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Title: 2nd Son, also with ASD
Post by: MissPychi on February 04, 2013, 04:46:10 pm
Hi Moms (and Dads),

I haven't been in this chat room/forum for quite sometime now (a few years)... I just want to vent out my frustration...

My 3rd child (youngest of 3 kids - boy 12.5, girl 6, boy 3.5 yr old) was just diagnosed by Dra. Jocelyn Eusebio to have ASD (mild), same with my eldest son...

He was first assessed by Dra. C. Malijan when he was 2 yrs & 9 months at that time.  I didn't go to Dra. Eusebio at that time because of the long waiting list.  Atat na ako, I can no longer wait for my son to get assessed since I have a gut feeling that his is not as normal as his sister, but not as "special" as his brother.

Dra Malijan's assessment just shows that he just seems to be delayed specially on the language side.. but still within the normal range.  We were asked to return after 6 months.  During this time, I decided to have my son started in OT and SP,  just in case - better safe than sorry.

 We went back, but the result came back the same and this time, I was not able to get the formal assessment report despite 2 follow ups made... that prompted me to go back to Dra. Eusebio (6 months after)

When the formal diagnosis came, nagunaw na mundo ko... the first thing na pumasok sa utak ko...."daughter, I'm so sorry! So sorry that you have to take over the responsibility of taking care of your 2 brothers when the time comes na wala na kami ni Papa mo...".  It also crossed my mind na sana hindi ko na sila pinanganak sa mundong ito... ang sama kong ina, to let them grow up experiencing the difficulties of a person with ASD!

Now, I am just hoping, na sana, mag improve nalang si bunso, improve ng napakalaki to the point that he will almost be as normal as anyone of us... I can't say that I'm in denial, but I'm not also saying that I am not!

 :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'(
Title: Re: 2nd Son, also with ASD
Post by: Mommy Jazz on February 04, 2013, 09:49:58 pm
Take it easy muna mommy. Pareho po kayo ng  case ni Sis riddermark (,136.msg796096.html#msg796096). Autism is a spectrum, baka naman nasa outer shade lang si bunso. I don't believe na lahat ng may ASD are dependents for life.
Title: Re: 2nd Son, also with ASD
Post by: Kermy on March 17, 2013, 02:40:16 pm
Question lang po Mspychi...

Do you think related sa vaccine yung autism nung 2 sons mo?
Title: Re: 2nd Son, also with ASD
Post by: Errych on March 18, 2013, 07:03:43 pm
I agree with mommyjazz. Early intervention is always the key. Good thing that your son is undergoing OT sessions now. Because our goal, as OTs, is to help your kid do his activities of daily living independently. Some kids that I know with asd are also gifted. So why not try helping your child discover his gift.  My prayers are with you mommy.  :)
Title: Re: 2nd Son, also with ASD
Post by: MissPychi on March 19, 2013, 12:52:08 pm
I can't say if vaccines played a part in turning my kids into the spectrum.  Although they did completed their vaccines.

We stopped his OT and replaced it with 2X a week ABA.  The option provided was either 1X OT and 1X ABA or 2X ABA.  We opted for 2X ABA since mas sulit sa tingin namin.  But his current ST disagrees.  What happened was we have the ST and ABA Case manager meet nalang so that they can set same the goals for my son.  Nababagalan kasi ang ST niya sa development ng speech niya, although there is definitely improvement naman.  Btw, his ST disagreed that he was immediately labeled mild ASD by the doctor.  She didn't see anything wrong with him except maybe his limited exposure to language use.

Let's see after 6 month how this set up goes and we'll review the goals.

I'm feeling much better now since I am focusing and appreciating whatever milestone he was able to reach, at least kahit papano, may magandang development in such a short period of time.  My next concern is where to enroll him next school year.... traditional school or montessori type school... he had his nursery at traditoonal school...
Title: Re: 2nd Son, also with ASD
Post by: NanaylovesAJ on March 20, 2013, 08:50:12 am
Hi guys.. sorry offtopic... what' s ABA? what's the diff between OT and ABA?
Title: Re: 2nd Son, also with ASD
Post by: Mommy Jazz on March 21, 2013, 11:04:05 am
^ ABA is discussed on these threads:
SPED tutorial vs ABA therapy,55148.

autism spectrum disorder,136.msg797301/topicseen.html#msg797301

Title: Re: 2nd Son, also with ASD
Post by: riddermark on March 22, 2013, 04:07:21 pm
just saw this. thanks for mentioning me mommy jazz.

as what some of you here already know, i was also devastated when my youngest also cannot communicate nor have meaningful words at age 2. he was also seen by our devpedia and initially diagnosed him with T/C ASD. I didnt mind the first2 letters, i only focused on ASD. that's when i started telling/sharing that i have not just 1 kid with ASD. the youngest has better eye contact so she said we pray he'll do good on his therapies...which he did! we only had a month session of OT and he was good to go for Speechtherapy. though his OT released him his doctor however thought otherwise, he needs some behavior therapy (which until now we're not able to get him one - OT said it's no longer under his care).  youngest is continuously improving with 1/wk speechtherapy and schooling. second assessment no longer says he has ASD (at least not written). doctor only verbalized that he is on the lighter shade of the spectrum since he still shows some behaviors and mannerisms similar to that having autism.
Title: Re: 2nd Son, also with ASD
Post by: MissPychi on April 04, 2013, 05:02:35 pm
Hi riddermark,

Your story gave me hope!  Sana si bunso din ganun.  He has good eye contact naman din and can ask for what he wants - "drink water", "mama higa", "mmmm, sarap!", "di pwede", "hinge", ... limited lang ang usage and understanding ng language, which also means he still cannot tell us "stories".

