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Home Needs / Managing Your Home Efficiently
« on: March 18, 2019, 11:01:46 pm »
iPrice: Thanks to modern technology, the appliances are your household products that you must get for your house or office.

Vacuum Cleaners
As an integral tool in keeping your home clean and tidy, the vacuum cleaners will be your best friends in getting rid of dusts and dirt from the floor and other surfaces. While looking something that you see from sci-fi, the robotic vacuum cleaners are wonderful products that prove to be ideal as these automated cleaners clean your home while you are away. If you require a portable vacuum cleaner, the handheld vacuum cleaners are able to reach that certain narrow areas where traditional vacuum cleaners are unable to do so.

Laundry Machines
While getting your clothes to be cleaned and dried can be a mundane activity, the laundry machines are there in making your life to be more comfortable and convenient at the same time. Nowadays, the highly efficient washing machines can wash your clothes without using a lot of water in the process. As for the drying machines, they are essential in drying your clothes in an instant.

Eat Well & Live Long

- Cooker Hoods
Basically, the cooker hoods are essential in our modern lifestyle as they can remove airborne grease, fumes, smoke, odor, heat, steam and other combustion products from the air by filtration and evacuation of the air. In other words, this means that you will be getting cleaner air especially in the kitchen.

- Cookers
Essentially, the cookers come in many sizes and shapes that suit your needs. However, most are being designed specifically to cook either rice or other food. Not just that, some cookers utilize pressure cooking, steaming or others. Yet, the multi-cookers exist so that you do not worry about getting the wrong cooker since they can pretty cook your food in a variety of ways.

- Cooktops
As the cooktops are important part of your kitchen, you will be spoilt for choice when picking the one that will suit your own preference. This is because cooktops also operate differently as one of them can be relying on gas, electric, induction or downdraft. Each of them has its own strengths and weaknesses. So, choose wisely!

- Coffee Machines
Unsurprisingly, the coffee machines have became increasingly used in many homes, offices or other places. As the coffee emerges as one of the favorite beverages for both office workers and homemakers, the presence of coffee machines are truly a blessing. The coffee machines enable you to make tasty coffee in no time.

- Blenders
From making fresh juices to delicious smoothies, the blenders are the lovely products that you need in your kitchen. As you operate the blender, you will find there is a plenty of recipes that you do with it. Aside from quenching your thirst, you can also enjoy healthier lifestyle with blenders.

- Microwaves
When you are in the hurry, the microwaves are just the products that can cook your food in no time. Thanks to modern innovation, the microwave ovens are not about reheating your food since they can even cook pre-prepared meals to perfection as well as defrosting your frozen food.

- Fryers
When you mention about fryers, you will immediately smell that lovely fried smell of your favorite French fries in your mind. Not only them, you can use fryers to fry chicken, fish, vegetables, donuts, onion rings and more.

- Mixers
Available in different sizes and shapes, mixers are your simple kitchen appliances that enable to stir, whisk or beat in a more automated process. Believe me, you definitely need them to make cakes, pastries, pudding and others. With selectable speed options available, you can have better control over your mixture.

- Freezers
When you need to store your food or other perishable items at temperatures below 0 Celsius, the freezers are your best friends for such task. Some of the freezers come with the useful ice dispensers.

- Refrigerators
Maintaining temperature that is slightly above of the freezing point of a water, the refrigerators offer the optimum storage environment for your food and others. The best thing is some new refrigerators have been equipped with the innovative defrosting feature as well as dispensing ice.

- Toasters
Whether for breakfast or supper, the toasters make sure that you always have a plate of toasts around. Aside from that, there are tons of recipes that you can do with your toasters around.

Appliances Philippines - Embrace the Comforts of Modern Technology

Air Conditioners
The cooling power that the air conditioners provide is simply incredible as it quickly engulfs the room in no time. Contrary to popular belief, the current aircon are so highly advanced that they actually consume less power than their predecessors. Not sure that, they have been designed to be eco-friendly as well. Nowadays, the air conditioners come in several different types: portable, wall mounted and ceiling mounted air conditioners.

Despite the availability and potential of air conditioners, the fans still have their place when it comes to cooling your room or home. While fans do not actually decrease the temperature of the room, the fans just blow away the heat that surrounds your own body. Eventually, this enables the natural cooling of your body to work naturally and effectively at the same time.

