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Author Topic: Child's Health Board Directory and guidelines in starting a new topic  (Read 15900 times)

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This directory is created to minimize multiple topics in the Child's Health Board. Please join existing topics to get more views and replies. To search for a feedback on medicine brand, name of hospital, clinic or doctor, ailment or anything about child's health,  type a keyword on the forum search box on the header of the Child's Health Board. If you wish to find a topic beyond this board, use the Search feature at the main menu.

Please note that advertising is not allowed in this board. For those in the business related to topics, please view SP Forum rules in advertising to avoid getting a reminder for any violation.

Below are hot topics you can view and join under this board. Please note that URLs of topics may change and may be used as a keyword for your search. Should the topic of your concern is not searchable in any board, you may then start a new topic.

Homepage  directory of Pediatricians
Who's your Pedia? / Recommended Pediatricians
vitamin supplement recommendation for babies 0-12 months old
vitamin supplement recommendation for 1-3 yo
vitamin supplement recommendation for children 3+ yo
difficulty in feeding / appetite problems / picky eaters 1-3 yo
Feeding / appetite problems on children 3 years old and up
easier way to let your babies take their medicines and vitamins

Allergy - skin
bronchial asthma
Chickenpox on babies (below 1 yr old)
chickenpox on children iyr old and above
colds / sipon on babies 12mos and below
cough / ubo. natural and OTC Solutions and tips please
Constipated baby
Constipation in children
dental visit 1st time
Diarrhea: Tips and Treatments for Tots
Excessive Sweating
fever / lagnat tips to downgrade, alternative medicine and recommendations
Haircut / Kiddie Salon thread
Insect Repellant for Babies?
insect repellant for toddlers?
Impetigo a.k.a Mamaso
pediatric pulmonary specialist
poop related to formula feeding
poor eyesight
Primary Complex
Rashes sa Face, Neck, Armpits, Elbows, Thighs
Skin Asthma/Atopic Dermatitis/Eczema
sore eyes
Tigdas-Hangin / Roseola
Toothbrush and Toothpaste Brand
UTI on babies
UTI on children
Vaccines / Immunizations and schedules
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