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  • What to Do if your Child Gets Lost

    Prevention is best, but here are things you can do in case it happens.
    by Anne Macalino-Santos .
    • Teach your child to shout “Mommy!” very, very loudly if they cannot see you and think he/she or he is lost (because chances are you could be close by but just aren’t in their line of sight). If this happens, come to your child at once so he or she is encouraged to do the same the next time it happens.
    • In case that your child thinks that he/she is lost, instruct him/her to first stay put (and call out for you), because it will be easier for you to find a stationary child vs. one that is wandering around.
    • Teach older siblings to set a good example of staying close to you and help look out after the younger ones.
    • Orient your yayas well. They should understand the importance of keeping an eye on their “alaga” at all times. They shouldn’t be using their mobile phones while in public places with your child, except for when they need to contact you. They should likewise avoid talking to strangers. And no matter how trusted your yaya is, constantly check on her and your child.

    Vigilance is key. Do not get too caught up with shopping, talking or texting on your mobile phone or even talking with fellow adults. Make sure you have your child in your line of sight or within earshot at all times.

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    Here are more travel safety tips from real moms:

    • "Have a safety plan (with older kids). Teach them what to do and where to go in case they get separated from you." - Nadja Gaerlan, mom to Sirocco Fin, 7
    • "Let them wear an 'identification card' (containing all pertinent information) with a copy of their passport (if traveling abroad), in case they get lost." - Joee Mendiola-Manalo, mom to Meg, 6 and Moira, 4
    • "Everyone in the traveling entourage should know exactly who’s in charge of looking out for the little ones.  This is to avoid situations where one parent thinks the child is with the other parent, but is in fact lost." - Chic Nicolas, mom to Julia, 3
    • "Dress them in easy-to-spot clothing." - April Valencia, mom to Tori, 6, Carrie, 3 and Julio, 1
    • "Using a child leash may be politically incorrect for most, but if you think it’s the best way to keep your child close, by all means, use one." - Anne Santos, mom to Tiago, 3



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