Cars, Gadgets and Electronics / Re: Switching from iOS to Android
« on: March 13, 2019, 11:31:07 pm »
Samsung phones are one of the top Android phones. They recently released their S10 series, why don't you try it?

I can't tell much about this model but the reviews are pretty good.

If you must upgrade from the iPhone X, would you consider iPhone XR as an option?

There are some upgrades and downgrades in iPhone XR. You better read some reviews first before deciding coz it seems like the downgrades over-weigh the upgrades. Orrrr.. better yet switch to Samsung or Huawei (see Huawei price Philippines). Check out samsung phones here.

Sale, Promos and Freebies! / iPrice Coupon Codes Mommies!
« on: February 20, 2019, 11:18:29 pm »
iPrice Philippines aggregates all the trusted online stores into a single platform from the e-commerce jungle.Besides a broad collection of products across 12 main categories from over hundreds of merchants, iPrice also offers an abundance of coupon codes and discount vouchers to help you SAVE BIG!

Check nyo to mommies!

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Travel and Tours / Top 10 Gadgets that would make Travelling Easier
« on: February 02, 2019, 04:49:11 pm »
Technology has changed the way we travel. From using our mobile phones to find our way around tourist spots to booking our flights online, travelling is now made easier thanks to these gadgets. Admittedly, mobile gadgets have made our travels easier, keeping us informed on whatís going on within the vicinity. Besides your cell phone, there are other gadgets you can use that would make travelling easier.


If youíre a heavy mobile phone user, it is imperative that you also bring a powerbank. Besides phones, you can use powerbanks to charge other gadgets like tablets, smartwatches, cameras, cloudfone and a whole lot more. Powerbanks are the answer to a shortage of electric plugs or if your other gadgets need to charge.

Automated Travel Vacuum

Sometimes, we get too excited when we travel and we tend to pack a lot. This gadget will help you save space in your luggage, helping you make room for more. In a sealed bag, youíre going to put all your clothes in and this gadget will suck all the air out. So, if you tend to shop while you travel, you can save a lot of space for souvenirs!

Action Camera

Whether itís a GoPro or a Xiaomi Yi, action cameras are helpful especially if youíre going for a splash. Most action cameras today are waterproof or has a waterproof case that you can take when you swim or experience watersports. Action cameras are also compact and can be stored easily in your carry-on.


If youíre looking for something fancier, a drone camera would definitely help you take amazing travel photos. One of the best travel drones out there is the DJI Mavic Pro which has intelligent gesture features, and can fly as high as 4.3 miles, and can shoot videos at 4K/30fps or 1080p/96fps. Drones are a little bit expensive but if youíre an avid traveler, itís definitely worth the buy.

Bluetooth Speakers

If you know youíre going to have some alone time, Bluetooth speakers would make your travels even better. Bluetooth speakers are portable and are wireless so you donít have to scramble for the aux cord or where to plug it in.

Pro tip: donít play your music through your Bluetooth speakers in public places like the airport, museums or temples that youíre planning to visit. You might like the music but others might not so be considerate.


Whether itís wired or not, headphones are a necessity when you travel. Buy a new headphone using Lazada voucher to keep you entertained while travelling, headphones enable you to enjoy your favorite videos or music while transiting towards your destination. Even if you donít use it often, just bring it just in case you get bored.


If youíre a big book reader, a Kindle is definitely something you should have while travelling. Instead of carrying heavy books and sacrificing luggage space, why not just have a Kindle on your carry-on? Itís compact, easy to carry, and convenient. Like with your headphones, a Kindle keeps you entertained and is the perfect opportunity to finally start that book youíve been meaning to read.

Universal Adapter

This gadget is important especially if youíre going to be travelling overseas. Not all countries follow the same sockets as the one in your home country so make sure you bring a universal adapter to help you charge your electronics. There are a lot of options when it comes to adapters but we recommend those that have multiple options so that you can reuse them in your future travels. If you are looking for discounts and promotions to save big on your trip then you can check out for Agoda promo code.

Multiple-port Chargers

With the number of gadgets youíre carrying for your trip, itís only reasonable that you have a multiple-port charger. It comes in handy in emergency situations where you only have one electrical plug available. Eventually, you would need to charge your gadgets at least two at the same time and a multiple-port charger would definitely help you out.