Title: Re: 2nd Son, also with ASD
Post by: riddermark on April 29, 2013, 02:44:48 pm
he is still delayed in some aspects most esp speech. though he can communicate what he wants but still very much delayed. phrases pa lang not sentence but at least.  he learns faster than kuya of course, yun nga lang i can still see some signs and his behavior talaga ay to watch for.   cant focus kasi active - hyper daw sabi ni doctora which others say usual kakulitan lang ng toddler.

the improvement came about when we enrolled him in a playschool. though it took him a quarter for us to see the big improvement in terms of speech. he is still echolalic, and behaviors that need to be addressed talaga but we dont go to OT na so ... we'll see.  transitioning him to traditional preschool na. he is very playful, such a baby pa daw. though he could get the lessons yun nga lang i still have to find out his learning style.

good luck to us!
Title: Re: 2nd Son, also with ASD
Post by: MissPychi on May 16, 2013, 12:51:44 pm
... for the past few weeks/month, I've seen improvement kay son.  He is now more madaldal and he seems to be asking appropriate questions narin.

last night, I was trying to have him shower before bedtime, but nagta-tantrums siya.  What I did I called up his papa (kasi takot siya dun) and let him hear his voice na pinagsasabihan siya to stop.... he mellowed down after, then he said, "mama, ayaw ni papa?" while looking straight at me... his question shocked me.  This is the first time I heard him say something in complete sentence like this.... this brought tears to my eyes, I didn't let him see it, and I just continue to explain why ayaw ni papa...  some more speech continued until the evening before siya natulog... he is in a happy mood na during that time at he continues his "talk" pa after...

...sana tuloy tuloy na ito....

Title: Re: 2nd Son, also with ASD
Post by: MissPychi on July 01, 2013, 05:12:18 pm
Bunso will be having his follow-up check up with Dra. Eusebio this month... I'm both dreading and at the same time hoping the best doon sa magiging result...  :-\

...dreading na baka na baka sabihing walang improvement... or very little improvement, therefore, mild asd pa rin - baka mataas ang magiging expectation ni doc sa kanya
...hoping the best that his chances to improve is malaki... meaning in a few months time, he can be as normal as any kid his age can be... hope we can get more info on how to help him improve more...
Title: Re: 2nd Son, also with ASD
Post by: on July 02, 2013, 01:34:47 pm
Pero sis hndi naman sya echolalic?
Title: Re: 2nd Son, also with ASD
Post by: MissPychi on July 03, 2013, 12:44:09 pm
hi darna88,

...he is (or was) echolalic.  but naka move-on na siya sa stage na yun... but he still repeats phrases or question which he usually hears from us, just out of the blue, not during the time when we are asking him.

...actually, them more I read about mild asd on-line, the more convinced i am that he really has mild asd... nasa denial stage pa rin ako...  :'(  hirap talaga tanggapin.

Title: Re: 2nd Son, also with ASD
Post by: riddermark on July 09, 2013, 09:44:02 am
been a long time since i visited SP again. hi mommies MissPychi and darna88! 

i'm a bit sad and disappointed today. i accompanied my 2nd son to school to learn that he's showing behaviors that might caught the owner's attention...sana hindi naman ganon kasi sort of katigasan ng ulo lang. sometimes he doesnt want to sit tapos na gaya niya ata isang classmate from the old school, humihiga sa sahig. im thinking he's just not into it.. sa activity na ginagawa. baka hindi masyado enticing sa kanya wala syang gana. play school kasi sya before e kaya medyo lax. defiant na rin sya ngayon doesnt want to follow or kapag challenged or napagalitan mas lalong hindi gagawin yung pinapagawa mo.

pano kaya i handle itO?  i was optimistic pa naman we wont go being having mild autism kasi di naman sya properly Dx. verbal lang yung comment ng doctor about him might having mild autism. i really think he's not pero sa behavior na pinapakita at dahil delayed speech pa sya .... oh well.
Title: Re: 2nd Son, also with ASD
Post by: on July 09, 2013, 11:00:18 pm

sorry to hear hat sis :( sabi mo sis nagbabase ka din sa pagbabasa mo on-line may nabasa kaba na once na madiagnose na mild-asd pwede din mawala or once it is there andun na yun?.......sis i've heard naman pagka repeating of phrases na out of the blue its called delayed echolalia" .....lapit na ba punta mo sa doctor? but is your son attending a regular school? maybe you could ask his teacher ano tingin nila..
Title: Re: 2nd Son, also with ASD
Post by: MissPychi on July 11, 2013, 12:57:13 pm
@riddermark son is in a regular school... and I'm not sure if it's helping him or not.  the last feedback we had from the teacher is, it's too early to say, if he can or cannot catch with with the lessons... kasi nga dahil dun sa k-12. lahat nag aadjust, pati teachers.  so more or less, the kinder teachers are now teaching supposed to be nursery kids pa... eh mostly makukulit at malilikot.  he can sit still, sabi nila much improved than when he was in nursery, plus mas madaldal na siya...  :-\
... paano i-handle? if ako, I'll have him transferred nalang sa mga montissori school (tama ba spelling ko???), better nalang yung approach base sa capability ng learning ng kid kesa pilitin ang hindi pa naman kaya as of now... kaya ako, I am ready to transfer my son to JASMS sa 2nd sem, if hindi na niya ma-cope up ang regular school... I just hope JASMS will accept him.

