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Title: My baby died when he was only 22 days old. I only saw him ..dead...
Post by: ameerstouch on October 09, 2010, 12:59:27 am
I still can't forget the pain. Every day it linger in me. I feel so much anger... I blame myself for being such a slob of a mother. And then this hospital had to go treat his corpse like some trash and me as if I was ignorant. If only I had the means I would make that hospital close down. I know it won't bring my baby back but I would have won justice. I miss my baby. I never saw his face when he was alive. Only when he was dead. If everyone only knew the whole story. If there was someone brave enough to listen and care ....

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Title: Re: My baby died when he was only 22 days old. I only saw him ..dead...
Post by: liams mom on October 09, 2010, 01:35:48 am
sis... sorry for your loss :'(

would you like to share your story with us? I know it will  somehow give you relief that the SP community will be here to listen to you... and give you all the support you need even though we cannot be there for you physically...
Title: Re: My baby died when he was only 22 days old. I only saw him ..dead...
Post by: Mom_K on October 09, 2010, 02:02:44 am
sorry sis... you may share your story with US. we are here for you.
Title: Re: My baby died when he was only 22 days old. I only saw him ..dead...
Post by: mich_tatsdwayne on October 09, 2010, 02:23:39 am
Sorry for your loss, sis. We're here for you.
Title: Re: My baby died when he was only 22 days old. I only saw him ..dead...
Post by: angelicabo on October 09, 2010, 09:48:50 am
yeah sis. we will listen to your story,, we are here for you.
Title: Re: My baby died when he was only 22 days old. I only saw him ..dead...
Post by: Katie on October 09, 2010, 10:12:55 am
hugs sis...
Title: Re: My baby died when he was only 22 days old. I only saw him ..dead...
Post by: ameerstouch on October 09, 2010, 11:39:09 am
I stopped working when I was 2 months pregnant because there was risk of miscarriage. So I stayed at home to look after my other two kids. Then when I was in my 5th month I was sickly, always tired with having to to do household chores, managing the kids ( their father and I are separated) and my current partner was working in Batangas back then. I began to leak. There was fluid coming out sometimes and i would spot at times whenever I was tired and had to lay down. So my partner left his job to help take care of my kids and the house. Basically our income was very minimal and expenses were tight. We began a small business hoping to make the money grow to use for my pregnancy. But it didn't work out well. I couldn't even get a decent amount of money for a good doctor. So I had to go to this cheap rated doctor who misdiagnosed my case. She said that although I was c-section from my other two pregnancies, I could give a normal birth with  my third. And she said that the fluid was just pressure on my bladder so it was just urine. And that the ultrasound indicated a good positioning of the baby. Deep inside I knew it was wrong. because I could feel it as a mother and I had been pregnant before, the texture was different too. Yet I chose to believe that doctor since I couldn't get a second opinion. I couldn't even leave the house, commute or spare cab fare.  Then for 3 days the fluid was  more consistent and I would spot. Then on the 3rd day, I thought it was time to get up from my bed and take a needed shower. I grabbed a chocolate biscuit to eat for some energy and headed off for a nice hot bath. I felt dizzy and my body was shaking during the bath and when I was wiping myself dry and dressing as I took a step forward....
I felt a strong warm wave gush out of me.... And as I looked down I saw blood. It was so much. My underwear, my skirt, my legs, the floor was covered in blood and what was more difficult was my other two kids aged 4 and 3 at that time, saw me.... they were scared, worried and when I looked at their faces I knew I was going to loose my baby. I began to cry and sob, while my eldest grabbed handfuls of tissue and threw them over the blood. There was no one with us, mom was out and so was my partner. I tried to call the clinic where I went for check ups and they told me to put some ice on my belly and go to the hospital not the clinic and referred me to another doctor there.
My mom came home in time and saw me on the floor holding my underside with the hope to blocking my baby from coming out and all the while crying out for my baby.... I felt no pain suddenly... nothing just shivers in my belly. It made it worse.  Then my partner came home a few minutes after mom arrived and packed up our stuff to get to get me to the hospital. I was covered in blood, my bedroom floor, the stairs ... I wanted to hurt myself in anger.

It was December 23, 2009. I arrived at the hospital with my partner and the nurses assumed my baby would be dead already and I could hear whispers about RASPA from them. The referred doctor called to give instructions for a ultra sound and it showed that there was no fluid left in my womb, the baby had to be delivered c-section.

As they were prepping me, the doc arrived and the first she discussed with me was money. How I was to pay for everything and then the cost of saving my baby. She gave no information about what the case would be for a 6 month premature baby to survive and the complications in health for him. As a mother, all I wanted was my baby to be saved and then worry about the money after.

I woke up in the labor room and with the effects of the anesthesia I was groggily asking every nurse who walked by me "where's my baby" .... I kept asking and asking, forcing my numb arms to grab each one who passed by. Till they gave me something in my IV.

I woke up again in the room with my partner and his mom. And the first thing I asked was for my baby .... He said that our son was alive, he saw him. He was tiny he said, very weak .... he said he asked the doctor to save our baby when he was asked during the operation. He was asked whether to save or not to save our baby. Of course we chose to keep our baby.

Title: Re: My baby died when he was only 22 days old. I only saw him ..dead...
Post by: ameerstouch on October 09, 2010, 12:12:38 pm
I was in pain and weak and very depressed after the operation and recovering in my room. I couldn't think straight. I was beginning to worry about the money as well to save our baby. It was the holidays! Where could I get money? I requested to see my baby at the nurses station but I was declined because my baby was in an incubator and I was not allowed inside the nursery and that it was not viewing hours. When the doctors would drop by the discussion was about the costs and the survival rate of my son. When I asked if I could see my baby they said to request it at the nurses station.

This time I went during viewing hours.... and you know what, like a visitor only, I had to view my son from a window. I couldn't see his face. The incubator was so far away. I only saw his moving arms and legs. I had no idea how he looked like. I would cry when I looked through that glass. I was angry at myself, angry at the world.... angry with everyone.

I spent Christmas at the hospital with my partner. I wanted to see my baby that night but I couldn't because it was not visiting hours. I longed to touch him to hear him cry .... to see his face.

When I was given a discharge slip, I still couldn't leave. I had to pay the full amount on my bill about 50K plus. No promissory notes. The money we had was half of the bill and they wouldn't accept it. So I had to stay for another day. The days where just adding to my bill. My partner went to every relative who could spare extra from the holidays. And with about 41K in our hands my bill was exceeding to 60K. Still it was a no in their billing dept. I personally painfully walked their flight of stairs to speak with the director but they denied me. Saying I had to pay 10K up to date. I was furious, I told them to at least take the money and bill me! And they did... noting as a partial payment. My mom who was taking care of my kids who both happened to have chicken pox in the most difficult time, rang up the hospital and was still denied to speak to the director. She spoke with the employee who I had been speaking with and she said to pay 8K and I would be released.

So for another day added to my bill my partner scoured places and sold his cell phones and borrowed money to get that 8K.

On Dec 31 2010, I was released from the hospital. I signed a promissory note ( when they said they didn't allow it). I wanted to see my baby but as it was past viewing hours I couldn't get a glimpse of my baby.

The new year was a sad one. I wanted my baby.... For the days to come it was torture, finding ways to get money, approaching the city hall, working on SSS, and PCSO .... it was difficult because it was hard for me to commute with the stitches....

We would try to visit the hospital when I had spare change for fare, but only visiting hours.... the doctor was always out then. When the nurses would call for medicine and diapers, I would just say please add it to our bill since I knew we were going to get help from PCSO once all the requirements were fixed...

Once day the hospital called in the morning of January 14 2011, asking for us to bring milk. I said ok, we were going to go borrow from friends. Then after a few hours, we got another call asking us to go to the hospital as the doctor wanted to speak with us. No urgency ... nothing at all, just a casual the doctor wants to speak with you.  So I assumed she was going to scold me for not being at the hospital everyday. We left in the afternoon to borrow money and after endless No's and Sorry's for 500... it was 6pm when we got hold of 1K. We stopped at mercury to buy our baby a bottle and milk....

On the way I had a feeling. I was worrying I was scared. I knew something was suddenly wrong.

When we got there my husband knocked at the nursery door while I sat for a bit gasping for air. Then I heard the doc say "bakit ngayon ka lang?" "wala na siya" and stood up grabbing and pulling my partner from the door asking "what happened... what did they say?" and he said " wag ka mabibigla" , I saw his eyes and I knew ... but I wanted it to be a lie.

For the first time I entered that nursery .... I was trembling. The doc asked 'bakit ngayon ka lang? " And I explained that we had to look for money to buy him milk ... and when I looked to my right ... there he was.

His lifeless body on the table .... no oxygen ... no nothing just a lifeless body....

For the first time I saw his face. His nose, his mouth. For the first time I touched his fingers, his toes, his head, his cheek .... And I broke down .... I wanted to hold him in my arms but they said not to because my tears would drop on him.
For a faint minute, I asked myself, is this really my baby? my partner refused to see his son dead and wouldn't come inside. That moment all I could tell my son was that I was sorry. I was so so sorry.

He passed away at 7pm just a few minutes before we arrived.

Title: Re: My baby died when he was only 22 days old. I only saw him ..dead...
Post by: ameerstouch on October 09, 2010, 12:34:29 pm
The doc left while I was crying over my baby. And when I asked the nurse what was next, she told me that I would need to bring in some baby clothes, baby blanket and pay the bill in full. I told my husband to get the baby clothes we had stored in his mom's place as it was nearer. When he got back and gave the clothes, they said that our baby would be cleaned, dressed and kept at the morgue till we paid the bill.

We got home and as I blurted to my mom that my baby as dead I began to cry. I didn't want to see my children I didn't want to take care of them. I wanted my baby. I wanted to be alone.  I lost my faith in God.... and I felt that he was punishing me.