Portable Extension Cord

Like with the multiple-port charger, portable extension cords are a helpful tool while travelling. It can help you charge your gadgets even if you only have one plug at the hotel or the airport. Donít worry, extension cords are allowed in carry-ons so feel free to pack one for your upcoming trip!

Beauty and Product Reviews / Althea coupon code?
« on: January 14, 2019, 10:00:04 pm »
Any of you guys know Althea? or have redeem the Althea coupon code?

iPhones have been the smartphone of choice for many smartphone consumers around the world. Whenever the latest iPhone is unveiled, it will cause a buzz among netizens and the public. Apple Philippines iPhones have become immensely popular than Samsung phones amongst Filipino smartphone aficionados today for a multitude of reasons.
Efficient Real-World Speed
iPhones are known for setting the benchmark when it comes to performance speeds. iPhones have proven their worth in various speed tests done by experts, as the results show that they constantly outperform any other model in the market. iPhones can run smoothly even while multitasking, being able to handle demanding tasks without slowing down. Even having multiple background apps do not slow down the deviceís performance.
iPhone Apps Are More Abundant and Better Looking
The two biggest mobile app stores belong to Android and Apple. Although most of the popular apps are featured on both platforms, many tops games and apps will usually be made available on iPhone first. Moreover, there are more apps that are specially made for Apple only compared to specially-designed apps for Android. The apps tend to have a better design on iPhones compared to the same ones on other devices.
Fast iPhone Updates
Another benefit of using an iPhone is that users can receive iOS updates frequently, no matter which carrier you are using. According to statistics released by the App Store in February 2017, about 80 percent of iOS devices were running iOS 10, the latest version of Appleís operating software in mere five months after its release. Moreover, you need not change to the latest iPhone to receive updates from Apple as the company delivers updates even to devices that are three years old. For example, the iPhone 4s still receives iOS 9 support, whereas the latest-and-greatest iOS 10 is available for the iPhone 5.
No Bloatware
Another reason why the iPhone is much loved is that the iPhone does not have any bloatware. Bloatware will take up a considerable amount of storage, reducing your ability to install and download your favourite apps. An excessive amount of bloatware will also cause the device to slow down. Thankfully, unlike other phones, you will not find a single carrier software pre-loaded on an iPhone. Although Apple still includes some apps that you might not use or need, it is significantly fewer than other manufacturers. Furthermore, the iOS 10 enables users to disable built-in apps that you are not using, which is the second best option since these apps cannot be deleted from the device.
iPhones have Higher Resell Value
When most people are thinking of upgrading or replacing their current smartphone, they will sell off the older model. If you sell a one-year-old or two-year-old cell phone, you often receive much less than the amount you paid. However, when you sell an iPhone like the iPhone 6 price Philippines you will notice that the resell value will be much higher than other models.

Cars, Gadgets and Electronics / Best Laptop in the Phil
« on: January 04, 2019, 09:45:50 pm »
How to Get the Best Laptop in the Philippines

These days, we canít go without a computer or even a cell phone. What better computer to have when youíre on the go than a laptop. Laptops have evolved with technology to be a necessity and a must-have. Whether for work or for play, laptops connect you to the world out there. In the Philippines, laptops have overtaken desktops when it comes to popularity and accessibility. Due to our fast-paced lifestyle and constant mobility, laptops have quickly become a favorite to keep up with work and entertainment. When choosing a laptop, it's important to consider a few things which will be explained in further detail below.
Purpose of the laptop

If youíre getting one for work use, you might not need a high-performance laptop unless you are into design and computer technology fields. Meanwhile, if youíre looking for a gaming laptop, you will prefer one with higher specs, which might require a bigger budget.
Size of the laptop

For most of us, a laptop is a computer we would ideally take with us everywhere. From home to office, we haul our portable computers everywhere like our lives depend on it. Some of us even bring our laptops and use it to look for discounts like a Klook voucher or Agoda promo when on vacation! Thatís borderline crazy. But all in all, laptop size matters due to mobility reasons. Screen size is also an important aspect to consider.
Laptop Brands

Compared to 10 years ago, you can choose a lot of laptop brands in the Philippines. Whether you want to shop online or at the store, you can always choose the best laptop brands in the Philippines such as MSI, Acer, Alienware, ASUS, Lenovo, Dell, Compaq, and even Apple Philippines.
Laptop accessories

So youíve chosen your laptop. What's next? Time to get all your laptop accessories to match your computer. You can choose between touchscreen laptops and Ultrabooks or even Netbooks as a variety of laptops. Also get laptop cases and sleeves to protect your notebook when on the move. Batteries running low? Switch to new laptop batteries for all available brands. Or better still, get power adaptors when you need to charge the batteries. Whatever your choice, make sure your selection fits the model you own.
Laptop Price

Another thing that you should consider when buying a laptop is your budget. It doesn't always mean that an expensive laptop would give you the best specs, you just need to find a good laptop with a great price in the Philippines! Laptop price Philippines usually range from P10,000 to as much as P50,000 so it's pretty flexible in terms of price.

