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Title: Child Custody: Does my parents has/have rights when it comes to my child?
Post by: akosisam on September 24, 2012, 01:32:49 am
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Hello to all!
I'm a teen mother, 18 years of age to be specific.
Though I'm a teen mom, do I have the same rights like any other Mom who's in legal age or legally married?
Does my parents has/have rights when it comes to my child?
Please help me dear moms  :(

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Title: Re: Child Custody
Post by: chococream on September 24, 2012, 08:25:41 am
syempre sis, teen, old or at your 20's mom kay you have all the rights in the world over your child, mawawala ang rights mo over your child when you yourself inflicted or caused physical, emotional damage to your child and his or her future. children below 9 or 7 years old are always awarded full custody over the child kahit sino pa yang taong yan na kukuha sa anak mo. Granted that you want full control of the welfare sa anak mo and will work to provide everything your child needs (financial, emotional, social ) needs ng anak mo.

Having a child is no easy feat, its a hardwork every second no pauses, or breaks its a job 24/7 without any leaves, absences but if you love your child. Hindi mahirap, kung hindi masarap every moment. The struggle is pointless.
Title: Re: Child Custody: Does my parents has/have rights when it comes to my child?
Post by: akosisam on September 27, 2012, 12:07:03 am
Hi Sis sorry late reply. Thank you for that.  :(
Ang gusto kasi nila eh maging dependent ako sa kanila para kontrolado nila kami ng baby ko.
Nung wala pa kasi akong baby independent ako. Kung ano ang mga problema ko ako nag reresolba sa sarili ko.
Hindi ko na sinsabi sa kanila kasi ako pumasok sa problema so ako din dapat ang dapat makalusot sa sarili ko.
But everything changed nung nag ka baby ako.
Siyempre sila nag shoulder ng gastos and everything up to now so controlled nila ako.
Ayaw ko kasi ng ganon.
Naiintindihan ko rin naman sila kasi magulang sila.
And ako magulang na rin ako, pero siguro sadyang iba lang talaga ang pananaw ko.
Title: Re: Child Custody: Does my parents has/have rights when it comes to my child?
Post by: inkee on September 28, 2012, 12:55:30 pm
mommy akosisam, they will have the right kung totally dependent ka sa kanila. It maybe kasi na napapakita mo sa kanila that di mo pa kaya for now. lahat tayong mommies gusto masunod for our kids, but since you are living with your parents ( i assume lang ) and they are making gastos for you and for your child, you will have to make sunod sa gusto nila. baka lang kasi nakikita nila na di mo pa kaya. di rin maiiwasan makialam sila kasi parents nga sila at magiging magulo lang lalo kung kokontra. Anyway sumunod ka nalang muna sa kanila for now, and sikapin mo na mapakita soon na kaya mo na to stand by your own na kasama ng baby mo para di na sila makialam sa inyo ng anak mo. tiis lang muna mommy akosisam, God is good. di ba sabi nila pag may tiyaga, may nilaga... lol... smile na diyan. :)
Title: Re: Child Custody: Does my parents has/have rights when it comes to my child?
Post by: sweet&spice on October 02, 2012, 03:17:10 pm
Sis, I do understand your feelings, especially na yang feelings mo, came from somebody from that age. It may be that you had a child, just to remind you that you need your parents kahit papano and that you really cannot do this alone ------ at least at this time.

When I had baby, I was of age, but I had to compromise and eat a lot of my pride. I am very independent too at that time and revolts around rules in the house, considering na adult na nga ako at that time and working. Pero when I had baby and his father abandoned us, my parents although galit super, had to 'adopt' me and care for me. We were both angry at each other. I was asserting, I am your child, please don't focus on the embarassment and ask me how I am. They were focusing on we were good parents, how could you have disgraced us?

But I realized, I cannot nurture my son properly and a little more balanced, if without my parents. My son needed a father figure and while kahit may differences kami ng parents ko and we both might have said painful words, kapag kailangan naman talaga, they are the only ones who would really help you ---- kahit na masama ang loob nila.

You have all the rights over your child, but do you really want to risk yung health and wellbeing niya, just to be independent? Di mo pa kaya. You have to study first. Finish school, so you could provide better. Compromise and accept na at this point, you need them more, if not for you, for your kid. Do you really want to deprive your child of another person that could love him/her?