The next day my partner began looking for money and my mom was calling relatives asking if we could bury my son beside my grand dad's and aunts grave. And we got nowhere. I was shaken and was always staring at a wall. Caring less for my kids and myself. Till my partner managed to get me out of the house before I went crazy. I knew I was going to be. But I felt so helpless.

For days we sent letters, asking for financial help, asking help for burying my son. And yet money was still not enough and there was no land. An dthe hospital was calling me endlessly about the money.

Then on the 17th of January at exactly 5 pm I received a call from a woman working at the morgue who said to me "Anong klase ka bang ina? Hinayaan mo na ank mo mabulok dito" and I was like 'Excuse me? what are you talking about." And she said that his corpse was decaying and already beginning to smell. I was shocked! Their morgue had NO FREEZER! My son was left to rot in that hospital!
I began yelling and crying till my mom took the phone from me and spoke with that woman. I was shocked that I was crying and talking to myself at the same time. I was going to go nuts!

After my mom threatened to sue the hospital for not releasing my son's corpse because of the money, they allowed me to take him.
I had to choice but to arrange my son to be cremated. The money I had would suffice for the cremation. I arranged a well known funeral home to take care of him. This was the least I could do for my baby. A good cremation by a good funeral home.

Once we got to the hospital, the funeral home attendee and I went to the so called morgue. It was only a storage room by the parking area with no door, with trash all over the place, it smelled and there were big blue drums that stank. My baby's corpse was in a box on a table in that room. I was horrified and so was the attendee.

I signed a promissory note so that they would release him.

On January 19, my baby was cremated and I took his remains home. He is now home with me. And I know he is with me always .....


Title: Re: My baby died when he was only 22 days old. I only saw him ..dead...
Post by: ameerstouch on October 09, 2010, 12:48:15 pm
I filed a complaint with the hospital and I even had their so called director call me to say that on his investigations, the doctors stated that I was not interested with my baby at that time. He even mocked me for crying on the phone.
I felt like he was degrading me because he kept implying that it was the PAO who wrote my letter. We told him that I wrote that letter and had seeked legal advice. Then he said he would arrange a meeting at the hospital, I told him that I would bring my attorney along and he said he said he would call back.

No calls had been received.

I filed a complaint with DOH twice already and still nothing. Perhaps the hospital has gotten to them ... but I will not pay a cent! After detaining me at their hospital and for their morgue like that, they deserve nothing! I owe them nothing. I don't need anything from them. But I will not pay anything! Send me to jail if they must.. and I will go. But I owe them nothing!
They called my last month asking me to pay the bill and I said no.

DOH still yet to serve justice. I want to file a legal case in court but my mom and partner are afraid for me. They know that I am not ready. I may say I am but I know deep inside that I may break down. Writing this already made me cry and be depressed with remembering it all.... what more should I take it to court. It would be torture for me.

Yet I still want to get back at that hospital. I really don't know what to do. I've sent emails to newspapers but they aren't interested either....

I want people to know. I want to find justice. I have blamed myself already. I have hated myself enough. It wasn't all my fault.

Mga Sis, thank you for being very nice ..... no one at home talk about it. They don't want to. I need to.   
Title: Re: My baby died when he was only 22 days old. I only saw him ..dead...
Post by: anne_kiel on October 09, 2010, 01:41:35 pm
oh my God sis, i dont know where to start! .as a mother i felt your pain. hindi ko napansin umiyak na pala ako..ang sakit sa dibdib nung binasa ko story mo, sa mga sakit na dinadaanan sorry for your precious baby,yes your right its not your fault..stop blaming yourself already ok? magpakatatag ka para sa iyong dalawang anak,at sa bagong laban na hinaharap mo ngayon. were here with you sis in this fight.! >:(
anong hospital ba yan sis at ng ma ban na yan? try din natin lapit sa media, gma/abs para mabilis ang action. nangigil ako sa story mo re how inhuman magdala ng pasyente yang hospital na yan!
Title: Re: My baby died when he was only 22 days old. I only saw him ..dead...
Post by: MotherG on October 09, 2010, 02:34:24 pm
Oh my goodness!  >:(  We can relate to your story!  Ang hirap basahin noong una yung story mo kasi title palang sis masakit na but noong itinuloy ko pa...lalo ako  nangigil dun sa hospital kng saan ako nanganak.  As first time parents, sympre kami ni hubby di namin alam procedure.  Sabi nga ng husband ko sa mga nurses na ubod ng sungit at walang pakialam, parang ginagawa lang nila ang hospitals sa Pilipinas na training ground tapos pagdating sa ibang bansa super to the max silang bait.  Nurses are suppose to care diba?!  Hay sis, I hope nabawasan ng konti ang dinadala mo.  Don't blame yourself tama si sis anne_kiel na stop blaming yourself.  I will include you in my prayers sis ameerstouch!  The Lord will never leave nor forsake you!  May God's favor be with you always. :D
Title: Re: My baby died when he was only 22 days old. I only saw him ..dead...
Post by: lizstateresa on October 09, 2010, 03:17:53 pm
i'm so sorry for your loss.. sana you find justice at sana stop blaming yourself na sis..
Title: Re: My baby died when he was only 22 days old. I only saw him ..dead...
Post by: sweet&spice on October 09, 2010, 04:20:45 pm
Hi mommy. I'm still crying, grabe. I could just imagine the stress to look for money and care for baby. When I gave birth also, there was a mother in the ward who seems to be well but had her own bed. We learned later on that the hospital was keeping her babies hostage kasi she couldn't pay pa. The twins were in incubator, as I think they were born premature. My mom said that the mom applied to be a janitress at the hospital just to help pay off the bill. We were in the hospital for about 24 hours only and I saw her for about 1 hour. As I didn't know how much my bill was, I couldn't volunteer to give her money. I was a single mom and I had to fund all expenses for me and my baby. Perhaps if I were able to talk to her more, I could've given her help, kahit konti lang. Sana ok naman na sila. I'm sorry for your loss. I'm sorry you had to feel the injustice brought about by the lack of money. They were so heartless to treat you like that, from the time you were admitted to the time of your child's death. Public hospitals at least have hearts kahit papano. They couldn't detain you like that. I don't know what to say. Our pain is nothing compared to yours. I'd probably go crazy if my child ever dies. I don't know how we can comfort you sis, but know that we're here to listen. I'll include you in our prayers tomorrow. God bless sis.   
Title: Re: My baby died when he was only 22 days old. I only saw him ..dead...
Post by: .Pretty.In.Purple. on October 09, 2010, 05:20:32 pm
this made my afternoon very sad... I may not know where you're coming from since I wasn't in your shoes but I felt horrible by just reading your story... nadurog puso ko Mommy and naiyak ako ng sobra... prayers from my part Sweetie... you'll find justice, I KNOW... never lose you faith to Papa Jesus... He always finds a way for us... pa-hug nga -- HMMMMM... warm and tight...  SP moms are always here to listen... :'(
Title: Re: My baby died when he was only 22 days old. I only saw him ..dead...
Post by: mummyness on October 09, 2010, 06:56:26 pm
God Bless sis, i know you may not have enough faith in him..and i understand why but when you're ready.. He's just there to help you with your burdens. Sis, there are a lot of SP moms and dads here who will be able to read your story. Maybe one of us can help you get justice for your baby and you. can you let us know the name of the hospital and the doctors/ director who neglected you and your child? this will also be an early warning to some mothers here who might be thinking of going to that hospital.. maybe you can save some lives as well. vent out all you want. that's what the forum and SP is here for. we're here to listen and advice. you and your family will be in our prayers sis... much love from my family to yours. you'll survive sis. you have to. you have other kids who need you and love you. God Bless again.
Title: Re: My baby died when he was only 22 days old. I only saw him ..dead...
Post by: vanenie on October 09, 2010, 08:04:02 pm
ang dami mong puwedeng ikaso... persist dapat maparusahan sila... dami nilang maling nagawa...

my prayers to you and your baby. God will punish them, siya na ang bahala sa mga souls of those who wronged you and your baby
Title: Re: My baby died when he was only 22 days old. I only saw him ..dead...
Post by: ameerstouch on October 09, 2010, 08:49:50 pm
Firstly, I want to thank everyone who comforted me. Hindi niyo alam how much I appreciate it. How much comfort you guys have given. I am very glad na I joined this site...I should have done this before kaso I just couldn't get the courage to write or talk about it. It has been very hard for me. To pretend na I'm ok, to smile and laugh para di ma affect mga kasama ko dito sa house. My mom doesn't talk about it kahit she hates that hospital. My partner ayaw din kasi alam niya magdamag ako iiyak.

I keep myself busy with my small business para wala na akong oras to think about it, but at night before I sleep its there....

The hospital's name is Antipolo Medical Hospital at Sumulong Highway Antipolo. I cannot remember the name of teh man who called who said he was the director kasi na gulangtang na ako that time. So hysterical that I had to lock myself in my room for an hour para di makita mga anak ko pagiyak ko.

My other son was born there too but maybe because we looked well off then kaya maganda treatment sa amin. Alam niyo ba, during the time inaayos ko papers ng anak ko after his death, I went there sa records section. Yung records section nila katani lang ng nursery. I saw a young mother na bagong panganak lang who was being wheelchaired to the nursery while her husband was videoing her. I was shocked na pinapasok siya sa loob ng nursery kahit naka wheelchair. Eh ako? na cs na then naglalakad na ako sa hospital and used the stairs pa pero di ako nakapasok sa nursery to see my son na nasa incubator lang sa isang malyong sulok ng room.