Home Needs / How to Choose the Right Air Conditioner
« on: December 19, 2018, 09:49:18 pm »
Air conditioners are your best friend especially when youíre just trying to get through hot summer days. When the sun is blazing out there, rays penetrating your skin and momentarily causing a burning sensation, all that we would wish to do is chill out in a cool place. Being baked in the sun while spending your time outdoors is inevitable, however, you can make your life better when you step into your home or office with the perfect aircon. Grab the latest Lazada voucher code and save big when buying the perfect aircon to beat the heat!

The first thing that you need to know about aircons is that there is not one type. You can choose between split-type, AC, portable, standing, etc. Both window AC and split AC have their own advantages. Window AC is generally cheaper and more convenient to install. Meanwhile, split AC is quieter, thus promising you a good night sleep without unpleasant AC sound. There is also a portable aircon which is great for small rooms and apartments as well as floor-standing aircons for big rooms.

Another thing that you should look at when choosing aircons is the capacity. When you choose an air conditioner, make sure the capacity of your AC could accommodate the size of your room. Usually, if you are in a room with of 120-140 Sq. ft. area, you might need an air conditioner of 1 ton. If your room is larger than that, you might have to increase the capacity of your AC.

Electrical appliances that are energy efficient can be very consumer-friendly. They consume less electricity, thus helping you to save up on your utility bills. As a smart consumer, donít forget to get yourself an energy efficient aircon. Though a bit more expensive, inverter aircons usually consume lesser electricity and doesnít wear down easily.

Indoor or outdoor, your lungs strive for clean air. A good air conditioner supplies quality air with its good filter. It makes your indoor air cleaner and ensures smooth flow of cool air. Choose an air conditioner with the most effective filter. A couple of months or years throughout the line, you will have to clean or change your airconís air filter to keep it from breaking down and maintain cool air flow.

Taking good care of your air conditioners ensures their efficiency as well as longevity. Make sure you conduct regular service as this enables optimum performance of your AC. During this servicing process, it is important to check the filters. Some can be reused while others might need to be replaced. Clean or replace the filters every 1-2 months. In addition to that, you will also have to pay close attention to your aircon coils. If they get dusty, your AC has to utilize more energy and electrify to absorb the heat and maintain a cool environment.

Cars, Gadgets and Electronics / Tips on How to Find the Right Smartphone
« on: December 14, 2018, 11:15:57 pm »
Smartphones and tablets are important possessions that keep you updated on social media and your email. They allow you to capture photos, watch videos, play games, and much more. These things make your phone one of the most important possessions. Thatís why choosing the right one is a big deal.

Android or iOs - Your Choice
If youíre not sure whether to get an iOS or Android phone, there are points to keep in mind. If you want a mobile phone that is easy to use and gets the latest apps and updates, then go for an iPhone - visit Apple Philippines. On the other hand, if you want better processing power and a range of affordable options, then opt for an Android phone.

Donít go over your budget
Many premium smartphones price list ranging from PHP20,000 and can go over PHP35,000 for deluxe editions. If you are short on budget, there are great Android phones below 2,100 RM. Some brands like Cherry Mobile phones offer solid flagships for less than PHP10,000. If you are looking for exclusive deals and discounts the Lazada Philippines is everything you need. Visit Price for further information and step by step guide to using the Lazada voucher code.

Get a good display size
If you want a one-hand-friendly phone, go for a phone with a 5.5-inch display size. Otherwise, get a smartphone with a bigger screen so you can watch your favorite movies, play mobile games or multitask with the split-screen mode. Also, smartphone companies these days are focused on ways to manufacture large-display cell phone that you can hold in one hand with ease, like the 5.7-inch LG G6.

