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Title: What do you do in case of fire emergencies?
Post by: on January 24, 2013, 02:36:59 pm
First time experience na magkasunog sa subdivision namin in Lagro and it was just 4 houses away. Nakakatakot pala. Because of that we had a thought that we should hang our list of things to save first on these situations. I'd love to share my list here:

Ang kalaban talaga in times of fire is panic. I'm a list freak but the lists really help me have a clearer mind most of the time:-)

Malapit na naman ang season of fire emergencies sa summer. I hope I am able to help.
Title: Re: What do you do in case of fire emergencies?
Post by: mika-madz on January 24, 2013, 05:28:33 pm
sis, kami nasnugan talaga ng bahay at bakery business last 2005.. bago yun, palagi ko na iniisip yun mga dadalin ko kung sakaling magkakasunog sa amin. kase sa news di ba palaging may sunog kung saan saan.. pero pag nandun ka na pala, mahirap magisip.. ang una mo a lang gawin e ilikas ang mga mahal mo sa buhay. iba kase pag sa inyo mismo nagsimula ang sunog at iba pag sa kalapit bahay lang. pag ganun malamang talaga may ma save ka. sa case namin kase damit lang na suot namin ang dala namin. napakahirap masunugan.. pinakanakakapagsisi talaga yun di mo naisave ang mga pictures/albums ng family. :(
Title: Re: What do you do in case of fire emergencies?
Post by: on February 25, 2013, 04:01:22 pm
hi sis, i'm sorry to hear na naexperience nyo yon first hand. feeling ko mata-trauma ako. and yes, minsan madali magsalita pero pag panic mode kana, baka mahimatay ka nalang. thanks for reading my article:-)
Title: Re: What do you do in case of fire emergencies?
Post by: DasmaMama on May 07, 2013, 05:11:19 pm
Na-experience ko to dati, tapat ng condo unit ng mom ko nasusunog. Andun kame sa unit ni mama, 1.5 months pa lang akong nanganak (CS). Binigay ko si Baby sa mama ko then ako kinuha ko lahat ng important documents, cash (that time nasa isang bag lang). Then kumuha ako ng konting gamit ko at ni baby.

Ngayon naman, yung mga important documents and cash nasa isang bag pa rin and lagi kameng may naka-pack na things (in case of biglaang trips). Yung bag ko andun lahat ng valuables ko - wallet, car keys, etc).
Title: Re: What do you do in case of fire emergencies?
Post by: seven82 on July 11, 2013, 03:50:27 pm
my husband lost an uncle in a fire early this year. tama kayo mga sis na kalaban natin ang panic. pero pwede din natin gamitin to our advantage yung adrenaline rush na naexperience in times of emergency.

meron kaming ready na fire extinguisher near the main entrance and may nakaready na ax near the main door din pero kami lang ng husband ko may alam. we have a 4 year old daughter kasi, mahirap ng mapaglaruan. we also have one place kung saan nakalagay mga important documents para isang kuhaan in case of emergency,
Title: Re: What do you do in case of fire emergencies?
Post by: Roxi on August 16, 2013, 12:45:37 am
A very recent experience:

While staying at my In-Law's place at a posh village in Makati, our next door neighbor's house caught fire. I was woken up by my husband quarter to 5 in the morning. I even fell on my knees because I was literally lost and didn't know what to do. But when he yelled again "May sunog!" I hurriedly carried my son and was about to leave the room (we were in the 1st floor) but turned around for my bag (I didn't have my phone pa with me) and just left.

When you're in the situation, you wouldn't know what to do anymore. I was literally standing by the front door for a few seconds before me and his little siblings were pushed by my husband to leave already! It was only then I saw the raging fire on the second floor next door. Very near my in-law's bedroom and the breaking windows woke them up.

I didn't grab anything else. My lil sis-in-law only had her laptop with her. My little bro in-law was crying so much. When we saw the fire, we started running down the street away from the house yelling "Sunog! Sunog!". Posh village, so I was hoping they'd understand and people would care that there were people yelling outside. Soon enough, helpers were coming out of houses, lights were turning on.

After us, second thing that was 'taken out' of the house were the cars. My husband and mother-in-law hurriedly drove the cars away from the house and parked it on the next street. I didn't know who took out our valuables but when we were already in another neighbor's house, our gadgets were there. My husband apparently got our bag pa after we go out. My MIL went back for the kid's school bags and for their office laptop so in the worse case that the house also catches fire, they still have something.

Thankfully, our house didn't catch fire and everyone was safe. The scary fact is that our neighbor whose house was on fire didn't wake up and get out of the house until my FIL started shouting at their house. They didn't know their house was on fire! One of their kids (older I suppose) had to jump from his room on the 2nd floor just to get out. He suffered an injury and had to undergo surgery. But heck, at least he's alive!

I wouldn't worry about the material things especially if the fire is very big and can no longer be controlled. Just get your family out and on the way out, grab what you can.