Pagtumatawag ako sa DOH wala pa daw update, sa regional office naman lagi walang tao or di ma contact. Kung may malaking pera lang talaga ako, I would have gone to court with a very good lawyer. Pero alam niyo, pag naiisip ko what if umabot sa ganon alam ko ibabalik sa akin lahat ng hospital na yan eh. That I am an irresponsible mother na who didn't plan my pregnancy, kasi I remember sinabihan ng billing dept ang mama ko na pinaglalaanan ang pag buntis. Thing is everything was planned... but always getting sick in my first and second month of pregnancy wasn't, loosing my job kasi I couldn't get to work dahil muntik na ako magka miscarriage wasn't, my partner leaving his job para maglaba,cook and manage my kids dahil di na ako makakilos wasn't, I didn't plan that it would be this way.

Antipolo Medical Hospital had GMA and ABS-CBN shoot in their hospital para sa mga TV shows nila tulad yun kay gerald, coco and kim where there was illegal operation of organ harvesting ... I can't remember the name of the show na. 

Medyo gumaan na dibdib ko here. And I'm very thankful sa lahat ng words niyo. I really needed it. I just did need it so badly.

Malapit na mag Dec 23 ... dapat 1 year old na baby ko : Ameer Allain. I don't know how I am going to celebrate Christmas this year or the coming years.... Siguro maghahanap na lang ako ng bazaar to participate in (bitbit mga kids sa stall) during the holidays para nandoon ako and busy. Hay ....
Title: Re: My baby died when he was only 22 days old. I only saw him ..dead...
Post by: ameerstouch on October 09, 2010, 09:08:27 pm
Nga pala, when nag punta ako sa PAO ang sabi tinanong ako kung sigurado daw ba ako na anak ko nga yun nakita kong patay dun. Naloka ako! She was right. Pero I know anak ko yun namatay, he was the only pre mature baby there na newborn. Then she asked me kung sigurado din ba ako kung di sinadya na hayaan mamatay anak ko kasi the hospital assumed na I wouldn't pay them.

Alam niyo di ko pina autopsy anak ko kahit sinabihan ako sa funeral home. I just wanted my baby's body to be in rest na. Alam niyo ba yun feeling na awang awa ka na sa anak mo... na tipong binaboy na nga ng hospital tapos papayag ako na ioperahan pa siya.... I just couldn't allow it. Kahit I know na dapat, I couldn't. I just couldn't.

Guys if you know anyone who can help me win this, please help me. Wala akong habol sa hospital na yun na pera. What I want it for them to be reprimanded. I want them to fix their system, their operation their staff... and I still will not pay them anything. I really want people to know what sort of hospital it is and why did Antipolo allow that hospital to operate with a facility they call a morgue? Eh wala namang freezer yun morgue or kagamitan para itawag na morgue yun. Tapos they detained me pa kahit I was waving more than half of the money I owed for my bill right under the billing dept employee's nose.

Alam niyo, bigla ko na isip, Christmas may be better if I find justice na. Maybe I would be able to move on .... ewan ko lang.

God Bless you mga sis, tama nga, he does send blessings through other people. I'm very thankful. He has been kind to me ever since I embraced him after my son's death.
Title: Re: My baby died when he was only 22 days old. I only saw him ..dead...
Post by: vanenie on October 09, 2010, 09:31:41 pm
akap ng mahigpit sis...

hustisya talaga... sana di na maranasan ng iba ang napagdaanan mo. pero sino ba ako para umasa sa ganun? isa yan sa mga masaklap na realidad dito sa Pinas... pera ang nagpapaikot sa lahat. hay. at health care? isa dapat basic social service, di maprovide ng maayos dito. nakakapanlumo.

sis sana talaga mahanap mo ang katahimikan. at hustisya. our heart goes out to you. our prayers too...
Title: Re: My baby died when he was only 22 days old. I only saw him ..dead...
Post by: ameerstouch on October 10, 2010, 01:17:31 am
nako sis that's very true. My family and I have decided to get health insurance na for all of us just in case na din. Dati sabi ko ok lang yun SSS at Philhealth pero musta naman!

I am very thankful sa inyo kasi I sort of feel at home na online. Dati mag oonline lang ako to post ads, email and update my business site. Pero ngayon I can write how I feel na din without fear.

I am praying din na sana sana that hospital would feel guilty pero I keep forgetting na business din pala yun. HAy.... The good Lord will work his wonders... in time.
Title: Re: My baby died when he was only 22 days old. I only saw him ..dead...
Post by: liams mom on October 10, 2010, 03:51:42 am
sis... grabe, ang bigat sa dibdib nung binasa ko post mo... and actually, until now, naiiyak pa din ako... :(

sa totoo lang, wala akong maisip i-type... parang na-blank ang mind ko sa story mo, i feel so sad for you and your baby...

i just pray you find justice para sa nangyari sa inyo. nakakakalungkot lang bakit may mga tao at institution na katulad nyan na parang hindi tao ang nagpapatakbo. walang mga kunsensiya at walang puso. seek justice, tapos ipagdasal mo na lang yung mga tao na gumawa sa inyo nyan.

and welcome to SP sis. know that we are here for you. we are also glad na dito ka nakahanap ng refuge sa forum na to. Kasi maraming magpi-pray para sa inyo ni baby, at makikinig sayo. :)

OT: ps. SP moms and dads are always on the look out for great buys. share your online site para naman mas dumami ang buyers mo, to take your mind off what happened. kahit dun sa area na yun, for sure, willing to help ang sp moms and dads! :)
Title: Re: My baby died when he was only 22 days old. I only saw him ..dead...
Post by: sweet&spice on October 10, 2010, 08:04:32 am
Yes sis, sadly, PAO has a point, we need evidence. And kahit PAO yan, they're one of the better and more experienced lawyers. Wala pang Medical Malpractice Law here sa Philippines so I really can't say what criminal case could you file against them, and to file, we need strong, if possible, irrefutable  evidence. There's a tv program and newspaper column by PAO and Atty. Acosta heads it. Why not try writing them, you might get their attention and assist your case with particularity. Write Korina's column, I know she's pushing for the Medical Malpractice bill.
Title: Re: My baby died when he was only 22 days old. I only saw him ..dead...
Post by: BuhayMommy Blogger on October 10, 2010, 09:35:13 am

Sorry for your loss sis. Ang hirap ng pinagdaanan mo or pinagdadaanan mo ngayon, in time makakarecover ka din. Yung makita mong magkasakit mga bata ang sakit na sa dibdib, what more yung makita mo pang pinabayaan sya sa hospital and see him dead. :'( Ibang klase yang hospital na yan. Hindi naman makatarungan na kung wala pang pambayad, hahayaan na lang na ganun ang patient. May God give you and your family more strength to face all this. Be strong and isipin mo na lang andyan pa 2 babies mo. Your kids loves you more than you'll ever know.

Take care and do not hesitate to talk to us.


Title: Re: My baby died when he was only 22 days old. I only saw him ..dead...
Post by: j3ssie on October 10, 2010, 11:36:31 am
as i was reading this, im having a terrible back pain..medyo nwla siya wyl reading this. super heart felt. im preggy now and ur story enlightened me in so many ways.i just cud imagne how hard it was for u to re-tell it and detail ur story.
Title: Re: My baby died when he was only 22 days old. I only saw him ..dead...
Post by: ameerstouch on October 10, 2010, 01:20:51 pm
Mga mommies, again thank you, it was great waking up today remembering that there are other mommies out there who understand me. Mas nagkaroon ako ng pagasa. Yes, I will try writing na din siguro there. I hope I pray pansinin ako... yun nga lang, writing my story again is going to be hard. Nahihirapan ako with writing everything down kasi napapaiyak ako then natutulala hanggang di ko na alam kung gusto ko pa ituloy.

I really do hope na magkaroon tayo ng law about such situations sa hospitals. May fear na ako to go to a doctor or anywhere near a medical facility dahil dito, yun tipong wala ka na tiwala sa kanila.

But, I shall not fear the worst, because I know the good Lord will not leave me. Mga mommies, have a blessed Sunday po! We are so blessed to have our angels in our lives. We are complete.
Title: Re: My baby died when he was only 22 days old. I only saw him ..dead...
Post by: chimendoza09 on October 10, 2010, 03:49:29 pm
sis ameerstouch finally natapos ko rin basahin letter mo, i started reading it kagabi kaso nag-iiyak ako kaya inawat na ako ng father ko baka mabinat ako. kapapanganak ko lang din.

Ang lungkot ng pinagdaanan mo sis at sa baby boy mo. Kung anjan lang ako i would hug so you tight. But all we have is SP so thank you for sharing this to us and we are just here for you. Sis agree ako sa suggestion na isulat mo yan sa abs o gma, sa imbestigador, wish ko lang, rated k, failon ngayon etc. for sure pakikinggan ka nila.

Don't loose your faith to God sis, everything has a reason. Magtiwala ka sa kanya, tutulungan ka niya..balang araw magkakaroon din ng hustisya at kasagutan ang lahat. Hugs and kisses  :)
Title: Re: My baby died when he was only 22 days old. I only saw him ..dead...
Post by: ameerstouch on October 10, 2010, 07:51:25 pm
chimendoza09, sis, thank you. wow, may new bundle of joy ka. i hate to say this pero na iingit ako sa mga may newborns ngayon. Sabik na sabik kasi ako magka baby ulit. in time, pag stable na ulit kami, gusto namin magka anak ulit. May takot ako about having another baby, pero there's something inside me saying na I must have another baby. I don't know, pero siguro di ko na enjoy 2 boys ko when they were babies kasi lagi ako nagwowork, juggling 2 jobs, tapos pag uwi ko i need to sleep. kay ngayon gustong gusto ko ma-feel yun. I thought I would get that chance with Ameer.

Take care of yourself sis and your new baby. God Bless You.
Title: Re: My baby died when he was only 22 days old. I only saw him ..dead...
Post by: yhamsloveŽ on October 10, 2010, 09:58:35 pm
@ sis ameerstouch;

Welcome to SP sis!