Take note of the color quality and brightness
A 4K resolution display on smartphones definitely entices many buyers. But keep in mind that itís more important to focus on the color quality and brightness over the resolution. This is because you will be using your phone outdoors, and the screen should be bright enough so you can see it clearly. The panel of the display is another essential aspect. Itís best to choose an AMOLED screen with high HDR that displays rich colors.

Donít pay much attention to megapixels
Aside from the battery life, the camera is another essential mobile phone feature. When looking at camera specs, donít pay much attention to the megapixels, instead focus on more important features like the aperture, lens, and ISO. This is because the number of megapixels only provides details to an image when you zoom it in. So, better opt for a mobile phone in the Philippines like Samsung phones with a lower aperture, dual lenses, and high ISO.

Processor matters
Many mid-range phones today are equipped with decent processors, good enough to run demanding apps and games. However, if you want a better processor, say, for graphics-intensive mobile games, go for an Android phone in the Philippines with the latest Snapdragon chipset.

Go for a capacious battery life
Do settle for a mobile phone that houses a battery capacity of over 3,000 mAh. Itís important that your choice of phone should have a decent battery with at least that capacity. Anything less than that and you won't be able to use it for a day in a single charge. When it comes to battery life, the Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 AI has a big battery life of 4,000mAh or you can opt for the ASUS Zenfone Max which has 5,000mAh.

Travel and Tours / How to Maximise Your Holiday at Bali
« on: December 07, 2018, 10:41:50 pm »
Located at the westernmost end of Lesser Sunda islands between Java and Lombok is the island province of Bali, Indonesia. With its rich history, scenic views, and gastronomic flavors, Bali is a one-stop destination for tourists from all over the globe. This article serves as your quick guide to enjoy the beautiful destinations of Bali, Indonesia.

Where to Go To Have Fun in Bali

Bali is a place to have fun and enjoy the tropical breeze from sun up to sun down and make sure to secure your hotel ahead of time, you may check out promo to get discounts on selected hotels in Bali. You can explore the islandís captivating coastlines, experience the Balinese culture, visit historical sites, museums and temples, and party all night long with Baliís one of a kind nightlife. Thereís just so many things you can do in Bali and you can use Klook promo deals, promotions and discounts to explore further the province of Bali!

Enjoy the Beach!

With a coastline stretching throughout the island, the beach is a must-go destination for tourist who want to enjoy the sun and sand. You can unwind and sip your pina coladas at a nearby resort at Kuta, Seminyak, Legian, Jimbaran or in Ubud. If you want something more adventurous, pick up a surf board and roll with the waves in Bali where surf season is every season. On top of that, the Bali coastline is home to some of the most diverse marine life in the planet, making it an ideal spot for scuba diving and snorkelling. For beach bums, Bali is definitely heaven on earth. 

Create a Splash

For parasailing, jet skiing or banana boat Tanjung Benoa is one of the famous place to go. However, the beach is not the only way to create the splash! The Bali Waterbom Park gives you another reason to get wet in Bali! The islandís premiere water park features 17 different set of water slides and games which is spread out within 3.8 hectares of land. Enjoy a quick slide or experience an adrenaline-pumping ride at the parkís ďsmashdown 2.0Ē slide with a near vertical drop. Aside from Waterbom, you can also enjoy a maximum two-hoursí worth of white water rafting session along the the Ayung river which spans up to 75 kilometers. Class I and II rapids casually fluctuate throughout the entire stretch of the river, enabling you to enjoy the verdant Bali landscapes while on a thrilling adventure.

Visit the Temples

Your Bali vacation would never be complete without stepping foot in some of the most eye-catching temples which mirrors the rich culture and history of the island. Donít forget to capture every moment of your stay using your very own cell phone! After capturing your picture perfect moment,  you could photo book to showcase all your beautiful memories in Bali by using Photobook promo from iPrice.

Perhaps one of the biggest temples in Bali is the Pura Besakih or ďMother TempleĒ situated 3,000 feet above the Gunung Agung Mountain. Made somewhere within the 10th century, the Pura Besakih is a huge complex made up of 23 separate temples and is the epitome of Balinese ancient architecture. Another great temple situated a mile south from Tampaksiring is the Pura Gunung Kawi built in the 11th century. While it is not considered as a temple but rather, a tomb to honor the kings and queens of the past. Among other must-see temples in Bali include the Tirta Empul, Pura Bedugul, Pura Luhur Lempuyang, and Goah Gajah.

