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Author Topic: Milk formula transitions or mixing  (Read 4431 times)

Sheryl Macahia

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Milk formula transitions or mixing
« on: January 02, 2018, 11:44:19 pm »

Hello parents! Im a new mom of an 8 weeks old baby boy. I started feeding him s26 gold (please don’t judge me for not breastfeeding. my breastmilk lasted for 3 weeks only, i did and ate everything but to no avail) on his 6th week, he started hurting when farting, he cries and complains when he farts and started pooping hard stools every other 3days or more. I searched here and saw enfamil gentlease, it helped a lot, he started pooping sometimes morning and night, and no more gassy, painful fart. But the problem is he doesn’t like the taste, most of the time he cant finish 2oz, only when he is really hungry then he will drink 3oz. I asked our pedia if its ok to change milks, she said its ok to change milk until u found what soothes him, pedia said for gassy and fussy baby, i must find “partially hydrolysed whey protein”, so I tried NAN HW, baby likes the taste, not gassy, no painful fart but doesn’t poop, or at least 3-4days after, so i switched to NAN sensitive, the good thing with sensitive, it has probiotic, but the same, like the taste, no gas, no fuss but dont poop. So i bought enfamil gentlease again, after feeding him for like 3 or 4 consecutive, he poops all the nan.. but again he is not happy with the taste so he struggles during feeding time, so i put him back to sensitive..

My question is, is my plan safe? to feed him nan sensitive (it is partially hydrolysed whey protein with probiotics) then give him enfamil gentlease if after 2days of no poop, then back to nan again?
Cause im not so sure about the “transitioning of milk formulas”.


Mommy Jazz

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Re: Milk formula transitions or mixing
« Reply #1 on: January 15, 2018, 08:04:41 pm »

Hello mommy Sheryl! I see that one of your problem is your baby's not pooping for 3-4 days while on a certain brand. I have experienced this problem with my baby before, even had him xrayed and found there's nothing wrong. I read on Dr Spock baby care (a book I was reading when I was pregnant) that for as long as the baby is well, happy and not in pain, there's no cause for worry yet. True enough, he pooped on the 5th day and the poop looked normal, no struggle. Also note that formula fed babies tend to poop less frequent as compared to breast fed. Did your baby had difficulty when he finally pooped?
Do ask your pedia also what how beneficial is a “partially hydrolyzed whey protein" and "sensitive". Maybe it is specifically formulated for babies with a certain condition?
Not all babies are the same of course. What was ok with mine may not be with yours and it was right for you to have consulted your Pediatrician.
In the meantime, here's a good Smart Parenting read that may help you.
What Your Baby's Poop Is Telling You and When You Need to Worry

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