@darna88 answer your question if pwedeng mawala ang mild asd, ang alam ko, basta asd ka, asd ka na, lifetime... may mga cases na nagkamali lang ang diagnosis ang doctor kaya they say nawawla pag laki.  there will always be actions, etc which will show that he is different from the other regular kids.
...well, it seems may delayed echolalia nga si bunso, replacing the "immediate" echolalia?  :-\ waah....!'s appointment is near end of the month, but I still need to re-confirm pa, paminsan kasi namo-move depende sa last minute activities ni doc...
Title: Re: 2nd Son, also with ASD
Post by: MissPychi on September 03, 2013, 12:47:54 pm
...done with bunso's check up last Aug 24.

Results came back the same... mild ASD. 

But he has improved a lot daw from his last check up.  Sobrang talkative naman siya this time.

Main concern is on comprehension,  Need to work on that.

Also mentioned at she prefers him to be in a classroom of 10-15 kids only.... but his school has around 25-30 kids per room. But then again, doc says if the school says they can handle him, then she's ok with it.  next check up is on March 2014. step, meet with his school teachers and get feedback... schedule is this Friday, report card giving day...

haaayy. buhay... *disappointed*  :(

Title: Re: 2nd Son, also with ASD
Post by: MissPychi on September 13, 2013, 04:21:58 pm
...went to the school and got his report card.

Surprisingly, he got good grades.  The lowest grade he got was for his writing, which is at 76.  This is something we have been working on since we stared with his ABA.  So this is still acceptable.

Feedback from his teacher were also surprising.  Other than his limited interest (or lack of interest?) in doing workbook activities, overall he is in-line with his other classmates.  His average score did not put him in the last ranking in the class standing either. step, I put him under the school "tutor" to further assist in his academics.  Hindi kasi siya nakikinig sa akin kapag ako ang nagtuturo... dina-divert ang lessons namin sa ibang topic!

Let's see how this goes....
Title: Re: 2nd Son, also with ASD
Post by: awesomeMom22 on September 13, 2013, 08:42:01 pm
Hi sis, ano po sa tingin mo reason why both son mo may ASD?
and hindi po ba agad nakita sa newborn screening nila yung problem na un..?
Title: Re: 2nd Son, also with ASD
Post by: MissPychi on September 16, 2013, 04:13:26 pm
Hi awesomeMom22,

...sabi nila, when you already have 1 child with ASD, chance of having another is at a greater risk....
...newborn screening cannot determine if a child has autism, hind naman yang nakikita sa dugo or sa abnormality ng dugo...

oh well, I still love him very much, no matter what!  :)
Title: Re: 2nd Son, also with ASD
Post by: on September 18, 2013, 10:05:25 pm
sorry to hear sis :(...di ba un sa 2nd child mo sis its mild asd and her elder borther as in asd? ano napansin mo na big difference nila sis?.................... dun sa anak mo na may mild sis ...1st diagnose ba sa kanya mild kaagad?
Title: Re: 2nd Son, also with ASD
Post by: MissPychi on September 19, 2013, 12:40:22 pm
Hi darna88,

Si kuya has mild ASD rin.  But bunso's condition is milder pa compared kay kuya.  This is based on my observation ha.  And I think their dev ped would also agree.

Si kuya kasi ang first sign nakita namin is hindi siya lumilingon kapaga tinatawag mo siya sa name niya, plus he spins wheels of toy cars.  Si bunso, walang ganun, nauutusan mo pa nga, but he has tantrums and delay ang speech niya, then medyo echolalic.

Si kuya, 1st diagnosis is mild ASD na.  Si bunso, 1st and 2nd ay may delay lang (sa ibang dev ped) But since hindi ako convince na may delay lang siya dinala ko siya sa dev ped ni kuya, 1st diagnosis sa kanya mild ASD na.

But bunso is very lovable and he socializes naman.  Hindi tulad ni kuya na mahiyain.

...sabi nga ng husband ko when he found out, "...the buck stops here..." wala ng mag dadala ng surname niya to the next generation....  :(

Title: Re: 2nd Son, also with ASD
Post by: MyAdie on September 19, 2013, 01:00:51 pm
Hi MissPychi,

Does your husband mean your boys will not get married and have kids of their own? I'm sure your kids will be both capable of raising their families in the future :o)
Title: Re: 2nd Son, also with ASD
Post by: MissPychi on September 19, 2013, 01:38:46 pm
Hi MyAdie,

Yes, that's what he means.  I also feels the same way, specially for kuya...

But for bunso, we're still keeping our fingers crossed, kasi mabilis naman siyang matuto lalo na nung nag start na kami ng mga therapies niya... and he is more "in-tune" sa amin and sa surroundings niya compared kay kuya...

