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  • How to Plan Your Baby's First Out-of-Town Trip Without Going Crazy

    Traveling with a baby and the rest of your family for the first time ever? No sweat!
How to Plan Your Baby's First Out-of-Town Trip Without Going Crazy
  • Your little one's first out-of-town trip is one of those milestones that don't usually make it to the baby record book, yet it should. Planning a family outing with a baby is no mean feat.

    Pulling that off takes a lot of work, but it will be worth it. The perks of family vacations include "happiness anchors," which can help you cope better with hard times, and brain development if you explore a culturally rich locale or the great outdoors.

    Parents also need to de-stress, and there's nothing like taking a dose of vitamin sea. "Blue space" can lower stress and boost mental health, especially if you live near the ocean or head to the beach often. 

    Beaches abound in this country, and the ones in Batangas are convenient for Metro Manila-based families who want to spend a weekend in a blue space. These tips can help you plan a family beach trip with a baby in tow without losing your cool:


    Choose family-friendly accommodations

    Go for a cozy resort that feels like a beach house but has the comforts of a hotel. Sabangan Beach Resort in Laiya Aplaya, San Juan, Batangas, has loft- and bungalow-type accommodations for families big and small, as well as suites for couples. Each one is fully air-conditioned with a spacious patio, Wi-Fi access, cable TV, private toilet and bath with hot and cold shower, and a refrigerator that can fit more than just drinks.

    Your loft or bungalow also comes with complimentary toiletries and drinking water. Each accommodation already includes buffet breakfast, lunch, and dinner, so there's no need to cook anything or head out for a meal.

    If you have tots and preschoolers, they can hang out at the playground and the pool for some old-school active fun. Why not let Dad watch over them while you spend one-on-one bonding time with Baby?


    Pack the essentials for your baby

    Being a tad carefree is all right. You're going on vacation, after all. Don't forget, however, these essentials to your baby's first beach trip: swim diaper, a beach towel, safe sunscreen with zinc oxide as primary active ingredient, a wide-brimmed hat with straps, a rashguard that perfectly fits your baby, insect repellent, a changing pad, and a big pack of wet wipes, among other things.


    Pack these, too

    If you're going on a road trip to the beach, you need these items in the car in case of emergency, including a car-tool kit, a first-aid kit, flashlights, and extra food and water. If you have older kids with you, bring some easy-to-eat snacks for them to keep them from getting cranky during the long car rides to and from the beach. Your baby is already quite a handful.


    Make your baby feel at home

    As much as possible, stick to the same routines that your little one is used to, such as her pre-bedtime ritual, and sleeping and feeding schedules. Give her time to adjust. This may mean having to deal with a fussy baby, but be patient. And think positive. After all, you're on vacation.


    Bring wireless entertainment

    A piece of home in the form of your baby's favorite board books and toys can help him adjust to a new environment. Keep your little one entertained by not resorting to gadgets. Make the most of your time spent in that blue space by going unplugged, even just for a few moments. 


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This article was created by Summit Storylabs in partnership with Sabangan Beach Resort.