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Labor and Child Birth / Re: Chinese Gen OB and rates
« on: November 15, 2011, 12:27:01 pm »
Hi mga mommies. Ask ko lang if nagce-cerclage din kaya si Dra. Zamora. Kasi I was diagnosed with incompetent cervix and want to get pregnant again kaso nga high-risk na ko. As I have read yung mga thread dito maraming good comments about her so I want to try. Thanks and God bless.

Hi mommies!

I am on cerclage right now. This is my second pregnancy and katulad ng eldest ko, at 18 weeks my cervix was starting to shorten. Ayaw ng OB ko na magaya sa eldest ko to be born prematurely at 32 weeks so she told me to have cerclage.

Procedure was done at Saint Louis University Hospital of the Sacred Heart. My OB is Dr. Joanne Badua. Sobrang bait at maingat sa mga patients, not to mention na mabait din yung secretary niya. My cerclage was placed last March 30, 2011. Admittance was a total of 3.5 days and my overall bill was 25k - accommodation (semi-Private), Dr's PF (OB and Anesthesiologist) and medicines. Philhealth dependent ako kaya parang 16k ang cash out ko for the procedure only.

Sa Baguio to no? I heard her name sya ata yung naging OB ng hipag ko..pero di kami sa kanya nag-patingin e kay Dr. Alice Salvador kami. Sis baka may contact number ka sa kanya. Kala ko nga wala ng sasagot sa post kong ito. Hirap talaga  mawalan ng baby esp pag buo na sya kaya papa-cerclage talaga ako even this will be my first time to undergo that kind of operation.

Thank you mga mommies for replying on this post.  It really help me a lot to recover and to know na may problem talaga kaya nag-preterm labor ako sa baby boy ko. Hope sa next maging successful ulit like my first pregnancy and we can have a new baby in our family. God bless us all.

Thanks for replying mommy sashababy. Commonwealth QC ang location ko, buti na nga lang nag-member ako dito sa SP it was really a big help for me. While reading all the posts dito sa forum parang marami ang nagsasabi na ok sa CGH..budget talaga ang problema ang mahal kasi ng PF ng mga doctor.

Hindi ba masakit ang cerclage? May mga naging compilcations ka ba habang may cerclage? Hope to hear from you soon and thanks again.

Labor and Child Birth / All about Cerclage
« on: April 12, 2011, 03:55:07 pm »
Hi mga mommies out there especially those who had done cerclage, just want to know if you have any idea how much is a cerclage today? And can you kindly give me an additional info like who's the OB and saan hospital.

I had a cervical surgery due to prolapsed myoma last year, and my OB who did the surgery told me that if in case I will get pregnant again I need to have a cerclage within 12-16 weeks of pregnancy. When she quoted me the price ang mahal nasa 25K without yung PF pa ata. Saka malayo din sa Baguio pa so just want to know how much kaya dito sa Manila.

Thanking you in advance for the help. God bless us!!!

I gave birth last Feb. 23, 2011 to healthy baby boy at Chinese Gen. Hosp. via CS. My total hospital bill was P34k. Semi private room, 3 nights stay.

Sis, puwede bang malaman if may HIGH RISK OB din don..magagaling ba talaga mga doctor esp sa OB Dept. Kasi parang ang mura naman don.  I want to try din don in case ma-preggy ulit ako.. Thanks a lot.

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