Kawawa nga si unica hija (middle child), she will have to take over our responsibilities someday.  Hope she will be strong enough to take it... :'(
Title: Re: 2nd Son, also with ASD
Post by: on September 20, 2013, 10:21:55 pm

sis bale kay bunso echolalic and speech delay lang ang issue tapos mild asd na? :(  ....pero nakakapag present naman sya sayo si bunso ng toys to share enjoyment?.. yun kasi ang tanong sa assessment madalas di ba? tinanung din ba sayo yun?...and he plays appropriately naman sa toys di ba ..........does he points out the things he is interested with?
Title: Re: 2nd Son, also with ASD
Post by: MissPychi on September 23, 2013, 08:33:24 am

- He does bring things to show you, but (not that I'm being pessimistic) in my observation, he sees kasi what his sister does (show and tell) and tries to imitate her... but in the long run, he "learns" to do it on his own.  Hindi na tinanong ng dev ped niya regarding dito

- For playing with toys, sabi ng yaya niya before, he used to play with wheels of toy cars, but again, the frequency of this action is not too alarming, tulad ng kay kuya.  Kaya mga 1-2x ko lang napansin.  It seems to have stopped kasi hindi ko na nakikita.  Parang dumaan lang siya sa phase na yun.

- He also points, or rather, he "learned" to point.  Kasi nga he usally "imitates" what his sister does.

Most of the time, if you ask him something, and he is not concentrating on your question, iniiba niya ang topic or answer, but if you ask him to focus, more or less, nakasagot naman siya ng maayos. 
Title: Re: 2nd Son, also with ASD
Post by: Mommy Jazz on September 23, 2013, 10:01:17 am
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Title: Re: 2nd Son, also with ASD
Post by: on September 25, 2013, 05:56:47 pm
Misspsychi pano yun sinasabi mo na tantrums? kung echolalic and speech delay may consideration na pala as mild autism?..........sis sa pm ko sau dito kona sasagutin...baka kc hndi na phase" yun echolalic ng anak ko kasi 3 years old na sya ,,, :-\   may certain age kaasi na dapat wala na sya
Title: Re: 2nd Son, also with ASD
Post by: MissPychi on October 02, 2013, 10:45:29 am
Hi darna88,

Tantrums? e.g. shouting or screeming, jumping up and down (lumilndol tuloy ang bahay... we live at the 3rd floor)

Reasons for Tantrums? e.g. hindi nasunod ang gusto, masama ang gising, sometimes naman kapag may routine na na-disrupt? (tulad ng lumipat ng lugar or pwesto ang sister niya nung kumakain sila - sabay kasi sila laging kumakain, nagagagalit na si bunso... )

But...- takot siya sa papa niya.  everytime na nasisita siya, tatahimik naman at tutulo nalang luha - mukha tuloy siyang kawawa.
Title: Re: 2nd Son, also with ASD
Post by: MissPychi on February 28, 2014, 06:23:19 pm
Kuya & bunso are scheduled for a follow up check up with Dra. Eusebio on March 08...

Keeping my fingers crossed for ANY positive feedback from Dra.... specially kay bunso....

...looking forward, but takot sa maririnig from the Dra....   :-\
Title: Re: 2nd Son, also with ASD
Post by: MissPychi on March 10, 2014, 01:00:11 pm
We're done with our check up with Dra. Eusebio...

Bunso's performance was impressive.  He has very good sitting span and everything went very well.  He showed Dra. he can read simple words and was able to reply to Dra's questions properly/correctly most of the time, this made Dra. smiled and advised us to continue his schooling under his current school (which is actually not recommended initially  due to the number of students per class - more than 10).  :)
On the downside, he still has fleeting eye contact and he doesn't reply or he diverts the topic if Dra. ask him something he cannot answer.  :(  Therefore, he is still diagnosed ASD, Mild.

As for kuya, well, Dra. said just to allow him to graduate nalang sa current school niya and focus on looking for a vocational course where we can enroll him to enhance his drawing skills, he's very good with details and has good peripheral vision (he said he wants to be an architect when he grows up). Diagnosis? He was previously ASD, Mild.  But now, ASD lang.  :(

Sana they, specially bunso, keeps on improving... at makahabol na sa level ng kids typical of their age, lalo na emotionally....
Title: Re: 2nd Son, also with ASD
Post by: annie0312 on March 19, 2014, 05:56:48 pm
I have a cousin who has ASD. Hindi sya nakakapagsalita,  not a single word. She can make very little sound, like cat and dog sounds. Even when she cries, wala ka talagang maririnig na sound or iyak. Makikita mu nalang sa facial expression niya. Hindi sya marunong maligo mag-isa. Kapag nag poop sya hindi sya marunong mag hugas. Is it because wala yung parents niya. Tita ko lang kasi ang nag aalaga sa kanya. I'm not saying na hindi sya natutukan or naalagaan ng maigi. Iba pa din kasi ang alaga ng ina. Nung bata pa sya nakakapag salita naman sya 1-2 words. Pero ngayon, as in totally wala na.

My only advise to you mommy is to continue talking with your sons. Continue communicating with them and as much as possible never get tired of teaching them and assisting them with their needs. Start from the basic like simple hygience. It's very important talaga. So that when they grow up they can take care of themselves. Yan kasi ang wala sa pinsan ko kaya siguro imbes na mag improve sya, naging worst pa.

By the way, my cousin is 21 years old now.
Title: Re: 2nd Son, also with ASD
Post by: MissPychi on March 20, 2014, 12:39:06 pm
Hi maarcee_0312.

I totally agree with you!

I believe that we had short comings on how we were able to treat kuya during the times na ka-age pa niya si bunso.  Although we gave all the therapies he needs to help him, he indeed needed someone who can converse or talk to him during this time.  Unfortunately, ang yaya niya nun (no offense kay yaya, she took great care of kuya naman), hindi talkative, tahimik lang din... and both me & his dad are usually not around, since we're both working.

