Thank you mahal for not just this gift, but the gift of your support withmy personal dreams and goals, the gift of your caring for me, Lucia and Carmen, and the gift of allowing me my space and encouraging meto spread my wings. I am so lucky to have a life partner in you, @jcintal7.


    Her next post was an Instagram reel showing just some of the activities she did. She wrote, "By far the most deeply spiritual experience of my life, this Kora, 'pilgrimage' in Dzongkha, has made me feel most connected to humanity, our earth, and inner peace.

    She adds, "Photos and videos honestly do not do justice to the beauty of Bhutan and its rich Buddhist culture."

    Bianca takes a mirror selfie in Bhutan.

    Bhutan is a landlocked country situated in between China and India, in the Himalayas. It is known for its unique philosophy to measure national development, Gross National Happiness.

    For many moms who are traveling alone for the first time since becoming a parent, it can feel "sinful". This is because mothers often feel guilty whenever they splurge on themselves, whether it be monetarily or through the gift of time. But as other moms remind, it can be healthy for a mother's wellbeing to take some time out for herself. Let this be a reminder that being a wife and mother is one of the best roles and it's also okay to nurture other roles in your life, too.

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    If you can't quite go on a solo travel just yet, why not schedule a date with yourself this week? Just a couple of hours outside the home, with an activity you haven't done in a while or one you can't do when you're with the kids. Then work your way up to a solo trip!

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