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Birth Control / Re: All About Althea (OCP)
« on: March 25, 2012, 09:22:50 pm »
sis sure ba yun? I switched from Charlize to Althea kasi.. and I started Althea NOT on my first day of menses... malapit na maubos yung 21 pills ko.. i should count 7 days and sa ika 29th dun ako start new pack? dapat sa 7 days na un magkakaro ako tama ba

thanks mga mommies. nagdadownload nga ako ng pictures parang guide on how to DIY. goodluck to me. dapat matibay kasi baka sandalan ng bulilit. mas lalo delikado.


I need help. I need to make a safety gate for my toddler sa stairs namin.

Can anyone help me out there pano magawa? un kasing karpentero sa bahay namin me tinatapos kaya di pa sha makagawa. Hindi ako makapaghintay. PLease PM me kung me alam kayo gumagawa near CUBAO area or if me mabibilhan ng gawa na.


Your Kid's Health and Safety / Re: Safety First: Lift and Lock gate
« on: February 12, 2012, 08:17:24 am »
waaa gusto ko din gumawa nyan... pano ba gumawa nyan hahaha!

Party Planning: Birthdays and Baptism / Re: Baptismal Certificate Question
« on: February 04, 2012, 10:08:46 am »
HI there. I am also a single mom. My baby was baptized last August 2009 and I got the birth certificate a month after.

1st thing to do is ask your parish if they have policies for unwed couples. That way clear sayo so you can find/search for another church.

2ndly if the parish doesnt allow it, you may TAKE TIME to talk to the parish priest or any personnel in your church.

I had a counselling or discussion with our priest and I explained to him my current situation and he UNDERSTOOD.

Lahat naman napaguusapan. Good luck sis!

Sexuality / Re: nakaka turn-ON na alak...
« on: November 19, 2011, 08:23:10 pm »
you will never go wrong with tequila :)

I read this to my baby....

she is especially amazed to the grandma saying "husssssshh"


Birth Control / Re: New to pills. Post your questions here.
« on: October 31, 2011, 12:04:40 am »
Hi mommies.. im new to this also and i am taking Charlize...

28 pcs sha... 21 na beige and 7 na red..

im just wondering.. will i automatically get my period on the 22nd day?if i do.. when will i start buying a new pack again?

grabe yung effect nito sakin 2 weeks ago.. naglabasan pimples ko as in ang kati kati ng mukha ko.. now hindi na mashado.. nakakataba din ba ito?

tuwa naman ako sa topic.. well for me...ive been doing the things below and thankfully di pa naman losyang. :)

code para madali tandaan -- GANDA!!! :P

Good hygiene/grooming
- clean hair -- always use a conditioner, pa rebond ka once in a while or pa hair color
- clean face - invest sa tried and tested face creams and NEVER hit the sack without washing your face...
- clean nails - number one din ito... mura lang naman ang SPA and mani/pedi - u can even do it alone.. sa mani and pedi - simple is beautiful...
- pleasant smell - invest also in a good cologne/bath soap or lotion - johnsons powder mist - powdery scent.. not that overwhelming hehe... layering is also best (using soap/lotion/shower gel na same brand/scent) -- mas tatagal ang effect
-clean skin -- WATER WATER WATER to hydrate urself, use loofah and body scrub once in a while...
- clean/neat and well pressed clothes. :) invest in good pants/slacks/dresses - dapat fitted ang damit talaga sayo esp mga maong pants.. kasi diba minsan yung pwet natin maganda tignan pag maganda yung pants talga...

Always maintain a positive outlook in life.. dapat SMILE ka lagi.. kasi FROWNING will give u wrinkles and pangit ang aura...

NO to unhealthy eating/drinking habits, ensure to have a  good diet - AVOID soda - number one fattening and will give u bloated feeling, eat lots of greens and DRINK lots of water .. pag nagugutom ka, inom ka muna ng 1 glass of water.. usually kasi hunger natin ay thirst lang pala...keep your drinking sessions to a minimum.. part ng social life yan.. iwasan ang YOSI - number one nakakatanda! :)

Do da move -- eXERCISE! isipin mo na lang no pain no gain... kadalasan kasi tinatamad talaga tayo pero isipin natin yung long term benefits.. when fats become muscles -- mas gaganda yung katawan natin.. intimate moments with hubby also counts *wink wink*

Always lift everything to God... remember.. in HIm alone you will find happiness that will make u really glow... :)

Good luck to us sis!

Sexuality / Re: Mga Turn-ons and Turn-offs nyo sa Opposite Sex
« on: June 20, 2011, 06:43:19 am »
turn on;

> good sense of humor - sobrang weakness ko to...
> good hygiene - malinis na kuko, malinis na ipen, neat sa pananamit..
> good posture (lalaki yung tindig) kahit me konting tyan ok lang
> mabango - pero not a requirement.. basta wag lang amoy putok...
> maginoo pero bastos :)

turn off:
> sobrang bilib sa sarili at mayabang - yung tipog puro sarili na lang ang kinukwento
> ayoko sa maskulado... yung matigas na matigas ang braso at chest....
> matapang na pabango

Sexuality / Re: hair down there - what your hubby prefer???
« on: February 28, 2011, 02:11:09 am »
hi mommies.. i tried waxing down there kaso prob ko pag natubo na yung maliliit...

every other week ba ang waxing?
kelangan ba talaga hatakin?
d ko kasi mahatak minsan at masakit...

oh my scary ... sige wait ko next week.. hay

FAQs and Common Pregnancy Concerns / How early can I take Pregnancy Test?
« on: February 22, 2011, 04:32:09 am »
Basahin sa Smart Parenting. Click any topic title.
When to Test for Pregnancy to Get Accurate Results (Morning or Night?)
Your Pregnancy Test May Show A Faint Positive For These 5 Reasons
Buntis Ba Ako Kung Isang Linggo Nang Delayed Ang Period Ko?

photo by ISTOCK

Mommies tanong lang po. Last period ko kasi was February 6 then we had unprotected contact Feb 15. Nag PT ako kahapon - negative naman.

Naka-relate ka ba? Basahin ang latest comment tungkol dito o mag Reply para makapagpost ng katanungan, payo o kwento.

Jokes and Funny Stories / Re: Kids say the darnest things :)
« on: February 05, 2011, 10:38:58 pm »
my baby is exactly 1 yr and 6 months to day and has recently started to count.. i thought her to count up to 5 on her left hand...

Gabbie: Two

Gabbie: Three

Me: Three
Gabbie: Two

Me: Four:
Gabbie: Three

Me: Five
Gabbie: Yehey!

anglabo! Hindi pa rin niya masabi ang ONE hahaha!

Baby Development and Milestones / Re: baby cologne
« on: November 29, 2010, 06:31:17 am »
oo sis... zwitsal white nice nice nice

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