Kay bunso, since na-experience na namin kay kuya ito, we had a watchful eye on his development, we kept talking to him, asking him questions ("what" sa umpisa, then "who", then "where", now we're asking him "why").  He learns to understand the question and give the correct answer after a few days of constant conversations lang, although he is still delayed for his age, but the good thing there is may steady improvement siya... dyan ako napapa-ngiti.  Sa self-help skills, wala naman problem, he can eat, pee/go to the bathroom. change clothes by himself.

For your cousin, I'm sorry to hear about that. Sayang talaga ang mga chances to help her improve, kahit life-skills sana, naturuan siya... nanghihinayang ako sa kanya, lalo na girl pa siya.... what does her parents say about her?  Sana may hinabol na theraphy now, kahit na life-skills lang....
Title: Re: 2nd Son, also with ASD
Post by: annie0312 on March 20, 2014, 04:27:47 pm
Her family lives in Ireland. Bata pa lang sya iniwan na sya dito sa Pilipinas.  Nakakaawa nga sis kasi babae pa man din. Before, my mga therapy sya, pero ngayon wala na.  Nag aral din sya sa sped-school. siguro mga 2-3 years lang sya ng school tapos hindi na. Para kasing hopeless na yung case ng cousin ko since hindi sya nakakapag salita. Sa ngayon yung tita ko nalang ang nagtuturo sa kanya. Naisip ko lang panu nalang pag nawala na yung tita ko, sino nalang mag aalaga sa kanya. May magulang at kapatid nga sya pero parang wala naman. Kung nun nga hindi sya naalagaan panu pa kaya pag tanda niya.
Title: Re: 2nd Son, also with ASD
Post by: on March 22, 2014, 02:18:30 am
grabe naman yun parents niya talaga iniwan sya ? considering na may asd anak nila hndi ba nila naisip na sa ireland free pa ang theraphy for kds we asd baka ams naging functional ba yun anak nila hayy :(
Title: Re: 2nd Son, also with ASD
Post by: MissPychi on April 29, 2014, 09:51:46 am
 :'(  :'(  :'(

...I suddenly feel low, depressed again... I was asked by an aquaintance if my bunso has mild ASD.  This person is already someone who knows me/us and my children quite well.  But suddenly the questions feels different, it's like a realization, is it that obvious that he is in the spectrum?  I can't shake this feeling off.  All the feeling I had when he was initially labeled came pouring once again....

Grabe, hirap, parang emotional roller coaster!
Title: Re: 2nd Son, also with ASD
Post by: MyAdie on April 29, 2014, 02:14:18 pm
Hi Ms. Pychi,
I can relate. Kahit alam kong may ASD ang son ko, tapos everytime na may assessment and ganun pa din ang dx, nadedepress pa din kaming mag-asawa. Whatís good about your son is, he is verbal right? Iíve quite a few friends na non-verbal pa din ang child nila, which also worries me pagdating sa son ko kasi until now babbling pa din sya and heís turning 3 in July. Though nag speech therapy na siya 2x a week plus OT twice a week also.
Just pray and bear in mind that the Lord will always be with us every step of our journey.  Let s us still be thankful that we are still blessed with angels no matter what.
Title: Re: 2nd Son, also with ASD
Post by: airam_love on May 28, 2014, 07:03:35 am
Good day po..
gusto ko lang ishare worries ko and hopefully makakuha din ng advice regarding sa anak ko. She will be 3 sa june.. hindi pa kasi sya gaano nagsasalita.. yung converasation type sa salita.
pero marami sa sya kayang sabihin n single words.. may mga 2 words din na pakonti konti.. she always ask 'sino to o ano to?" Pag may nakita sya na tao na hindi niya kilala o may bagay n hawak. She can say 'ligo n' pag gusto na niya maligo. O "wash" pag may nakita sya dumi "dirty n" sasabihin niya. She can ask and can say " tubig..kain..tinapay..chocolate coke..etc etc pag gusto niya. She know all the names of her playmates ang cousins.. pati mga tita at tito niya alam na mga names at kaya niya twagin. Whenever makakita sya matanda she will say " lolo or lola" even yung mga pey namin alam niya names. Mahilig din sya makipaglaro she can say "habol" pag gusto niya magpahabol.. knows how to play with dolls.. telephone. Lutolutan.. she can say some parts of her body. And she loves to sing a lot.. un nga lang yung iba lyrics hindi maintindihan. Pero alam mo kung ano kinakanta niya. Pag ilang beeses niya narinig ang kanta kaya na niya sabayan sometimes with actions pa.  hilig din niya sumayaw may ibat iba steps sya sa mga songs. Hilig niya mag pose.. at mag selfie. Ngaun niya ginagaya niya yung mha mini me ng pagrampa at pag pose.. pag hawak na niya yung toy mic niya sisigaw na sya " what up madlang pipol" un lang maiintindihan.. pero parang magpapakilala sya with posing posing. Ginagaya niya si ryza at alam niya mga dance moves ng mga sikat na kanta.. she
lovesspicture books.. tatanong niya "ano to" tapos pag sasagutin ko kaya naman niya ulitin. Pag ask mo sya she will reply with "opo or hindi po" clearly..she knows yung mga basic na gamit at kung para san sya ginagamit. Pati yung mga characters kilala na and she can say their names like dora.. kitty.. minnie mouse.. dyesebel..etc.. pag nasa simbahan kami alam na niya when to knell.. pag our father n tataas din niya kamay niya. hindi din sya money para ilagay sa basket..
Pag may hawak sya pera alam niya sabihin na "money biyi kendi or coke"  she can reconize mga kilala niya kahit sa pictures..pag tatawagin mo sya alam naman niya sumagot ng "oh"  tpos pag wala ako sa paningin niya she can say "san mama" o kung may hindi sya mahanap " san celphone.. san money.. etc.." tpos pag nakita na niya she will sa " ayun".. automatic na din sa kanya pag nagising na sya papatayin na niya yung fan tapos lalabas na ng room.
Minsan feeling ko okay naman sya pero minsan napapaisip ako kung may problema ba sa kanya.. hindi pa sya potty train till now.. magsasabi na lang sya pag tapos na niya.. hindi din niya kaya magpoint using ng index finger niya.. sasabihin na lang niya kung ano gusto niya o kaya  buong kamay ang pagturo niya. Pag naiinis sya hilig niya magtapon ng kung ano ano.. pero madili naman sya idivert kunwari nung nag swimming kami ayaw niya umahon..nung pinilit ko sya nagwawala sya.. pero pag sabihin ko punta tayo dun may maganda.. titigil naman na sya..
Tingin nyo po delayed lang ba sya sa pagsasalita? O need ko na sya ipatingin sa dev ped. Ipapasok ko na sya sa day care sa pasukan. Un kasi advice ng pedia.
Title: Re: 2nd Son, also with ASD
Post by: MissPychi on June 25, 2015, 05:23:20 pm