Thank you for sharing your story with us, sis. I'm saddened and moved into tears. Nilagay ko yung sarili ko sa iyo at talagang nanikip yung dibdib ko, naramdaman ko rin yung galit mo at that time.

Those people just don't understand. Puro lang sila pera. Nakakalungkot kase totoo palang may mga ganong ospital. Ang akala ko, mas importante ang buhay ng tao kaysa sa pera pagdating sa mga medical professionals na tulad nila. Hindi rin pala.

I'm really sorry, sis.  I know it still hurts and i don't want to rub it in.. kayalang, naiiyak talaga ako eh (sorry ha).

Don't worry sis, hindi lang batas ang maniningil sa kanila, bibigyan din sila ng leksyon ng Panginoon natin.

And to your baby boy: Baby, lagi mong bantayan ang mommy, daddy, siblings and grandparents mo ha. Ikaw na ang guardian angel nila.  ;) ( (

Sis, you came to the right place. Your SP family will always be here for you. Thanks again for entrusting your story with us.

God bless you sis! *Yakap ng mahigpit* ( (
Title: Re: My baby died when he was only 22 days old. I only saw him ..dead...
Post by: leilatoto on October 10, 2010, 10:08:54 pm
i really fell sorry for your loss..

pero mali naman at sobrang di makatarungan yun ginawa nila..
i know some people who can help you if you are willing to go to tulfo sis, u watch bitag sa untv everyday around 9:30 sis, madami nagsusumbong dun..may araw sila ng sumbungan, tingnan ko bukas hotline at website nila..meron din sa radyo,punta personally dun station, i assist ka nila, wanted sa radyo 558 frequency..raffy tulfo naman host siya nakakausap kay mendoza yung sa hostage sa luneta..everyday din un mga 2 to 5 ata..

Title: Re: My baby died when he was only 22 days old. I only saw him ..dead...
Post by: youngmom18 on October 10, 2010, 10:37:44 pm
after reading your story sis ..
napaiyak talaga ako..
its very painful..
wala akong mai-advice kase parang affected din ako sa situation mu ..

iba naman yung sakin ,,,
3 months palang yung baby ko ngayon,,
and this year aalis ako papuntang japan para mag-work
andun kase yung mother ko..
pag naaalala ko yung pag-alis ko..
niisip ko si baby na parang di ko yata kaya na iwan siya ,
gabi-gabi nalang umiiyak ako bago matulog sa tuwing naaalala ko yun ,,,

pero wala naman ako magagawa ,,
kailangan kong maging practical para sa future ni baby
pero iba talaga ang pagmamahal ng ina sa anak niya ..
first time mom ako kaya ngaun ko lang naramdaman to,

Title: Re: My baby died when he was only 22 days old. I only saw him ..dead...
Post by: anerba :) on October 10, 2010, 10:56:37 pm

I'm sorry for your loss...For sure your little Angel is happy with God and knowing na mahal na mahal mo sya.
hindi ko na binasa yung ibang comments ng mga sis natin. Parang sasabog na rin ang dibdib ko. Napaka unfair talaga! hindi dapat ganun ang treatment nila lalo na kung buhay ang nakasalalay. Dont worry sis...mabibigyan mo rin ng justice ang baby mo. Taga Antipolo Sumulong pa naman ako....grrr. Basta sis be strong not only for yourself but for your kids na rin. Andito lang kami mga mommies handang makinig sayo at magbigay ng payo. Pray ka lang sis...hindi ka niya pababayaan.
Title: Re: My baby died when he was only 22 days old. I only saw him ..dead...
Post by: mommy_of_2 on October 10, 2010, 11:19:37 pm
Awww, mommy naiyak ako sa story mo.. :'( Although I'm not in your shoes, I can feel your pain. Just be strong mommy, your little angel is watching you from above, look on the brightside since you still have your other kids with you and you need to be strong for them too. Easier said than done pero we have to move on, God has a plan for everything, believe it or not I've experienced unfair treatment from a hospital also when my mom got sick, until now we're still paying our debt (they didn't let my mom out until my cousin signed a note na we will pay it monthly) kahit na my mom was long gone. Nakakainis to think na hindi na rin nila binibigyan ng any care ang mom ko kasi di na rin kami makabayad, sana pinauwi na lang nila kami, I mean what's the point of staying pa kung wala ka din namang nakukuhang care from them?! I guess they really had to re-evaluate their policies. Until now, I don't even want to think of that hospital, kasumpa sumpa, diyos na bahala sa kanila. I hope justice will be serve to you mommy. I wish you well, keep the faith. A tight hug for you..
Title: Re: My baby died when he was only 22 days old. I only saw him ..dead...
Post by: sweetlorry on October 10, 2010, 11:46:37 pm
Sis naiyak talaga ako dun sa story mo. nahirapan ako tapusin yung story mo dahil d ko mapigil ang pg iyak. sobrang nakakalungkot yung nagyari at the same time nakakainis yung ginawa nung hospital sayo. dapat talaga sila turuan ng leksyon. hospitals are supposed to save lives. pero sila parang hindi yun yung pangunahing goal nila. dapat sa mga hospital na ganyan pinapasara na. hay...dont know what to say talaga d ko mabigil ang d mainis...basta sis, just always have faith in God. kahit anong problem naman maoovercome natin if we have faith. i will pray for you to win this battle. just be strong. :-*
Title: Re: My baby died when he was only 22 days old. I only saw him ..dead...
Post by: ameerstouch on October 11, 2010, 11:22:03 am
sis yhamsloveŽ,I know na my baby is guiding us everyday. If you only knew ano mga dreams ko about him at night. Minsan nakikita ko siya, na hahawakan... nakakusap. Alam mo ba, I had a dream once nasa Chowking daw kami sa Eastwood pa! And I was ordering food sa counter, bigla siya pumiglas sa akin and he said to me "Mommy, alis na muna ako ha..." in a very soft voice. And I said 'teka anak, antayin mo ako", and I grabbed my purse from the counter and turned to go after him, bigla siya nawala... dun ako na gising. Na iyak ako when I woke up. I wanted to dream about him again and again. There was another one, na nasa incubator daw siya in a nursery full of incubators. And the doctor who was watching the nursery, said "gusto mo ba makita anak mo?, eto tignan mo na" and nakalapit ako and there I saw my baby.... his face, him crying...... hay ... again na iyak ako sa pag gising ko.
May dahilan din ang Diyos kung bakit kinuha niya anak ko sa akin. I just have to trust him.* Salamar sa yakap.

sis leilatoto, I did send a letter via email dun sa email address na kita ko sa Tv show. kaso walang reply. Hindi ako maka punta kasi ayaw ng mama ko. Dapat noon ko pa ginawa yon. Perobaka di ko na papakinggan mama ko about it, I want to find justice. If you can get that hotline for me I'de be really grateful.

sis youngmom18, it is scary being a new mom lalo na when you are uncertain about what the future holds. Pero that is what makes us stronger. Ang dami ko pagkakamali in the past as a new mom pero I don't regret those mistakes kasi, it made me stronger and wiser. And it made me trulu understand what a mother is. Ang hirap iiwan ang nak sis. When I began working kasi may anak na ako, ayaw ko pumasok minsan. Gusto ko lang siya katabi...kayakap. Pag nasa office ako, I would remember him cry... pero we work kasi we need to provide them with a better future than what we had recieved good or not. I admire your courage pag punta Japan to work. Pero sana give it some time kasi 3 months lang baby mo. I never had the chance to enjoy my middle child kasi 2 month lang siya wala na ako lagi sa house. Nung ng 3 years old lang siya dun ko siya na enjoy at dun lang kami naging super close. I regret not being able to enjoy him being a baby. Sis, this is the moment you should be here muna for your child.I don't know your situation pero I know the feeling of regret in not being able to treasure this chance.

sis anerba :), I just hope my baby knows how sorry I am for not being a better mother. I know I am not a good mother yet pero I know I am a mother who would give her life para lang sa mga anak niya. Sana alam niya na I had big dreams for him. I will try to be strong as days and years come... para lang sa mga anak ko.

sis mainymaine, Alam mo, sana I was given that option, to pay the hospital monthly than them detaining me and my son's corpse. I would gladly accept it. MOney kasi isn't a major issue. Hindi lang ako makakilos before kasi I was preganant and incapable of magaing my kids and teh house, kaya pati partner ko had to stop working or else ewan ko na lang what would have happened sa amin.If they didn't treat us that way, if they sincerely took care of my son, if they didn't treat us like uneducated, ignorant people I would have gladly find a way to pay them kasi they gave the medical attention I expected and had the right to recieve. Kaso hindi eh. Tru sis, ang Diyos na lang ang bahala sa kanila. Sana dun sa Ob-gyne at Pedia na yun, sana buhay pa conscience niyo. Pati anak niyo nasa loob ng operating room nanunuod. yun anak nun isa pa nag inject sa akin ng anesthesia (with the dad monitoring of course). Sana lang kung dream nila maging doctors din mga anak nila, maging good examples sila and not good examples of money making doctors.

sis sweetlorry, their motto is "a hospital that truly cares". I really don't know if they know the meaning of care. My main intention is to have them reprimanded. Magsara muna, ayusin nila facilities and system/protocol nila and then open again. I don't wish them anything bad. I can never wish anyone harm kahit ano pa.My faith had returned and I know now to trust him whole heartedly without fear.

