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Title: single mom of 2
Post by: Jenni2788 on November 09, 2014, 02:39:50 am
I am a newly single mom of 2 who lives at my parents house. I hate conflict but I really hate when I try to discipline my kids the way I want to but my mom goes right behind me yelling at them as if I wasn't here. I need advice on how I can set up boundaries with my kids and getting respect for it since its their house.
Title: Re: single mom of 2
Post by: sweet&spice on November 29, 2014, 01:02:33 am
It's true when they say, he who pays the rent, sets the rules. If you can afford to completely, finance all your children's needs, then you are given enough "leeway" to parent them. Freedom really comes with a price

Realistically though, you need your parents to watch over them while you work. Your best strategy is to work so hard and earn your parent's trust that you could stand by your own when they die

Right now with limited resources, have a heart to heart talk to whichever parent you're closer with, and present your problem. Have one room to contain essential things for you and your kids. Make that your kingdom.