Bunso is now in Grade 1, mainstream schooling.

We just got back from his recent assessment from his devped... same diagnosis  :( :( :( :(  I was so hopeful that the Mild ASD he was branded before would now be lifted since he has improved a lot, but no...

I'm now thinking of having him checked out... 2nd opinion from another devped... mukang in denial ba ako?

Title: Re: 2nd Son, also with ASD
Post by: familywoman on June 26, 2015, 08:59:52 pm
Hi MissPychi.

Kung feel mo na yung 2nd opining makakapag bigay ng comfort sayo tingin ko pa 2nd opinion ka na lang.
Kay Dra Arranz-Lim baka pwede. Sa ngaun ang sched niya nasa Aug na. Syapo nag assess sa anak ko eh.
Title: Re: 2nd Son, also with ASD
Post by: darling on August 13, 2015, 04:00:20 pm
 Hello po!!

   i have 5 yo son diagnosed ASD AUG12 2015.. sobra bigat talaga bilang nanay makita at malamn mo na ganun si baby ,o.. takot ko lang kasi i have 2nd child boy, sa ngyun ok ang eye contact at responce pag nilalro namin, sana po god wag sya magaya kay kuya,, mga sis sng ASDba kapag ng theraphy naman maari bumalik o maging normal ang buhay nila like reg kidz? malala ba ang ASD?
Title: Re: 2nd Son, also with ASD
Post by: on August 14, 2015, 12:53:01 am
as far as i know sis depende kasi sa category ng ASD . meron kasi high, classic and mild....

yun mga matatalino but kulang lang sa socialization is what they call aspergers and they are capable to have family pa nga .

i dont know lang sa tanong mo na kunga na label na asd kung bumabalik sa normal ang buhay nila?....some say yes but some nagkakaganun kasi na misdiagnose lang. what i know kasi once label its a lifelong condition. ...but definitely sis theraphy will really help our kids and will help them improve. mahirap nga lang sa bulsa magastos and dapat talaga mag save a lot for it :(   
Title: Re: 2nd Son, also with ASD
Post by: darling on August 14, 2015, 09:35:27 am
 sis ang anak ko sumsagot sa tanong ko naman kaya lang un mga tinuro pa lang muna sa kanya, nakikita ko din na parang gusto niya humabol din dun  age niya. social skills, language/speech delay sya. communication din pala un ang delay sa kanya, hindi alam ang tanung na saan? alam niya ano to? kaya un ang tinuro namin kagabi s akanya,,
Title: Re: 2nd Son, also with ASD
Post by: Rain Here on October 14, 2015, 06:40:47 pm
Hi! I'm a newbie here... I'm so glad that i found a thread like this... It made me realize things na hindi ko narerealize not until I found this thread and read what's in here.... I have a 4-year-old son... Speech and language delayed, as a result he cannot communicate what he wants... ang tanging malinaw na pwede niyang sabihin na gusto niya ay "Dodo" (milk)... He follows simple commands pero kelangang ulitin ng ulitin... He does not respond immediately sa pagtawag namin ng name niya... working Mom ako at naiwan siya sa pangangalaga ng parents ko... ang tagal kong in-denial na may problema ang anak ko, not until nakapagbasa basa na ako sa thread na ito.... The guilt is killing me.. bakit ngayon ko lang narealize na may problema ang anak ko... ayokong manisi ng ibang tao, kundi sarili ko lang... Please Mommies, help me where to start... ang tagal kong inantay na magsalita siya, not realizing may problema na pala.... lagi kasi nilang sinasabi, lalake kasi, magsasalita din yan etc.... Please help me, i need your advices...                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               
Title: Re: 2nd Son, also with ASD
Post by: darling on October 15, 2015, 11:06:24 am
@mommy Rain
  Hi! ala mo apreho pareho atyo ng sitwasyon, 5 yrs old na anak ko ng harapin ko ang katotohanan, kung hndi namin na enroll sa regular school,hindi pa namin na push na dalhin sa DEV ped. Mommy  dvise ko hanap kana ng DEv ped tapos pa assess mo na sya, kung wala pa pwede naman po aya na ipa theraphy mo sya while waitng for the sked..
Title: Re: 2nd Son, also with ASD
Post by: Rain Here on October 15, 2015, 03:25:03 pm
@Mommy Darling!
Ang hirap.....pero salamat talaga sa mga katulad ng mga nasa thread na ito kasi may pwede akong pagkuhanan ng info kung saan ako dapat magsisimula.... Yap, ipapasched ko na siya for dev ped assessment... Can you recommend a dev ped for me? sino dev ped ng son mo?
Thank you Mommy Darling for your reply.... We will pray na malagpasan ng mga anak natin ang mga developmental delays na ito....
Title: Re: 2nd Son, also with ASD
Post by: darling on October 16, 2015, 11:02:24 am
@mommy Rain..

