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  • “Four Months Bago Mag-Expire Ang Passport Ko, Puwede Pa Gamitin?” Plus All Passport Questions—Answered!

    Nope. You cannot use your passport to travel abroad if it’s less than six months valid. Read more for passport-related FAQs!
    by April Kristel Llana . Published Aug 26, 2023
“Four Months Bago Mag-Expire Ang Passport Ko, Puwede Pa Gamitin?” Plus All Passport Questions—Answered!
  • Does everybody get a 10-year validity for their passports?

    The Philippine passport has a 10-year validity period, yes, issued to Filipinos 18 years or older, according to Department Order No. 010-2017 or the Implementing Rules and Regulations (IRR) of Republic Act No. 10928 (2017). 

    Filipinos under 18 years of age will still be issued five-year valid passports.

    I'm sure you have other questions in mind when it comes to securing or renewing your passport. Some are real questions, experienced first-hand, and some are hypothetical questions, wondering what if such thing happens. Or probably if 'this' and 'that' are allowed or not.

    Wonder no more, we have conveniently taken some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and corresponding answers from the Department of Foreign Affairs-Office of Consular Affairs website to shed some light on your passport-related inquiries. Safe travels!

    Passport and passport-related FAQs

    Who is eligible to apply for a Philippine passport? 

    Only a Filipino Citizen can acquire a Philippine passport. 

    How do I apply for a Philippine passport?

    Book an online appointment. Bring required documents and IDs when you appear for actual date and time of appointment. 

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    Is there a fee to book an appointment?

    No. Passport appointments are free. 

    I did not receive a confirmation email after paying the fee. Who should I contact?

    Contact (02) 8234-3488 if you do not receive a confirmation email within 24 hours after paying the fee. 

    There are no more slots available on my preferred dates, can I just walk–in?

    Only exceptional and emergency cases may be allowed for walk-in. Non-emergency cases need to have an online appointment secured. 

    Mistakes on my application form, should I worry?

    Applicants must ensure that the information being submitted during the online booking of appointment are complete and accurate. Multiple errors and/or misrepresentation of information may result to failure in the capturing of the applicant’s biometrics, or be considered as grounds for rejection of the passport application.


    Am I required to put my passport requirements in a brown envelope?

    Not required. 

    There’s an erroneous entry on my birth certificate. Can I still apply for a passport?

    Yes, but the mistakes must be corrected first. 

    My passport’s validity is less than six months, can I still use it?

    No. You need at least six months passport validity for international travel. The Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) strongly recommends having a valid passport with at least 7-8 months validity when making travel plans.

    I just lost my passport, what should I do?

    Valid (not expired) Passport: 

    File and report the loss to Consular Office of choice.

    File and submit a Police Report in English plus Affidavit of Loss.

    Note that there will be a 15-day clearing period prior to processing of application for the replacement of lost valid passport.

    Expired Passport:

    Submit Affidavit of Loss.

    Follow the instructions for securing a New Passport (First Time Application).

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    My passport got damaged/mutilated, what document should I secure?

    Aside from your passport application requirements, you need to submit an Affidavit of Mutilation.

    Can I use my postal ID or Philhealth ID to apply for a passport?

    No. See accepted government IDs here.

    What if I forgot to claim my passport after applying for one?

    Passports unclaimed after 180 days from application date will be cancelled.  

    My company already booked me a flight, can I be immediately accommodated for passport processing?

    Booked flights do not guarantee approval for requests for early accommodation. DFA strongly advises against purchasing outbound travel tickets until your passports are actually in your possession. The same department will not be responsible for any rebooking charges, loss of income, and other financial compensation and/or personal losses arising from the applicant’s travel arrangements made while the passport has not been released.

    My friend knows someone who can offer an earlier appointment for a fee, does that really work?


    DFA discourages securing online appointment through fixers. Do not deal with fixers. 

    Appointments not made through passport.gov.ph are not legitimate appointments.

    Can I bring my husband/wife/partner with me?

    “No Escort” policy applies. Escorts will be prohibited from entering DFA consular premises. Only Senior Citizen and PWD are allowed to have an immediate family member or traveling companion with proof of relationship as escort. 

    I am pregnant. Can I bring a companion?

    No. Companion will have to wait outside.

    I am a solo parent. Can I bring a friend to accompany me?

    No. Companion will have to wait outside.

    I am a solo parent. Do I qualify for courtesy lane? 

    Yes. You need to present a valid Solo Parent ID along with required passport documents.

    My passport is still valid for a year. Can I start booking a passport appointment for renewal?

    Yes. You can already book a passport appointment for renewal.


    My passport’s validity is already expired. Is there a penalty when I renew?

    No, there are no penalties for expired passport.

    I have valid foreign visas in my old passport. Am I required to secure visas for my newly-renewed passport?  

    Not required. Validity of visas do not affect passport renewal. However, bring the old passport with valid visas when traveling. 

    My visa is in printed form. Should I staple it on the passport?

    No. This can damage your passport or the chip rendering your passport invalid. 

    Can additional pages be inserted if the passport has run out of pages? 

    No. Consider renewing your passport. 

    I am unable to collect my passport due to busy schedule, can I authorize someone to pick it up?

    If you are unable to pick up your passport on the scheduled release date, a Special Power of Attorney is needed. It should bear the reasons why you failed to personally claim your passport. The SPA should also include the name and a copy of the ID of the person you are authorizing to pick up the passport on your behalf. For minors, only parents can claim the passports. 


    Upon claiming my passport, I realized my name was misspelled.What should I do?

    Before leaving the consular office, make sure that you check the details of your new passport carefully. If the details on your passport are incorrect, such as your name, sex or date of birth, you may reapply for a passport and pay the regular passport fee of PHP 950.00

    It seems like my passport delivery through a courier service is delayed. What do I do?

    There is a tracking number on your courier claim stub, track the status of delivery. 


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