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  • Paraw Sailing, Paddle Board, Crystal Kayak And More: What To Do In Boracay With Kids

    Thinking of activities to do with your kids at the famed island? Here's Smart Parenting's guide and family review!
    by Ronna Capili Bonifacio . Published Jun 21, 2023
Paraw Sailing, Paddle Board, Crystal Kayak And More: What To Do In Boracay With Kids
  • There's still nothing quite like Boracay and for a family, it's a great destination if you're up for trying different adventures and even cuisines. I've been to the famous island a number of times as a single woman but I haven't been since becoming a mom, so it was fun to show my kids around. Surprisingly, I too was re-acquainted with the island! I thought I had done it all and seen it all during my past visits, but there's always something new to do, eat, and see in Boracay.

    Where to stay in Boracay

    I took my three kids, ages 10, 7, and 3, for almost a week and we were able to stay at Canyon Hotels and Resorts Boracay, located at Station 1. It's a quick three-minute walk away from the beach and very close to the restaurants, cafes, and spots that keep coming up on your feed. My kids loved swimming in the pool and how near the hotel was to stretches of the beach where they could build sand castles while enjoying their favorite milk tea. As a parent, it wa squite convenient to be in a hotel that was attached to drugstores and groceries in case we ran out of diapers or needed medicines. (Confession: We needed chips and chocolate milk.)

    What to do in Boracay with kids

    1. Paraw Sailing

    Fee: Starts at P750 per person for a group of 6, P2,500 for a chartered boat
    Duration: 30 minutes
    Where: Meeting point is in front of Astoria Boracay, Station 1

    Kids and toddlers can go paraw sailing, as long as guardians sign a waiver.

    Paraw Sailing is a relaxing activity for adults and children. For 30 minutes, you are able to tour the seas of Boracay while seated on a sturdy net that balances the boat. Many recommend this activity as the best way to catch Boracay's sunset. This is how we booked our trip, so we set sail before 5:00 PM. (Be sure to check what time the sun sets during your vacation when you schedule this activity!)

    Two of my three kids joined, but I learned when I was onboard that toddlers can also join, provided guardians sign a waiver. Just like any water activity in Boracay, each particpant will be required to wear a life vest. It's pretty much precaution, the most wet our group got was when were getting on the boat. The rest was smooth sailing if you will, with mostly our feet getting wet while the boat sails. Best to wear your swimsuits for this activity.

    watch now

    I chose to leave my mobile phone on the shore and just asked if we could take a few photos and videos using our companion's phone. Since my kids are old enough, I grabbed the opportunity to be present with them and to talk to them, asking how they've been feeling the past couple of days. What's on their mind. Even what they think of something they might be watching or their hobby. I didn't prepare any conversation points at all, all I wanted them to feel was they had my undivided attention as we sailed. I'm not sure if this might be one of the reasons why this experience is their favorite of all our activities.

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    Smart Parenting tip: Have your tour guides take your photos and videos, they are experts at balancing on the boat while it sails. Invest in a phone protector for your peace of mind (you can buy it in the island!). And don't worry, they're such pros at it that even when there are little bumps and hiccups while you're sailing, they won't drop or lose your hard-earned mobile phone! (We brought our office phone, and it's still perfectly intact and dry!)


    Book your Paraw Sailing via Klook here.

    2. Stand up paddle board

    Fee: P460 per person for 30 minutes, P700 per person for 1 hour
    Duration: 30 minutes to one hour
    Where: Meeting point is in front of Astoria Boracay, Station 1

    Don't be fooled, parents! It looks easy in pictures but it can be quite the challenge if you don't have core strength. My older son, who's 7 years old, sat on the paddle board with me as I tried my best to paddle us to far places. I started off seated, almost like a kneeling position, which was definitely the easier position. Once I stood up, it was a bit trickier! And my son enjoyed watching me work hard at keeping us from falling into the water.

    I imagine older kids will enjoy trying to paddle too, and it could even be a bonding experience where you compete at who can keep afloat the longest. Fair warning: it can be a bit of a workout if you're on the sedentary side. Plus points for us parents: It could help tire out the kids for the day and cause them to retire to bed earlier--which may just be enough time for a quick child-free night cap for mom and dad!


    Book your stand up paddle board experience via Klook here.

    3. Land tour via Hop-On Hop-Off shuttle service

    Fee: P180 for a 1-day-unlimited pass per person, P280 for a 2-day-unlimited pass per person, P390 for a 3-day unlimited pass per person; free for kids 0-4 years old
    Where: 19 stops across Boracay island

    Here's what a Hop On Hop Off Loading and Unloading station looks like.

    If you want to get around the island and explore on your own time, the Hop-On Hop-Off Shuttle Service is perfect to try. It has 19 stops across the entire island, and as the name suggests, you can hop on and then hop off any station, any time! Service starts at 5:00 AM and ends at 9:00 PM and the frequency of the shuttle is every 15 minutes.

    We used the Hop-On Hop-Off shuttle service to get to various points on the island like Boracay New Coast (we got off H18 Newcoast). This is where the famous Boracay Keyhole is and we grabbed the opportunity to take a few photos. It's a bit of a hike from the Hop-On Hop-Off stop itself, so we suggest to go early in the day or later in the afternoon.

    The kids loved that it was an air conditioned bus because it gave them a break from the heat of the island life.

    Hop-On Hop-Off goes to Bulabog Beach, where you will find the water sports, and ends at Puka Beach if you want to explore the different coasts of Boracay.

    Smart Parenting tip: Get your Hop-On Hop-Off card at the airport if you want to use it upon arrival. If you were not able to claim it at the airport, you can claim it at Southwest Travel's Station 2 office.

    Buy your Hop-On Hop-Off cards vouchers via Klook here.

    4. Crystal kayak

    Fee: P270 per person
    Duration: 10 to 15 minutes
    Where: Various points around Boracay

    My toddler didn't appreciate mama's efforts at getting the ultimate shot in Boracay.

    Full disclosure: I had no clue that this was the 'thing' to do in Boracay. Or in other words, kung hindi ka nag-crystal kayak, nag-Boracay ka ba talaga? But I'm pretty much down for anything! So when our team signed up for the Crystal Kayak experience, we decided to recreate what it might be like for most parents by including my 3-year-old in the photos with me.

    Unfortunately, he felt the waves were a bit too much for him so he was uncomfortable and asked to return back to shore just as the kayak had set sail. Aftera few quick photos (I didn't even bother to ask for a smile), he returned to shore and we tried again. This time, it was momma's moment. Screw body shaming. I carried and gave birth to three kids, the way it looks is the way it looks!

    I'm not one to get panic or feel anxious over being in the water, which helped because once the tour guides set the kayak out to a good spot, they will stop paddling and you will feel every single wave. If you easily feel dizzy, you might want to bring medicine in your bag for after your crystal kayak photo shoot.

    Don't worry about posing, your tour guide will tell you exactly what you need to do. Here, I'm feeling all my millennial self with a YOLO-pose.

    There's no need to worry about how to pose, what to do with your hands, and where to look--the tour guides are complete pros here too. They will direct you, all you need to do is to listen, follow, and smile! Try not to mind other tourists around you, whether they are swimming or trying out the crystal kayak experience too. Enjoy the moment and remember we all just want beautiful vacation photos, no shame in that. Think of it as your "main character era".


    Smart Parenting tip: Plan your OOTD for this activity! If you want to have a photo with your Boracay braids, make sure to do it before this activity. And point your toes, momma!

    Book your crystal kayak photoshoot via Klook here.

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