Hay naiiyak ako naman while writng this reply to you,
Si Dr Jack Herrin sis dun ako mag papa 2nd opinion,, kasi lat time kay dDRa Falcotelo kami,, bigay ko sayo number ny Pm ko sayo..taga san ka pala?
Title: Re: 2nd Son, also with ASD
Post by: Rain Here on October 19, 2015, 04:17:56 pm
@Mommy Darling.

Thank you for always taking the time to reply.
I have sent PM to you. please check... paki-PM mo narin number ni Dr. Jack Herrin para try ko makakuha ng sched for appointment so we can start na sa journey.. A journey given especially for us, special moms with gifted child.
Title: Re: 2nd Son, also with ASD
Post by: MyAdie on October 20, 2015, 12:37:06 pm
Hi Mommy Rain Here,

Aside from speech delay, is there any other "red flags" that you have noticed? Kasi if speech delay lang, I'm sure makakahabol siya once makapag-therapy ang son mo.  Limit tv and gadgets din and laging kausapin.
Title: Re: 2nd Son, also with ASD
Post by: Rain Here on October 21, 2015, 06:59:39 pm
Hello Mommy MyAdie,

flapping of hands, saka yung hindi niya agad pag respond sa name calling, kelangan ko pang lakasan ang boses ko or sumigaw para mapansin niya ako... grabe mag tantrums (siguro dahil nga speech delayed, hindi niya masabi ang gusto niyang sabihin, kaya dinadaan sa iyak).... pag may gusto siyang gawin katulad pag namimili kami at ako ang naglagay ng mga napamili namin sa cart, magwawala na siya, kelangan ulitin namin un na siya ang maglalagay para lang mapatahan siya.... alam mo nga Mommy MyAdie, until now lagi ko parin siyang tinitignan at hoping and praying na katulad ng sabi mo pag speech delayed lang makakahabol siya, kasi tinatry ko rin siyang titigan at may eye contact naman siya pero limited lang.. pag nakakakita kami ng airplane, sinasabi ko where's the airplane, at ituturo naman niya sabay sabi "epleyn"....
with regards to tv and gadgets, we have started to limit him kasi napansin ko rin yan, madalas ang tantrums niya at hindi maganda ang attention span niya pag may hawak siyang gadgets. nagsisisi nga ako bakit ko pa siya hinayaang humawak ng gadgets... for 4 years, now ko lang narealize yan...
Sorry for the long reply ha, I just want to let other mothers like us na marealize na ang exposure sa gadgets pag sobra sobra talagang masama...
I'm really thankful, i found this thread... talagang helpful for me to start and go on.... lagi kasi akong umiiyak lately pag umiiyak na yung panganay ko kasi hindi niya masabi ang gusto niya.lagi ko siyang sinasabihan na sabihin ang gusto niya para maintindihan ko... 
Title: Re: 2nd Son, also with ASD
Post by: MyAdie on October 22, 2015, 10:58:04 am
Hi Mommy Rain Here,
Sadly, the 2 red flags that you mentioned that are apparent now in your son are the 2 things also that I noticed in my child 2 Ĺ years ago. Meron din syang spinning of wheels and tiptoeing. But the good thing is, nung nag start na kaming mag therapy, nawala na yung flapping and now he consistently responds when I call him. My child also has eye contact but then, the sustainability is the issue. Titingin pero di matagal, but I know that he is listening.
My son underwent therapy when he was 1year 10mos and when he turned 3, nagsimula din akong matakot kasi I was thinking na baka hindi maging verbal. But when he turned 3.5years, he started to speak though not yet conversational.  And he learned to read on his own.
So never lose hope.  Kahit naisip mo na late ka nang marealize na possible na may special need ang son mo. Whatís more important is alam mo na where to start.  And a tip that I can give you is when he starts his sessions na, ensure that what is being taught by your therapists is reinforced sa bahay.  Kasi di ba 1-4 hrs lang sila a week sa therapy pero sa bahay dapat talaga ang training.  Plus, lots of prayers kasi nothing is impossible with the Lord. 
Title: Re: 2nd Son, also with ASD
Post by: Rain Here on October 22, 2015, 03:33:41 pm
Hello Mommy MyAdie,
Isa pang napansin ko din yung sustainability ng eye contact niya, hindi rin matagal... saka hindi agad niya agad makukuha yung command sakanya... Nawa makakuha na kami ng appointment for dev ped...
Thank you!
Title: Re: 2nd Son, also with ASD
Post by: darling on October 26, 2015, 10:47:13 am
@ Mommy rain.. tingnan mo sya mommy kung nag line ng mga toys niya dn,,
anak ko simula nun ng theaphy na iiwasn niya  na mag line ng mga toys
Title: Re: 2nd Son, also with ASD
Post by: MissPychi on December 04, 2015, 07:08:51 pm

...I never went to another dev ped for a 2nd opinion.  Tinagap ko na lang ang assessement niya... maybe at the back of my mind, I know na tama siya...