Mga sis, I'm sorry sa mga di ko na replyan kasi medyo patago pag post ko dito. Mama mo may pagka curious laging silip ng silip sa ginagawa ko sa computer. I don't want my mom to know that I am opening up na. She doesn't like us telling anyone and everyone about how we feel or our problems. Pero di ko na kasi kaya. Sasabog na ako with all the pain in me.   
Kaya again I am thankful sa inyong lahat. I never expected to recieve such heart warming responses. You guys give me motivate me to be a better mother and a better person din. Thank You.
Title: Re: My baby died when he was only 22 days old. I only saw him ..dead...
Post by: sweet&spice on October 11, 2010, 11:48:53 am
@ameerstouch: naku mommy, pa-hug *hug* di na kita na hug the last time. i was too focused on what actions could do (against that hospital), na i forgot how to comfort you. *sorry*

as to finding a way to release your thoughts and emotions, really mommy, the mommies here are super kind and non-judgmental. i found my refuge here as well, and with these kind of group, you are not only comforted, we give each other hope, we give each other help, in as little and as important, as listening.

we prayed for you last night, baby and i. we'll pray for your mama as well, pati si partner mo, and your 2 kids. they might need solace too. everybody's hurting and everybody's trying to move on....pero i know, everybody's hurting. in time mommy, aayos din lahat. wag mong ikulong ang feelings mo....and pray to God always. di man natin maintindihan kung bakit nangyari ang mga nangyari, pero laging may magandang dahilan...di pa lang natin alam.

try reading the book "the fifth mountain" by paolo coelho. it has helped me. maybe it could give you some help as well. :)

god bless you and your family.  :-*
Title: Re: My baby died when he was only 22 days old. I only saw him ..dead...
Post by: TineNiItoy on October 11, 2010, 12:48:00 pm
@ ameerstouch:  mommy, be strong...have faith...i dont know what more to say...cry hard and pray hard...God is listening...
Title: Re: My baby died when he was only 22 days old. I only saw him ..dead...
Post by: Liane on October 11, 2010, 02:24:47 pm
Sad story Mommy :(...tears keep flowing on my eyes.. i can feel the pain in you. God is good all the time, he wont give those trials if you cant overcome. Every problem has its on solution. Just hold tight and never ever doubt on God's greatness. Surrender your sufferings to him and soon he will give you reliefs. May God bless you always and your family.
Title: Re: My baby died when he was only 22 days old. I only saw him ..dead...
Post by: leilatoto on October 11, 2010, 02:40:37 pm
send u Pm sis..God bless..keep the faith in our God..di ka niya papabayaan..
Title: Re: My baby died when he was only 22 days old. I only saw him ..dead...
Post by: ameerstouch on October 12, 2010, 04:19:51 pm
@funnyarte: Yun lang hinahanap ko for so many months .... someone to listen to what I have to say and how I feel. It's been tough claming everything inside. It has made me feel very helpless and depressed and just not motibated to mingle with people anymore unlike before. Sana the hurt would fade in time and replace it with much happiness. For whatever reason God allowed this to happen, I now trust in his judgement. He wouldn't have allowed this kung walang magandang dahilan. I'll look for that book sis. Thanks so much for your prayers.

@TineNiItoy: I make sure na I cry really hard para malabas lahat. And then I pray in silence. Kaso everynight na lang yung crying hard eh. I just can't stop.

@Liane: I am holding on tight. God's will be done.

@leilatoto: Thanks

Mga mommies, salamat ulit. Salamat sa mga prayers na I just really really needed. Prayers are powerful and I know sa tulong ninyo, magiging ok na ako at kaming lahat at maayos na din problema na to. Thank you for making me stronger right now as I still endure each day as is.
Title: Re: My baby died when he was only 22 days old. I only saw him ..dead...
Post by: mommy ni gwen on October 12, 2010, 04:39:12 pm
oh my! this story made me cry... *warm tight hug* i feel your pain as a mom... i am now on my 6th month of pregnancy with my 3rd baby as well with my current hubby as i have 2 kids by a previous marriage. i don't know where and how to begin expressing what i'm feeling right now... sobrang sakit ng nangyari sayo... and thank you for entrusting your story with us... first of all, ang unang advice ko is stop blaming yourself... wala ka naging kasalanan. lack of financial resources is not your fault. 2nd, pray, tirelessly, offer your pain, lift up everything to HIM, laking tulong sis. God always watches over us at hindi tayo pinababayaan. everything that happens to us happens for a reason. at hindi ibibigay ni God yun kung alam Niyang hindi kakayanin. wag ka lang mapagod ng kaka-pray and have faith. we'll also pray for you, for emotional healing. as for your legal fight, go for it sis. yes, it will not bring back your baby, but it will give justice. hindi katwiran ang kakulangan ng pera para tratuhin kayo ng ganun. at bawal yung pag hold nila sa inyo dahil kulang ang pera niyo. ang daming na violate ng hospital na yan. suggestion ko, lumapit ka sa CHR, PAO and if you know someone na mailalapit ka sa ABS or GMA para ma-media yang hayup na ospital na yan
Title: Re: My baby died when he was only 22 days old. I only saw him ..dead...
Post by: joluessi on October 12, 2010, 04:56:55 pm
hi mommy ameerstouch, i sympathize with you and what happened to your baby..:( it was a very sad event really. i'll be praying for you too.. please know that God does allow hurtful things to happen to us at times to make us strong.. and in that strength, we may find courage to face more difficult trials in the future.. but that the Lord is also a Lord of comfort.. in Him we can find peace..

1 God is our refuge and strength,
       an ever-present help in trouble.

 2 Therefore we will not fear, though the earth give way
       and the mountains fall into the heart of the sea,

 3 though its waters roar and foam
       and the mountains quake with their surging.

 4 There is a river whose streams make glad the city of God,
       the holy place where the Most High dwells.

 5 God is within her, she will not fall;
       God will help her at break of day.

 6 Nations are in uproar, kingdoms fall;
       he lifts his voice, the earth melts.

 7 The LORD Almighty is with us;
       the God of Jacob is our fortress.

 8 Come and see the works of the LORD,
       the desolations he has brought on the earth.

 9 He makes wars cease to the ends of the earth;
       he breaks the bow and shatters the spear,
       he burns the shields with fire.

 10 "Be still, and know that I am God;
       I will be exalted among the nations,
       I will be exalted in the earth."

 11 The LORD Almighty is with us;
       the God of Jacob is our fortress.

Psalm 46

you'll be in my prayers sis.. hope you can also find help with the case against the hospital.. God bless!
Title: Re: My baby died when he was only 22 days old. I only saw him ..dead...
Post by: ☆♥♡unica hija☆♥♡ on October 12, 2010, 05:00:53 pm
@ameerstouch - >hugs< sis. I know no amount of words can really erase the pain that you felt and still feels, with regards to the lost of your baby. Even though you didn't get to hold your baby in your arms when he was still alive. Just think now, he is with Jesus and his angels and Jesus is carrying him and holding him in His arms.
Title: Re: My baby died when he was only 22 days old. I only saw him ..dead...
Post by: neondust on October 13, 2010, 06:56:51 pm
@ameerstouch > wala masama sa pag-iyak, mas okei nga yun narerelease mo ang pain kahit gaano pa ka onti. mas maloloka ka kapag tinago mo lang yan sa loob mo, kaya buti nalang din at ni-share mo dito yan. in time, the scar will be there, but the pain will be lessened. may times na nawawala ang trust natin kay God but He will still find a way para bumalik tayo sa Kanya. kakayanin mo yan sis. malakas ka. ;)

Mother Theresa once said, "If you love until it hurts, there can be no more hurt,only more love"
Title: Re: My baby died when he was only 22 days old. I only saw him ..dead...
Post by: honey-ecclaire on October 13, 2010, 07:59:23 pm
sis I'm afraid to read your story..kase yung title pa lang for sure heart breaking ito para sa ating mga mom!

will read it later......

hugs for you!guide your mommy little angel!
Title: Re: My baby died when he was only 22 days old. I only saw him ..dead...
Post by: anhing on October 14, 2010, 06:37:25 am
Sis, i want to hug you really really tight...

You and your family are included in my prayers.. Stay strong sis. We are with you in this fight!

God bless...
Title: Re: My baby died when he was only 22 days old. I only saw him ..dead...
Post by: xhingpie on October 14, 2010, 08:23:36 am
Sis ameerstouch, alam ko yang hospital na sinasabi mo, malapit lang yan sa amin. I don't know what to say kasi naninikip pa rin dibdib ko dahil sa treatment nila sa inyo ni baby. Haaaaaaaaaaay (hingang malalim) baka ako naman ang maospital. I'm hugging you super tight sis.
Title: Re: My baby died when he was only 22 days old. I only saw him ..dead...
Post by: ♥maarte♥ on October 14, 2010, 08:52:39 am
so sad.. can't even say anything... but for the meantime, mga mommies, group hug tayo for ameerstouch, she needs lots of hugssss.... >>♥<<

sis ameerstouch, i'm praying for you.  :'(
Title: Re: My baby died when he was only 22 days old. I only saw him ..dead...
Post by: MommyJammy on October 14, 2010, 09:13:53 am
that story made me cry, i can never imagine what you're going through right now. But please, don't lose your faith in God. I know you can get through this experience, you're a strong woman, i know you are.

Hugs for you.
Title: Re: My baby died when he was only 22 days old. I only saw him ..dead...
Post by: smurf on October 14, 2010, 12:36:51 pm
while reading & after finished reading this story it seems something wants to blown out of me hindi man skin nangyari pero sobra sakit at napakalalim. im sure your angel is already in peace with God he will always be at your side hindi man physical mo siya mahahawakan pero ang ugnayan niyo dalawa bilang ina't anak ay hindi mapuputol.....
just like all mommies says; stop blaming's totally not your fault there is always a reason why things happened. i know it will take years before the pain heal but of course we can never forget such thing as loved of a mother to their child but you have to move on you still have 2 children they need you.......sis, my PRAYERS is with you and to your loving angel.....try your best to recover not only for yourself but for those who needs your love & affection.......your 2 children, mom & partner.

im sure your baby gurdian angel would be very happy to see you full of life & smiling again one day.........God Bless......
Title: Re: My baby died when he was only 22 days old. I only saw him ..dead...
Post by: ameerstouch on October 15, 2010, 11:29:18 pm
@ mommy ni gwen: I have never stop praying to him silently about it. Siya lang nakak alam yun real story and feeling about it.
Yun 4 and 5 year old kids ko mga anak ko from my previous relationship and yun 3rd ko si Ameer anak ko with my current partner. We were very excited about that pregnancy and Ameer being born kaya it was very hard for us when it happened that way and he died. Lumapit ako sa DOH, hanggang ngayon wala pa update. Tumatawag ako sa kanila, laging wala pa.I'm going to try CHR.Thank you mommy. Take care of your pregnancy. Exciting na yan..6 months na. God Bless you.

