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Title: Successful Pregnancy Stories Despite Bleeding
Post by: Jackie Lyn on September 04, 2019, 02:50:57 pm
Hello mommies, anyone with successful pregnancy stories kahit na nagkaroon ng bleeding during early pregnancy (1st trimester)? Hope to hear your positive stories.

According to LMP 6weeks+3days pregnant here, last ultrasound showed only gestational sac at 5w+1d. Since 5w+1d LMP date nagstart na ang spotting ko, brown sometimes may parang ground coffee na kasama, then on the 5th day parang menstrual type na ang bleeding yung parang last day ng period na may fresh drops ang last pee pati pag wipe ng tissue. Went to two OB na sabi wala namang nakikitang prob regarding bleeding repeat US lang after one week kasi wala pang nakikitang yolk sac at embryo. I had miscarriage last year kasi due to blighted ovum that is why i am so worried dahil ganito din ako nagstart, may brown spotting since 5weeks onward hangang sa totally napa d&c na ako :(