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Title: help! I was Endorsed for Termination
Post by: roselsmom on May 28, 2013, 09:21:20 pm
Hi mommies! I need your help, I am lost and don't know what to do...

I have learned that I was endorsed for dismissal or termination because of schedule adherence. What happened was:

I was late 5 times this month, and I was not able to call-in on-time when I need to be absent. By the way, mga mommies, I am working in a BPO kaya mahigpit pagdating sa schedule.

What do you think, mga mommies, do I wait for my supervisor to discuss it with me and take it from there, or should I pass a resignation? Thank you for your advices in advance!
Title: Re: help! I was Endorsed for Termination
Post by: Errych on May 30, 2013, 11:33:24 am
Hi sis, are you familiar with your COCD or do you have an employee handbook?  Better review it first. Are all those 5 instances documented with notice to explain followed by notice of decision? Each occurrences kasi should be documented with before they can jump to the next incident otherwise this is not valid.
Title: Re: help! I was Endorsed for Termination
Post by: ahyzeyuh on May 30, 2013, 12:40:44 pm
hi sis , i also works for BPO and super strict din sa amin when it comes to tardiness/absences.

for dismissal dependi yan sa company policy , before they can terminate someone dapat my mga pinirmahan kang warning at involved din dapat yung HR.

dito samin points system, if we reach a certain points due to tardiness/absences my verbal warning muna, then written etc basta dapat documented. if walang nagbago sa attitude ng employee after several warning and coaching, rerefer ni project sa HR for the sanctions. After HR at waleh, ganoon pa din, yun na, tsugi na

Title: Re: help! I was Endorsed for Termination
Post by: happymemom on May 30, 2013, 03:45:50 pm
Hi sis! I agree with them. In short, dapat may due process bago ka iterminate. Dapat you were informed and given the chance para i-answer ang allegations sayo. Or else illegal termination ang mangyayari.
Title: Re: help! I was Endorsed for Termination
Post by: roselsmom on May 31, 2013, 02:06:40 am
hi mommies! thank you sa mga responses. I know that i'll undergo sa due process, i was just surprised to learn lang talaga na my supervisor endorsed me to DEF or termination....knowing that our account has been disolved. Anyway, mga mommies, thank you for your advises, good news: i think my manager didn't approve it because it has not been served.
Title: Re: help! I was Endorsed for Termination
Post by: keih liwanag on May 31, 2013, 11:54:46 am
sis, good to know it wasn't pursued. but just for your guidance, please read your company policies and employee guidebook. it should be stated there the productivity clauses, performance metrics, conduct issues, and should include a topic about tardiness and the corresponding sanctions.

in our case here sa company (and i presume most of the companies), accumulating number of absences/lates doesn't make us decide whether or not to dismiss an FTE (full time employee). we follow process, standard process wherein there has to be documentation that you have been (either which) verbally warned, written warning was served, suspension (there should be days-ranges too), before we can proceed to dismissal.

there also are some companies that they have the FTE undergo a performance management wherein you'll be monitored and there'll be catch ups and evaluations lets say every 2 weeks or monthly. it can go upto 6mos of monitoring. meaning, we don't fire people instantly. unless for some cases like harrassment that of which when you check in your handbook, first offense should be dismissal.

good luck sis, and hopefully everything gets a-OK soon. and it is indeed true, your managers can approve or disapprove. play with them well.  ;)
Title: Re: help! I was Endorsed for Termination
Post by: BlueAby on June 07, 2013, 03:15:50 pm
Ako sis nagkaron ng ganyan. Although flexible naman ang sched namin, napag initan lang talaga ako ng lead namin. Para maiwasan na bawian niya ako sa grade, nagparoll-off na lang ako sa project namin. Kaso badly dahil under parin pala sa kanya ang grade ko and binagsak nga niya ako. Nagkaron ako ng performance management sa new project ko. It was for 1 month. Sabi weekly daw may meeting for follow up. Sa weekly meeting na yun, sabi ng new lead ko na nagagawa ko ang objective. Until dumating na ang 2nd to the last day ng month. Kinausap niya ako for mid-review daw. Sabi niya may mga di daw ako nagawa ng maayos, na sana eh nasabi na niya sa akin nung una pa lang. May isa pa na pinagawa sya sa akin na review document. Sabi niya dapat daw mas improved na review ang ginawa ko as in inexplain ko pa daw dapat kung bakit kailangan nung reviewee na gawin yung nakita ko na mali. Samantalang nung tinatanong ko sa mga matagal na sa project kung nasan yung mga nagawa nilang ganun (as my reference sana) eh di nila alam kung saan yun nilalagay. Tapos sa akin mag-eexpect sila ng malaki samantalang yung mga matagal na eh di pala yun ginagawa.

Ending.... I need to file resignation para di na lang ma-terminate sa work. I'm really bitter of what happened na sa ilang years ng service ko eh maaalis lang ako dahil sa minsan ay may lead ako na pinersonal ako masyado.

I have shared my side sa HR, Manager, lead, even senior Manager. But walang nangyari.
Title: Re: help! I was Endorsed for Termination
Post by: Barbra Mae Vidal on January 08, 2019, 02:49:35 pm
same experience sis. I was given a NI (needs improvement) by my boss for last year's performance kasi di ko daw nameet yung expectations. Pero I was able to release to production yung first ever subcontracted process namin despite being heavily pregnant at maraming issues. Anyway, when I got back from ML last May 2018, ayun nagusap kami about 2017 performance na ganun nga. End of June nagpirmahan ng PIP or performance improvemant plan. Lahat ng nakalista dun e existing projects will definite timelines so talagang matatapos ko sila. By 1st week of August, pinatawag na ako ng HR to discuss performance daw. I was given "options", stay ng walang kasiguraduhan or resign with "financial assistance". Syempre dun na ako sa option 2. Bilin pa ng HR at boss ko, e wag ko daw isasama si husband ko (we're same company but he's a technician at performer talaga sya) kasi magkaiba kami ng case.

But, on my last week, 3 of my colleagues (all senior engineers resigned). Araw araw may nagresign. Then the ff weeks may mga sumunod pa. Karma is real.