The Bali Night Life

Bali is not only a haven for adventures and sight-seeing but also for individuals who love to party! As the sun goes down, night owls from the region and fun-seeking tourist lit up the streets with beach and night clubs, night markets, pubs, and night music venues all over the coastal regions of Kuta, Legian and Semanyak. District Bali, Boshe VVIP Club, Pyramid Club, VH Bali, and Hard Rock Cafe in Kuta are major destinations if you want entertainment. In Legian you can come to Sky Garden, the Bounty, and Eikon Bar &Club, while in Semanyak local night clubs such as Jenja, and Mint Bali will certainly satiate your thirst for an island party.

A Gastronomic Adventure in Bali

One of the best ways to experience another countryís culture and heritage is to try out the local food! For tourists who are not versed in Bahasa Indonesia which is the local language of Bali and the rest of the country, here are some keywords that would help you read the menu: ayam - chicken, ikan - fish, nasi - rice, bebek - duck, babi - pork, sari laut - seafood, and sapi - beef. When on a Bali food escapade, donít be afraid to try out the most exotic concoctions and experience the islandís culture!

Restaurants to Try out in Bali

One of the best local foods that you must try in Bali is the bebek tepi sawah (traditional deep fried duck with Balinese vegetables and three choices Balinese sambal) or babi guling (roasted whole pork). Since Indonesia is a predominantly Muslim country, Bali is one of the few places where you can eat pork and all its deliciousness. The best restaurant to have babi guling is at Selingsing Cepaka located at Kabupaten Tabanan in Bali. Another great restaurant in the island is the Sunda Kelapa located at Tuban Kuta in Bali. Adding a homey touch to your favourite Indonesian cuisine such as the gurame goreng kering (fried fish) and nasi tumpeng which is an assortment of other foods, all arranged in a very appetizing manner.

Local Street Food That You Must Try

Ditch the fancy silverware and china and have a taste of Baliís street food or warung! Share a seat with the locals and mingle with Baliís exquisite array of street food that every tourist must try. Among the best things that you can try in Bali is the local sate (pronounced ďsa-teyĒ) or grilled meat skewered in lemongrass or bamboo. What makes sate awesome is its peanut-butter based sauce and definitely a must-try. Another great Balinese street food is nasi jenggo which is a smaller version of the famous nasi campur. This meal comprises of rice, tempeh, shredded chicken and a Balinese speciality, shredded coconut with a variety of spices. Quench your thirst for sweets with jaja bali which is a variety of sweets (kue) depending on the warung you buy it from. Most of the time, it includes laklak (rice flour muffins with coconut and sugar caramel), pisang rai (steamed banana), bubur injin (black rice pudding with coconut milk).

Your Doís And Doníts When Travelling to Bali

Bali is an extraordinary place that every fun-loving tourist must visit. So if you are planning your itinerary, here is a quick guide to the doís and doníts of travelling to Bali, Indonesia:

The Doís

- Do carry water wherever you go. Bali is a tropical island and the heat can get pretty intense, there are few house with aircon unit. Never drink from the tap; it tastes funny and it can give you a stomach ache.

- When entering a temple, do wear a sarong or something that would help you cover up. The Balinese have high regard for spirituality so be respectful.

- Do use both hands when giving or receiving like money or a business card. Never use your left hand since it is considered disrespectful.
- If you want to try out the local beers, do try the bintang.

- When entering a house, a building or a temple, take off your shoes or any form of footwear. Pro tip: if you see a row of shoes outside, then you would need to take yours off too.

The Doníts

- Do not touch peopleís heads. In the Balinese culture, the head is the most sacred part of the body, even for kids.

- For women, if you are menstruating, it is not advisable to enter a temple. It is also the same for individuals with an open wound.

- Never point with your index finger. It is considered rude and offensive. If you have to point at something, use your entire hand.

- Never carry or do drugs while in Bali. Indonesian laws are extremely strict when it comes to possession of narcotics.

- Donít touch or point at someone using your feet.

Bali is one of the most tourist-friendly destinations in Indonesia that every thrill-seeking tourist must visit. The island holds one of the most captivating beaches, lush landscapes, the most appetizing treats, and friendliest smiles in the country. Do visit Bali, Indonesia and experience a one-of-a-kind treat to the heart of Asia.