Unfortunately, we have to lessen his ABA session to 1x a week only (sometimes hindi pa natutuloy). We also stopped his Speech therapy due to unavailable slot since full time na siya sa school and complete with tutor pa after his class.

He's currently not doing that well in his subjects in school, specially sa math, failing lagi.  Seems like may attention and comprehension problem siya... but the teachers were not recommending him to be transferred out, yet... but we might end up looking elsewhere if his current school finds him "not suitable" under their standards...although they are fully aware of his ASD.  :'( :'( :'(

I no longer know if we should still push him to excel in his current school or just give up... one side of me wants to but the other side still won't give in... bottom line, I seemed to still be in denial... ironically, after fully accepting kuya's situation, kay bunso, I can't?

 :'( :'( :'(
Title: Re: 2nd Son, also with ASD
Post by: darling on January 26, 2016, 11:12:30 am
@ Mommies!!

 Good Day PO!
i have two sons 6 yrs old and 1yrold and 7 mons, si bunso preterm, si eldest diagnose ng ASD :'( now yung bunso delay ang locomotor niya, he cn't sit alone, sa walkerna g strt pa lang sya mag move, he cn't stand alone,( alalayan ko pa).. pwede ko na po sya kaya patingnan sa DEV ped?

Title: Re: 2nd Son, also with ASD
Post by: Rain Here on February 24, 2016, 08:09:59 pm
@Mommy Darling!
Hi! I believe patignan na si Bunso sa Dev Ped for earlier identification at ma-assess agad for timely treatment or referrals... Maganda parin na Dev Ped/other skilled healthcare providers ang mag recommend sayo ng dapat gawin or mga daily exercises para makatulong sa locomotor improvement ni Bunso mo... Hoping and praying that it is just delayed and maka-cope up agad si Bunso mo sa locomotor devt niya.
Title: Re: 2nd Son, also with ASD
Post by: daddi101 on March 22, 2016, 08:34:57 am
hi mommies and dadies. I am newbie here..

My son is showing signs of ASD and we are really devastated and at lost.. We are to consult to a development pedia next Tuesday to know the reality and how to help our son. I am still positive and would not want to lose hope but when I look at my son, I feel like crying and asking why.

he's 3and 3 months old and still not talking though he says jollibee  "kabi" every time he sees him..  He doesn't respond when we call him but he can follow simple instruction like "get your slippers". he does some of the signs like walking in tip toe and spinning in circles but not really often. I noticed kapag excited sya tsaka po eto nagyayari..

I read and search about ASD and I think our next step is the OT and speech therapy..  though depends on what the doctor will say.. Can anyone recommend and help us with this please?

Is there really an improvement considering that our son is still not really talking?

Thanks and appreciate your help..

Title: Re: 2nd Son, also with ASD
Post by: MyAdie on March 28, 2016, 11:53:33 am
Hi daddi101,
Your devpedia will mostly recommend your child to undergo OT and Speech therapy.  Usually OT muna to improve focus and increase sitting time before speech.  Donít lose hope. Iíve known a few who eventually talked when they turned 4 to 4.5 years. I too felt my child will not be able to speak. But at 3.5 years old, he started to talk, sing and read all at the same time.  I never taught him to read, he learned on his own.  I noticed lang with my child, before he was 3, he can babble and say a few syllables so I guess if you child does that, makakasalita din siya. Just trust in the Lord, all in His perfect time.  Samahan ng maraming prayers, it really works. Plus always talk to your child. Kahit feeling mo di siya nakikinig, lagi lang kausapin. Play music also, kahit mga nursery rhymes muna tsaka action songs. Engage him in action songs. For kids with ASD, itís key they know how to imitate kasi thatís how they will learn. Ang anak ko, di madunong manggaya dati pero pinagtsagaan namin sa action songs.  Everyday. Hanggang natuto siya manggaya.  Though at 4.5years old, di pa talaga siya conversational pero looking back, ang laki na sobra ng improvement.  Basta prayers, coupled with all the help that you can extend to your child Ė therapy sessions, attention sa house, continuity of whatís being taught in his sessions sa bahay, and lots of patience, youíll see improvements later on.

Title: Re: 2nd Son, also with ASD
Post by: daddi101 on March 30, 2016, 11:36:44 am
Thanks mam MyAdie. we have confirmed that yesterday with the Dev pedia, ASD. We immediately researched and look for therapy centers and tomorrow will his first day. We were saddened but not that much as I am already expecting but deep inside I was hoping na developmental delay lang. but that's it, confirmed. mahirap but I think it's best for the early intervention to kick in. I still believe na once natuto syang magsalita and makipagcommunicate, everything will follow.

Salamat po ulet..