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Author Topic: SPED tutorial Makati  (Read 11774 times)

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SPED tutorial Makati
« on: May 27, 2018, 10:07:46 am »

My son is enrolled in a Summer Program under a SPED teacher. Hindi na kasi kaya ng powers ko to teach him comprehension, verbal and written expression, in a way he needed to learn. I believe a SPED teacher is more equipped in teaching him what his Dev. Ped said he needed to learn in that aspect. Hopefully sa pasukan, he can better understand his lessons. He's under Teacher Lea at a tutorial center in Makati. 8340832. She's available until end of June.

We wanted Learning the Bright Steps in YMCA Makati but no slot for us at this time. Ed Link and Roomful of Learners would be the best choice but really expensive. So for now, the SPED tutor is a good choice and I'm happy naman with the progress.

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