Cars, Gadgets and Electronics / 8 Simple Ways to Keep Your Laptop Secure
« on: December 01, 2018, 12:35:18 am »
Most people donít realize the potential of being affected by hackers and cyber risks when online which leads to the need for cybersecurity. The problem with cybercrime is that as a crime itís severely underestimated, and many donít even realize that there is a threat and completely disregard or ignore their safety online.

In the past few years, cybercrimes have been occurring with rising frequency all over the world. From spam mail and phishing to ransomware and identity theft, cybercrime can happen to any company, government, or individual. Just last year Yahoo announced that a security breach in 2013 compromised over 1 billion yahoo accounts, revealing information such as names, cell phone numbers, birthdates, passwords, and even security questions.

Another case in 2015, where millions of accounts were affected, is the Ashley Madison hack. A team of hackers known as the Impact Team revealed 37 million usersí information when the Ashley Madison team refused take down the site. Details such as addresses, names, and credit card information were revealed and spread all over the internet. A recent survey also revealed that though much strides has been made to make credit card and online payments secure, more than 60% of internet users are still afraid of cyber-attacks.

These attacks show that if large companies like Yahoo could be targeted, thereís no saying that it wonít happen to us.

As laptops are more accessible than smartphones and less unwieldy compared to desktop PCs, theyíre more likely to be physically tampered with than other devices. Disregarding the possibility of theft, your laptop can be easily hacked with just a USB stick and some malware if left unattended.

That being said, here are some simple ways to keep your laptop and the data kept on it secure.

Consider Two-Factor Authentication

As the name implies, two-factor authentication means that after inputting your password there is another step involved in logging in, usually a text message to your mobile giving you a special code. Therefore, if someone is able to guess your password, they canít login to your account without alerting you. 

A bit of an inconvenience for some, but worth it if youíre worried about your safety online, and honestly, whatís a few seconds of bother compared to your safety.

Install Some Form of Anti-Virus Software

Pretty self-explanatory, anti-virus software regularly scans your laptop for viruses and potential malware threats. Most anti-virus software has free trials or free versions so maybe consider installing one.

For those with Windows 10, the general consensus is that the Windows Security software that comes with it is a good enough security system, but for those worried itís not enough, you can also install Malwarebytes Anti-Malware. Malwarebytes Anti-Malware is a free anti-malware program that allows you to manually scan your system for whatever Windows Security might have missed. Furthermore, do consider installing an anti-virus application on your smartphones too. Malwarebytes delivers virus protection to your Android devices Ė samsung phones, cherry mobile phones, cloudfone and etc.

Use a Different Password for Everything

Most of us have one or two passwords that we use for everything but this is actually an extremely risky move and can be dangerous if someone figures out the password for your email that you also use for your bank account. If you have trouble coming up with new password maybe consider using a password generator and if youíre afraid of forgetting them.

Choose a Strong Password

Most of us use passwords that have some meaning to us, like our birthdays or middle names, so itís easier to remember, but the unfortunate flipside of that is that it makes it easier for hackers to guess our passwords and exploit them.

To counter that many people have taken to using password managers, we recommend LastPass, which saves and remembers your passwords of different accounts so that you wonít have to.

Be Wary of Email Attachments

Anyone with an email account has gotten spam mail before, maybe even fallen for one or two scams or downloaded a virus by accident. Email viruses are one of the oldest security threats, right next to the ďClick Here To Win!Ē pop ups from when the internet was still new. Even though you might think you know better, the truth is anyone can to fall victim to malware attacks. Virus senders have taken to disguising malware as email attachments, which is innocuous enough that most of us donít even think before clicking to download them.

To eliminate the possibility of downloading malware, make sure to keep a look out for emails from strangers or ones that look suspicious. Usually Google scans the attachments you receive and warns you against downloading them, so try to heed the warnings.

Donít Reveal Every Little Information about Yourself on Social Media

We use social media a lot, and unthinkingly, we share information about ourselves online that could be used against us in ways we donít realize. Locations, phone numbers, birthdates, can all be used to guess our passwords if we arenít careful with what information we share online. Try making private information about yourself sparse on your social media profiles, or at least be more careful when accepting friend requests on Facebook if you can help it.

Have a Good Firewall

You probably know what a firewall is but have no idea how it works or what exactly it is. Basically, a firewall is a program that tracks the information coming in from online to your laptop or private network. It filters out the information packets that is deemed unsafe and stops it from coming through.

