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  • Go Extreme: 10 Outdoor Activities for Adventurous Couples

    Rekindle romance this Valentine with an imaginative getaway for two.
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  • Why limit yourself to a romantic dinner to celebrate the Day of Hearts? Do the unexpected and whisk your spouse away to an extreme Valentine weekend trip where you can savor love once more in careless abandon. The Philippines is so rich in biodiversity that you can find an adventure on land, by the sea, on sea, and through forests. Just pick a location and start your own adventure!

    1. Wallclimbing, Rapelling, Ziplining

    wall climbing


    Engaging in physical activities amid lush and verdant forests and mountains keeps the adrenaline pumping. Challenge your limits by going wall-climbing then rapelling and ziplining—or both! Ziplines are guaranteed to make you squeal in delight because of the combination of speed and height. But as long as you have equipment in place, you can have fun safely. 

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    Where to try it: Pugad or Pugo Adventure in Pugo, La Union

    How to get there: Drive to Pugad, just along the Marcos Highway. The turnoff is well-marked with banners. Alternately, you can take the bus.

    Aside from that, you can also rent an ATV to ride around the terrain or you can go head-to-head in a game of paintball. Another favorite is the giant swing because, after all, who doesn’t love to swing?! Of course, you can simply trek the undulating hills, breathing in the fresh, cool air.

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