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Title: what about the "other women"?
Post by: mami che on March 21, 2016, 11:47:04 pm
we often hear issues about husband's infidelities left and right... but curious lang ako sa side ng mga mistresses... are they really in love? naniniwala ba tlaga sila sa mga guys at ngbbulagbulagan kahit di tutuo? do they just want something from them? money, work or kulang sa attension?  feeling ba nila mas mganda and yummy sila compared to the legal wives? are they doing it just for fun in expense of breaking a home? ano purpose nila to think na aware naman sila na bawal yun? then at the end, sila naman madalas ang talo 😳
Title: Re: what about the "other women"?
Post by: michelle cruz on October 27, 2017, 02:56:49 pm
based on my experience, there are women who thought they have found the right person at the wrong time kasi may asawa kaya pumapayag na maging other woman. some naman, enjoyed playing with married men kasi mas exciting. mas adventurous. that is why i hate these kind of women. wala namang mangyayari if they wont open their legs. gusto din naman nila kasi. maybe masaya kasama si hubby or lagi kasing nagtitreat si hubby... karamihan sa kanila nasa age ng late 20s to early 30s... siguro mga wala pang goals na naacchieve kaya pa-sway sway lang. mabababaw.

Title: Re: what about the "other women"?
Post by: Cameron Toulene on November 09, 2017, 03:10:54 pm
the side of the other woman lol
my best friend has been the other woman and kahit ow sya, friend ko sya. pero malimit ko tlagang sabihan - he will never leave his wife for you. and true enough. ganon talaga yun. most men are so high up in the air that they need for their egos to be stroked by many. the problem is them - the men and the other women who allows it.