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  • Drew Arellano Travels With Sons Primo And Leon Without Iya So The Boys Can Learn This Lesson

    Plus, tips if you are planning to try it!
    by Judy Santiago Aladin . Published Apr 13, 2023
Drew Arellano Travels With Sons Primo And Leon Without Iya So The Boys Can Learn This Lesson
  • Travel host and dad of four Drew Arellano recently went on a trip with his two sons Primo, 6 and Leon, 4 to El Nido, Palawan - without his wife, Iya Villania.

    Based on his Instagram post shared today April 13, it seems to be a successful trip! "Too many fun memories made with my family," Drew wrote in the caption. 

    During their father-son bonding, Iya shared updates on her Instagram stories to fight her feeling of FoMO or fear of missing out.

    "Missing them so much but this is the start of easier trips with these boys," Iya Villania

    The host and mom said, "Primo and Leon are headed to El Nido while I stay home with Alana and Astro. House feels quiet without the two kuyas."


    She added, "Alana's really feeling the absence of her two kuyas, and me too. Never thought this home would still feel quiet even with two kids."

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    In another post, Iya shared a photo of her "big boys." She wrote, "Missing them so much but this is the start of easier trips with these boys."


    During Iya's segment at the 24 Oras on the same day, she remarked that her boys are having so much fun without her. 


    Iya shared that while the boys were away, they were chilling at the Casa Arellano in Taytay, Rizal. 

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    Why do dads need to take their kids on trips

    In an interview with PEP.ph in 2019, Drew himself said that traveling is the best education for his kids. “They can read books, they can probably learn from the teachers, but what’s priceless, what’s golden, is they actually experience different cultures firsthand, talking to different people from all walks of life.” He said he can't wait for Primo and Leon to experience what he does in his travel show, Biyahe ni Drew. 

    Meanwhile, in a blog by photographer and mountaineer Stefen Chow, he shared his realizations from traveling with his daughter. 

    "Wives and mothers, if you want your partner to understand how it feels to be one, convince your husband to take a trip with the child without you," Stefen Chow

    He said that their trip made him finally experience what it's like to be a "full parent" - feeding them, changing their diapers, putting them to sleep, and all. Most of the time, from pregnancy to child care, all these are naturally assigned to the mothers and so fathers sometimes don't understand the load.


    "Wives and mothers, if you want your partner to understand how it feels to be one, convince your husband to take a trip with the child without you," Chow said.

    Like Iya said, letting his boys travel with dad is one way to make travels easier. It's because, according to a parenting expert, traveling with kids teaches them independence.

    Traveling gives them lots of opportunities to realize how capable they are, says Julie Freedman Smith, co-founder of Parenting Power. "When a child is between the ages of zero to 6, so much of who they are is made up of what they can do," Smith said in an article by The Globe and Mail.

    How to make traveling with kids manageable for dads

    1. Consider your kids' needs before finalizing your destination 

    If you are a parent who wants to try traveling with your kids without your spouse for the first time, then make sure that the place you will be going to is familiar and safe for your children.


    Opt for destinations that you have already visited before so that you know the location of important places like hospitals, markets, restaurants, etc.

    Try going to local destinations first, before heading out of the country. Most celebrity families like to travel to nearby provinces like Baguio, Batangas, Palawan, or Boracay

    2. Choose a family-friendly hotel or accommodation

    Sure, you can stay in a cheap motel if you are traveling alone, but with your kids? You have to look for a more conducive place for them to stay for a long time.

    Some amenities that you might want to look for in a hotel before booking are kiddie pools, a playground, and a park. Another plus is if there's a restaurant within the hotel so that you can easily order food when your child gets hungry.

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    Ask other parents for their reviews and feedback on certain hotels before booking. They might also share some hacks and discounts while they're at it. Our Facebook group, Smart Parenting Village, could be a good starting point. 

    Drew and his sons stayed at Seda Lio in El Nido, and he remarked that it's now one of his top choices to stay at because of one thing: "convenience at its finest." Book a stay via Klook here.

    3. Ask your spouse to help you plan (and pack)

    While it's tempting to do everything by yourself for this big trip, it's important to have your partner on board especially when you are packing your kids' stuff. As cliche as it sounds, mothers know best - how many clothes to pack, what medicines to bring, etc.

    Be there when she packs, so that she can orient you where to get the items. It's also nice to have an actual checklist so that you can refer to it when it's time to go home.


    In a New York Times guide, Rainer Jenss, the president and founder of the Family Travel Association said that you should also involve your kids, especially if they are age 5 and up, in the planning, even in a small way.

    “The more you empower kids this age to pick what they’re interested in doing, whether it’s seeing a cool site or trying surfing, the more engaged they will be,” he said. 

    Jenns advised to let them choose what your next activity will be from several options, instead of just telling them what you've planned to do. After all, it's a new experience that will create core memories for both you and your kids. You've got to make them feel that you trust them too because they trust you.

    Convinced? Read this guide on tips and tricks before flying.

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