@ joluessi: It is true, I find comfort in him...but peace is hard to find since it troubles me on and on. Thank you mommy.

@ ☆♥♡unica hija☆♥♡: *sigh* It's hard mommy. Ang hirap grabe.Sabik na sabik ako sa kanya. Sobrang sabik na sabik. Ang hirap isipin. Ang hirap tanggapin na di ko na siya mahahawakan. Al I ever wanted as a little girl was to be a mother. To have children. To have a family. Now I have found a man who accepts my other kids as his own, who loves and cares for them everyday, who does more managing of the house than I do, who my kids love so much and calls daddy kasi they never met their real dad (my eldest doesn't remember him kasi baby pa siya last time he saw him and yun second son ko, baby pa siya when nag hiwalay kami ng dad nila), and we had a chance to have a baby and wanted to make everthing whole and perfect by getting married soon, nawala pa un blessing namin yun munting wish namin. It's hard for me, kasi naging single mom ako and eto lang naman gusto ko. A family.

@ neondust : Kakayanin ko kahit mahirap. there are times malakas loob ko pero there are times I just want to give in.

@ honey-ecclaire : heart breaking mommy ... sa akin life breaking .... thank you po.

@ anhing : Thank You very much

@ xhingpie  : Yes... Don't worry too much. Ingatan mo din sarili mo. Yes, kilala din hospital na yan in the area. Pero the treatment depends on the status ng patient I guess ...

@ ♥maarte♥ : Thank You very much.... I find true comfort here with you guys.

@ MommyJammy : Being a single mother had made me tough person pero loosing my child broke me apart.

@ smurf  : mommy, thank you very much. I still try to pull myslef together, get myself back on track. Minsan I would try to get myself to start plucking my eyebrows kaso nawawalan ako ng gana, I'd try to clean the room ,pero when I'd see my baby's urn ... i just sit down and forget the room. It's like I've stopped caring. Pero my kids... I haven't stopped managing them but my partner manages them more than I do now. Natutlala ako kasi ako. I know my partner needs me too...pero he doesn't like to talk about what happened kasi alam niya iiyak ako, but when he does that I don't know how he feels kaya parang alone ako. My mom is a different topic =) Pero I just wish I'd dream of him tonight again. I miss him.   
Title: Re: My baby died when he was only 22 days old. I only saw him ..dead...
Post by: sweetlorry on October 16, 2010, 11:02:22 pm
Ok lang yun mommy ameerstouch. at least ikaw u've taken na the steps para mas mabilis yung pg heal. siguro kaya d pa kaya ng mom mo i open yun kc d pa niya kaya. kc siguro iniisip din niya na baka hindi mo pa din kaya pagusapan yun. pero kung makikita k niya na ur getting up and moving on, magiging ok na din sya. in time baka ok na din sa kanya na pg usapan yung nangyari sa baby mo and yung bad experience nyo with that hospital. mas madali kc yung healing process kapag nailalabas mo esp yung mga sama ng loob. its good to know mommy na you're getting better and better. i wish you and your family all the best. ;D
Title: Re: My baby died when he was only 22 days old. I only saw him ..dead...
Post by: ameerstouch on October 24, 2010, 04:24:35 pm
@ sweetlorry : I had to do something before I lost my sanity. Pag nangyari yun kawawa lang mga anak ko. It's been really tough for our family lalo na ngayon, we think mom might be sick again. I feel na may problem siya and it's not just the lumps near her breasts. I think mom doesn't want it to be tougher on me lalo na unti unti bumagbagsak na mga responsibilities dito sa house sa akin since they are getting older. And she didn't want to tell me about those lumps kasi mag woworry nanaman ako. It has been a tough year.... a tough experience in life. pero I try really hard to make myself believe na this is just a phase, a test from God or a punishment for not keeping my faith in him. I don't know pero I will know in the long run. For now, I'm still working on ways. I should get an update from DOH next week. And kung walang nangyari (since doctors stick up for themselves/each other anyways) I'm heading off to CHR and then to court. I try as much as possible to be humane and hush hush with complaining about the hospital by going to DOH pero kung wala din I need another option. Siguro kaya DOH lang linapit ko at first kasi I knew I wasn't ready to keep talking and talking about it with people pero if I keep quiet forever nothing is going to happen. I know alot of people have been reading this and I am glad. Maybe many have their own judgements to make about me as a mother and I respect that pero I'm glad many mothers have read this to know how painful it has been, how hard it is to be without means, for fathers to understand their wives more and care for their preganancy, for soon to be moms to be aware and take pre caution about their preganancies, and for those working as nurses and the like to understand that their job demands human care and understanding regardless of status. Hospitals are a business too that I know but as hospitals they also carry the responsibility to be as human as possible, for doctors to know their patients well and talk to them honestly. Without that patients would not trust the doctors or the hospitals and their busioness would be nowhere. My mistake was to be very stingy about checkup fees and lab fees, and so I went to affordable doctors and labs thinking it was ok since many others went there. But I knew my preganancies were difficult and yet I choose them. I should have listened to my instincts and seen someone else altough pricey but was credible to care for me. My mistake was to be intimidated by that hopsital, the staff, Doctors, nurses and their process. No longer will I be intimidated. I know I have the right to speak out against them.
So Rueben Cortez ( the man who said he was the President of Antipolo Medical Hospital ) , when you rang me up, mocked me, spoke with haste and made me feel like crap, spoke to my partner insisting that I was not the one who wrote those complaint letters insiuating that I was not educated or capable of putting that letter together, insisted that according to your doctors that I " seemed not to be interested with my baby while he was alive", wanetd us to go to that hospital to talka nd when I insisted on bringing a lawyer you said you would call us back to schedule but never called back again, you Rueben Cortez, really hurt me, degraded me, and yet after months of waiting for a response from you and your hospital denied to shed any light, giving no interest to my compliant and yet your staff calls me up demanding that you be paid? How dare you! That woman who called us up knew nothing and when she was told that there was a comkplaint filed against your hospital against us, she was in a hurry to put down the phone. Stop making money out of people who go to your hospital. Stop harrassing me when you cannot even call me back.

Mga mommies, kung alam niyo lang yung rage burning inside of me, kung alam niyo lang yun gigil whenever I remember his words. I was cleaning my files on the pc when I came across a notepad with the name "Rueben Cortez". I suddenly recalled typing his name there because I was online when he called me and the phone is just on the computer table. Now with a name to link that call I am more motivated to take steps forward not just a step but two.

Thank you for those who comforted me, listened to me, prayed for me, stood by me kahit sa ganitong paraan, I am very thankful to God for the blessing he gave through this site.         
Title: Re: My baby died when he was only 22 days old. I only saw him ..dead...
Post by: iloveSAB on November 14, 2010, 10:08:35 am
aww,  :( it was indeed a sad story.. im sorry sis.

i really wanted to say something , sis , but i couldnt find the right words to say. i felt sad about what happened. as a mother , i would have done the same thing. please bear in mind that you have done everything for your baby, that you are a good mother. its just that some people are heartless, all they think of is the money, they don't understand your financial situation. LAHAT NG TAO DADAAN SA GANITONG PROBLEMA ryt?

i  know our words aint enough to erase the pain that you are going through, but i know mommy , hindi man ngayon makakayanan mo lahat yan. we'll pray for you and your family . always remember that god is with you. he sees the pain that you and your family had experience, and i know he will help you  para makabangon after that storm.

Title: Re: My baby died when he was only 22 days old. I only saw him ..dead...
Post by: Errych on November 16, 2010, 03:36:29 am
Galit ako sa mga hospital and hospital personnels na walang malasakit sa kapwa nila. we experience the same scenario with my grandmother. I think we should put a stop on this and start acting now. Ang sarap isumbong sa Imbestigador or Tulfo (or other related programs like this).  >:(

My prayers are with you and your family sis ameerstouch.
Title: Re: My baby died when he was only 22 days old. I only saw him ..dead...
Post by: I love_dadilove7503 on November 16, 2010, 06:27:00 am
Sis be brave and have faith with God, reading this thread I know that someday you will be able to move on kahit alam ko na sobrang sakit nito.. at that time na sinugod ka sa ospital nasa house na din ako for bed rest since malapit na din due ko.. and yung anak mo ay ka bday ng anak ng friend ko.. kasinglaki na sana sya ng baby ko ngayun..

Di ka man mabigyan ng hustisya dito alam nating lahat na yung mga tao na yun na mukang pera ay masusunog sa hell.. they will not go to heaven for doing that bad thing to you and your child..

I am praying na sana soon maka move on, siguro nga isang way para maka move on ka is to have another baby..

Mahigpit na yakap para sayo!
Title: Re: My baby died when he was only 22 days old. I only saw him ..dead...
Post by: adaengkantada on November 25, 2010, 01:39:57 pm
sis, nakakagalit ito. I suggest punta ka sa isang organization that helps women, like Gabriela. hinid ko alam kung naghahandle sila ng ganitong cases pero at least my support group ka doon.

tama, ireklamo mo sila.
Title: Re: My baby died when he was only 22 days old. I only saw him ..dead...
Post by: mommygracy on November 25, 2010, 02:26:15 pm
Sis, let me just share this to you... "God doesn't promise us a life of sunshine that's free from troubles and disappointment but HE assures us that when we go through the storms of life, HE will keep a watchful eye over every single one of us."

God Bless you and your family.
Title: Re: My baby died when he was only 22 days old. I only saw him ..dead...
Post by: mystydew on November 26, 2010, 08:00:28 pm
naiyak ako sa kuwento mo sis, may mga hospitals talaga na ganito, nakakalungkot pero eto yung sitwasyon sa pinas. pray ka lang sis, sana karmahin sila sa ginagawa nila sa kapwa nila..hayyyy
Title: Re: My baby died when he was only 22 days old. I only saw him ..dead...
Post by: mizpah_karylle on March 17, 2011, 04:33:57 pm
mommy, i had just read your story and i felt goose bumps. lots of hugs for you. i will pray that you'll have peace of mind and that you'll always be guided by God. i know that your baby is now an angel and by God's side.
i am definitely speechless, i can't find the words to comfort you, i feel the pain you experienced and i know it is so much more. may you find justice.
Title: Re: My baby died when he was only 22 days old. I only saw him ..dead...
Post by: mommy ni lijah on March 18, 2011, 03:06:59 pm
sis,  ngaun lang ako nakapagbasa ng story mo... im 3 months pregnant right now.. super hug kita sis... sobrang naiinis ako sa mga taong ganyan... tipong pera pera lang... haist! mga mukang pera! ako din sinabi ko sa sarili ko, never akong magpapaintinidate.. medyo mahiyain kasi ako... pero ngaun nakasalalay na ang anak ko... magiging matapang ako... magtiwala lang tayo kay God... and im sure sya na ang nag aalga sa little angel mo ... :)

isumbong natin yan kay Bitag o kaya kay tulfo.. im sure uugain niya ang hospital na yan... mga walang puso.. nakakainis.
Title: Re: My baby died when he was only 22 days old. I only saw him ..dead...
Post by: jensanjose on March 18, 2011, 03:16:33 pm
mommy, i just read your story pero di ko na tinapos.

I can't help but cry.

Sorry sis. Hope you\ll be fine soon.
Title: Re: My baby died when he was only 22 days old. I only saw him ..dead...
Post by: cosmic_mom on September 05, 2011, 05:57:58 pm
tears are flowing from my eyes while reading this thread. i know im not in your shoes, but im a mom as well. hope you get the justice that your baby deserves.
Title: Re: My baby died when he was only 22 days old. I only saw him ..dead...
Post by: sirc on September 06, 2011, 09:42:54 pm
while reading your story sis,di ko napigil ang maiyak...masakit talaga ang mawalan ng baby...nakakadepress talaga as in,but time heals all wounds sis.. please read  ROMANS 8:28..
Title: Re: My baby died when he was only 22 days old. I only saw him ..dead...
Post by: iAmMa___net on September 06, 2011, 10:38:28 pm
grabe.. ang sakit sa dibdib. pati husband ko nakaramdam ng galit para dun sa hospital. nawalan din kami ng baby before. but it was a miscarriage. both painful yes. pero dun sa nangyari sa thread setter. di ko alam kung makakaya ko pag sakin yon nangyari.

iisa lang ang totoo, dito sa atin, pera pera lahat. napaka swerte na ng mga tao na nakakakuha ng magandang serbisyo kahit na kulang ang bayad.

@ameerstouch: sis, kahit ano pa man ang dumating at mangyari sayo, just always pray. everything happens for a reason. di mo pa nga lang siguro makikita ngayon, pero for sure, may magandang plan Sya for you. just hold on. and dont lose hope. :)
Title: Re: My baby died when he was only 22 days old. I only saw him ..dead...
Post by: momma_33 on September 07, 2011, 11:25:27 am
grabe sobrang nkakaiyak ang thread mo sis. In time makapg move ka rin, its too hard but you have too.
Title: Re: My baby died when he was only 22 days old. I only saw him ..dead...
Post by: on September 07, 2011, 12:22:46 pm
naiyak naman ako sa story mo sis. grabe. kapag iniisip ko yan sa baby ko parang di ko makakaya yun.
don't blame yourself sis.
Title: Re: My baby died when he was only 22 days old. I only saw him ..dead...
Post by: -joanamber- on September 07, 2011, 01:21:01 pm
Grabe sis..

Naiyak ako sa story mo.  :'( I can't imagine kung ano gagawin ko kung ako nasa situation mo. Pero, proud ako sayo kasi after all strong ka pa din.. God bless you..
Title: Re: My baby died when he was only 22 days old. I only saw him ..dead...
Post by: pompz on September 29, 2011, 05:15:00 pm
grabe sakit sa dibdib talaga , tama ka sis ana mimi ganyan din pumapasok sa isip ko baka maloka na ako. sabi nga God has a plan, sana maging maayos sa'yo lahat sis. God Bless You and your kids.
Title: Re: My baby died when he was only 22 days old. I only saw him ..dead...
Post by: -joanamber- on October 01, 2011, 12:47:47 pm
^oo nga sis. ayoko nalang isipin. :|
Title: Re: My baby died when he was only 22 days old. I only saw him ..dead...
Post by: annamariemomof3 on October 14, 2011, 08:05:42 am
what they did is obviously very illegal kasi hospitals whether public or private are not supposed to asked for deposit at lalong hindi nilang puwedeng idetain ang pasyente kung lang pambayad, all they can do is ask for a promissory note which is what i did after i gave birth. at lalong hindi nila puwedeng ipagkait na mailibing mo yung body ng baby mo agad. ako nga when my baby died they released her body even before i was released and before my bills were paid. stop blaming yourself talagang maloloka ka lang kung iisipin mo pa yung mga what ifs, kung ano magagawa mo sana that could have saved your baby. ipagpasaDiyos mo na lang. pero what they did was outrageous and outright inhumane. ituloy mo laban for your baby para di na maulit ito sa iba. ipakita mo na hindi lahat ng tao pewede nila apak apakan. keep knocking on doors, someone's bound to listen. sa panahon pa naman natin ngayon with the media and the internet basta matiyaga ka lang may patutunguhan ka rin. you'll be in my prayers. stay strong
Title: Re: My baby died when he was only 22 days old. I only saw him ..dead...
Post by: tinseltown on October 31, 2011, 01:18:45 pm
It's really heartbreaking to read your story.   I would pray for you and your family.

There's a free legal advise, that you may avail of via the radio program:  "Ito Ang Batas" by Atty. Aga at RMN station in Guadalupe.  It airs from 4 to 6pm (Monday to Friday).   I know you can call or go to the station to seek advise & help.  It might be worth a try.  Hope this helps.  God bless.
Title: Re: My baby died when he was only 22 days old. I only saw him ..dead...
Post by: mum_06 on November 06, 2011, 11:06:06 pm
oh dear! ang sakit sa dibdib ng napagdaanan mo :(
kung ako siguro sa sitwasyon mo,naku ewan ko lang if kaya ko pa.
I admire you sis..lakasan mo lang lagi loob mo at wag mo nag sisihin sarili mo,
mas lalo ka lang kasi mahihirapan nyan eh..just pray na lang for ur baby's soul.
he's ur angel now.

  sana mabigyan ng leksyon ang ganyang kalseng hospital..hopeless!!
 just keep holding on Him sis!! muaahhuggsss.

God bless u & your family always..
Title: Re: My baby died when he was only 22 days old. I only saw him ..dead...
Post by: andreiquimosing on November 23, 2011, 05:05:37 pm
it was long ago sis pero ngaun ko lang nbas yung story mo.. :'( sobrang naiyak naman ako.. naawa ako sa baby boy mo.. dont worry sis, everything happens for a reason.. sobrang sakit lang isipin. parang mas mganda png nawala n lang sya ng mas maaga kesa yung makikita mo p xang mgsusuffer.. be strong sis.. hindi tau pababayaan ni Lord.

God Bless you sis.. and your family!
Title: Re: My baby died when he was only 22 days old. I only saw him ..dead...
Post by: mameh_ella on March 14, 2012, 12:25:00 am
huhuh parang durog na durog ang puso ko..while reading your story napapatingin ako sa anak ko..kasi sometimes may mga pag kakataong may parehas tayong sitwasyon:(..hold on sis..just pray always...
Title: Re: My baby died when he was only 22 days old. I only saw him ..dead...
Post by: chococream on March 14, 2012, 03:34:51 am
 :'( :'( :'( :'( huggs and huggs sis, i dont know how to ease your pain ....cry sis, feel the pain, release it to your system, one step at a time...we are here for you.

out of topic: ga** pala yong hospital na yon? bakit hindi puede bisitahin ang bata sa nursery eh, ikaw kaya ang ina hindi ka naman bisita dun. as an experience pag ang mother ng bata bumibisita sa nursery dun sya dadaan sa back door ng nursery either para magpa milk or dalawin yong bata kahit nasa incubator...madami naman damit dun sa nursery with sanitized na mga gamet ah..... kakarmahin talaga yong hospital na yon.

ano name ng hospital sis para just in case in the future, hindi na puntahan ng mga sisses natin dyan...kawawa lang tayo mga iniisip puru pera ... ga** talaga.
Title: Re: My baby died when he was only 22 days old. I only saw him ..dead...
Post by: lhinggitcf on March 14, 2012, 02:52:17 pm
hello there sis... as i was reading your story, couldn't help but from time to time stop because i was crying so bad...  as if i was you. i'm a mother of 4 and my youngest is the only boy... your little one is so precious, all babies are. i couldn't understand why business establishments especially hospitals can be so inhuman and uncompassionate! they always want money in exchange of services. i didn't go through what you've been through but at one point, i wanted to hate money. because you always need it whenever, wherever... even in cases of life and death.

thank you for sharing your story with us... sorry for your loss. i know nothing can ever take away that pain inside you. but prayers will. it's really very sad but please KEEP YOUR FAITH. don't let the situation put you down. i know God is still looking after you, everyone of us. pray and we'll also pray for you and your baby. be strong because your two other kids and your husband need you. God bless you and your family.
Title: Re: My baby died when he was only 22 days old. I only saw him ..dead...
Post by: ameerstouch on March 24, 2012, 10:28:45 pm
Thank you everyone from the bottom of my heart.... truly......

After two years the wound is still fresh and although people around say that I should get over it, they do not know how it feels like to lose a child  that you have been wanting. Whenever I hear news about a baby left to die or a newborn thrown like trash nearby or aborted babies, I feel angry. Angry at the world and I don't know why. I am not really a person who passes on judgement quickly, but there are some who do not want to have children yet have unplanned pregnancies and then throw away a blessing, while here I am desiring for my baby even if my baby was actually unplanned by me and my hubby.

I filed a case through DOH and even wrote to Pia Cayetano. I haven't heard from DOH and have not received a response to the complaint I made from the hospital. Cayetano's office sent me a scan of a letter that the hospital sent to DOH but when I called DOH they said to wait for the letter via registered mail. I followed up but haven't heard as yet. I also emailed Cayetano's office again and told them what DOH said, but got no response. Perhaps they have more important things on their end to handle. Now I'm not being sarcastic there.... I truly mean it. Because if my son is important to me, to them other matters are more important as well.

My hubby and i recently went through an incident that tested our relationship and love for one another. And I felt the same fear that I had felt when Ameer was born. I was so scared and angry all over again. I thought that I was going to lose my husband and it was killing me deep inside. The thought still scares me because the matter has not been resolved as yet. I cannot handle the situation should I lose my husband after two years of losing our baby. I cannot accept the fact that I had already lost our son, and might even lose the father for something he is innocent of.

I have been put through so many tests and I know this is to test my faith and the relationship I have with my husband.and with myself. After Ameer's death, my one and only best friend passed away due to AIDS last year and he was only 26 and just like with Ameer... I never got the chance to say goodbye nor did he tell me while he was alive that he was getting worse.  I just wish that one day fate gets tired of putting me through too many tests even even I haven't recovered from the first.

I miss my baby Ameer and since I had him cremated and his remains are always beside me whenever I work and sleep (just like right now), I still feel the agony and the desire to hold him in my arms and nurse him, smell his soft and warm baby skin and milk on his mouth, hear him cry and laugh.... I feel that a piece of me has been stolen from me and I want it back.

I know I have two angels right now keeping watch over me and one day I'll be able to be with both of them. Right now, I know I have a role to fulfill as a mother and as a wife and I should not break down completely because they need me. I still busy myself with writing projects and with my soap business to stop myself from going back in time.

I want to thank everyone who passed by and read through my post. I am truly grateful for the concern, care and love you all have showed me and that had helped me immensely especially during the most lowest moments of my life. I never got the warmth and support from our family and friends especially from a number of my husband's friends (since I found out after that they had actually been encouraging him to leave me during the time I needed money to get out of the hospital).

Being a mother is the most wonderful feeling and blessing in the world especially while you are carrying your unborn child in your tummy. I pray and I hope that other women also treasure this blessing and learn to love their babies regardless of the circumstance that led to a new life as children are not to be blamed or punished for being brought into this world ...  They are blessings NOT problems.
Title: Re: My baby died when he was only 22 days old. I only saw him ..dead...
Post by: tashasabs on April 29, 2012, 10:37:56 pm
I feel heartbroken after reading your story sis.  :'( I can't even imagine how I would cope with what you went through. Walang-wala ang pinagdaanan kong hirap sa nangyari sa 'yo and I can't help but cry habang binabasa ko yung story mo. It was heartless and cruel, to the point na napaka-inhumane ng ginawa nila! Kahit ako nakakaramdam ng galit sa pambababoy na ginawa nila. Unacceptable. I will include you and your baby in my prayers sis. I pray that your little angels will keep on watching over you.
Title: Re: My baby died when he was only 22 days old. I only saw him ..dead...
Post by: kissablesam on August 15, 2012, 05:37:09 pm
Hello Ameerstouch, glad to hear your story again! stay strong lang sis, tama ka makakasama mo din someday your son ameer and your bestfriend pero bear in mind always na andian lang sila up above watching over you, so kung may pinagdadaanan ka think of ameer mawawala ang sakit. grabe niluha ko last year sa thread mo sis! i really feel your pain! sana nga magkaroon ng updates yang case mo sa kanila. il be praying for you still, god bless you sis!!
Title: Re: My baby died when he was only 22 days old. I only saw him ..dead...
Post by: mjane13 on August 16, 2012, 06:01:30 am
mommy Ameerstouch, i defenitely understand how you feel...ako rin kasi, my baby died when when she was 1yr and hospital din and I also feel na nagpabaya ang hospital and yung doctor na naghandle sa kanya..hindi na namin nagawang actionan yun..kasi during that time, sobrang emotional..1st baby ko yun, and wala din kami enough money para mag file ng case laban sa doctor o sa has been 5 yrs since she died, pero hangang ngayon masakit pa din and i miss her so much..maraming beses na i'll find myself thinking if she was alive right now, nagaaral na dapat should be the child who's going to bury the parent not the other way around..
Title: Re: My baby died when he was only 22 days old. I only saw him ..dead...
Post by: YanYanYanYanYan on September 18, 2012, 09:51:14 pm

 :'( Thank you sa napaka touching na story sis. I don't know what's the right thing to write. Halos nakalimutan kong nasa work ako while reading what happened to you.

We all know what's God plan for you and your family. With all the pains, sufferings and sacrifices that you and your family had from the past there will always be a bright side. Just have a positive outlook in life, iwanan na rin natin ang hatred. I know it's hard but everyone needs to move on and live life to the fullest. I know it's hard to forgive and forget at this kind of situation but we know in time you'll find the happiness and peace in your heart. Atleast you have a guardian angel now which is Baby Ameer.  ;) I know he'll guide you all throughout.

Be safe always sis.

Title: Re: My baby died when he was only 22 days old. I only saw him ..dead...
Post by: mommymaureen on September 19, 2012, 01:33:19 am
sis ameerstouch ,

I was crying while reading your story..... i can't help but cry....

Just always remember, God always hear our prayers... He knows what's happening to us.....  Just be strong and keep your faith in God..

May God bless your family sis....Ameer is happy right now with our Heavenly Father.....

You are a brave woman so stay strong :)
Title: Re: My baby died when he was only 22 days old. I only saw him ..dead...
Post by: momi95 on September 19, 2012, 02:07:45 pm
Mommy Ameerstouch, your story really touched me.  Just pray.  It'll be your strongest weapon. Things will be on its right place, in time.... take care
Title: Re: My baby died when he was only 22 days old. I only saw him ..dead...
Post by: Morefun on October 19, 2012, 07:26:05 pm
I'm in the office and sobrang luha ko and I don't care if my officemates can hear me.  Sobrang sakit sa dibdib.  I'm really sorry for your loss.  Sobrang hirap talaga maging mahirap sa Pilipinas.  Ako din, nakaka relate, bilang mommy at bilang  isang Pilipino na walang pambayad para sa isang matinong healthcare.  May naranasan din akong ganyan, sa OSPITAL NG MAYNILA.  Mga walang kwenta mga tao dun.  Sobrang salbahe magtrato ng mga pasyente ang mga nurses dun.  Mabait naman ang mga doctor.  Baliktad nga duun.  Mas matapang makipagsagutan ang mga nurses sa doctors.  Sa umpisa ko pa lang nakita na mistreated ang mga patients dun, nag ka second thoughts na ako.  I trusted my instincts at kahit kapos kami, hindi na kami bumalik doon at nag pa ospital na lang ako sa maayos na ospital. 

Sis, I pray for you and your family.  Especially the two children that you have.  Don't stop believing.  God will give justice.  Muntik na din mawala sa akin ang baby ko kaya, I really feel yung sakit. 

I hope you're ok now.  God bless you and your family!  I speak peace, justice, wisdom, financial freedom, blessings, open doors, open opportunities, love, kindness in Jesus' name I pray, AMEN!
Title: Re: My baby died when he was only 22 days old. I only saw him ..dead...
Post by: Morefun on October 19, 2012, 07:45:40 pm
In our church, the pastor talked about what the bible says about babies going to heaven.  He said that God loves children and that someday we will be reunited with them.  God will not make pabaya the babies.  He loves them and He takes care of them.  Someday, I know you and your baby will be reunited in heaven.  God bless!  Jesus in you, the hope of glory!
Title: Re: My baby died when he was only 22 days old. I only saw him ..dead...
Post by: preciouslara on October 19, 2012, 09:20:38 pm
@ameerstouch keep the faith mommy you will get the justice that you seek...i know kahit gaano pa katagal lumipas ang panahon hindi na mawawala yung pain na nasa heart natin, tayong mga nawalan sa buhay pero we have to keep on living para sa mga natitirang tao na minamahal natin at kelangan tayo...hugs and kisses to you mommy:)

 reading your story makes me remember all the hardships that i also been through nung 1st pregnancy ko, dont know what hurts the most seeing your baby already dead or watching your baby slowly dying right in front of you, yun kasi nangyari sakin pero alam ko pareho lang masakit yun, unexplainable pain...

be strong mommies and always have faith in God :)
Title: Re: My baby died when he was only 22 days old. I only saw him ..dead...
Post by: imiyeeyesiam on February 11, 2013, 05:17:11 pm
Hi mommy ameerstouch..ano napo update sa kaso nio?nkakarelate ako lalo sa mga pasyente namin na walang wala talaga..minsan kami nalang gumagawa ng help them narin..