There are two types of firewalls, hardware and software. A hardware firewall is usually built into your router and already turned on. Software firewalls are usually enabled by default on your laptop but if for some reason, itís turned off, hereís how you can turn it on again.

Never Leave Your Laptop Unattended

As previously mentioned, laptops are easy to steal, which is even more dangerous if you donít have a password locking it. It only takes a few seconds for someone to install some malicious software while youíre in the toilet, not to mention just picking it up and walking away with you none the wiser. Ensure that thereís always someone keeping an eye on it if you canít do it yourself, or at least install some kind of tracking device on it.

A budget smartphone with impressive front cam
Due to the increasing popularity of selfies (self-shooting photography), many smartphone manufacturers have upped their game by manufacturing smartphones with improved front cameras to allow users to snap great selfies. The Asus ZenFone Selfie is a smartphone that is built around the concept of the "Selfie" trend. Here is a breakdown of its specs and features.

Impressive look and feel
The Zenfone Selfie retains ASUS Zenfone 2ís design, giving it a similar look and feel. You can still see the distinct concentric circle pattern on its chin, the volume rocker on the back, and the overall styling of the Zenfone 2. However, it also has its own unique features such as its color and a slightly larger camera lens. Aside from that, it has a hybrid SIM slot which can also serve as a micro-SD slot for more storage.

As for the screen, the Zenfone Selfie is a 5.5-incher with 1080x1920 pixel resolution. With that, it offers sharp, bright, and detailed images. You will also have no issues viewing the device in direct sunlight since it has excellent sunlight legibility and color reproduction.

Smooth performance
The ASUS Zenfone Selfie houses a Qualcomm Snapdragon 615 processor that works together with its 3 GB RAM to let you use demanding apps and play graphics intensive games with no issues. Aside from that, it has a 4 GB compatibility, Corning Gorilla Glass 4 protection, and micro-SD card support of up to 64 GB. On top of that, it has a 3000 mAh battery that will last up to a full day of use. Although itís not a high-end device, the Zenfone Selfie is surely one of those devices that are capable of handling many smartphone tasks with ease.

Top-of-the-line camera
ASUS Zenfone Selfie boasts its 13-MP front snapper that sports f/2.2 aperture and an 88-degree wide angle field of view. Itís also equipped with 5P Largan lenses, Toshiba sensors, bluegrass filters, and dual-tone LED flashes. All these enable the device to produce sharp, detailed, and vibrant selfies with impressive color reproduction.

When it comes to the rear camera, the Zenfone Selfie does a similar performance to the ASUS Zenfone 2 Laser, shooting impressive images in indoor setting while producing decent outdoor shots. On top of that, it has a quick laser autofocus system that is accurate, making sure you get great focused shots most of the time.

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News, Entertainment and Politics / Why are Filipinos so Good at Singing?
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From singing competitions on TV and during fiesta to karaoke sessions at home, Filipinos love to sing. We love it so much that the rest of the world has perceived Filipinos to be great singers. Names like Leah Salonga, Charice Pempengco, Jessica Sanchez, Regine Velasquez, and Sarah Geronimo are known worlwide for their voices. The boom of the Internet and social media age has also paved the way for Youtubers such as AJ Rafael, Kat Badar, Albert Posis, and JR Aquino to share their talent to the rest of the world. Even popstars who are part Filipino like Bruno Mars, Nicole Scherzinger, Vanessa Hudgens,, and Enrique Iglesias are voices that you always hear on the radio.

While the topic itself is subjective, we can't deny that singing is indeed our best forte. Even for Filipinos who think they're lousy at singing, at least we have enough skill to carry out a tune in mid-range notes and perform in a choir. But why? From our culture to our language, let us explore why are Filipinos so good at singing.
Tagalog is a tonal language

Among the speculated reasons why Filipinos have an affinity to be great singers is the language. Being an archipelago, the Philippines has a great deal of dialects spoken in different parts of the country. What is "langgam" in Bisaya is different from the "langgam" of Tagalog which brings us to the common language of the country. Tagalog is the Philippine's National Language and is spoken and understood by everyone. It is taught in schools and is the main language used in print, television, radio, or other forms of media.

What links Tagalog with our vocal inclination is embedded in the way we speak. Tagalog is known as a tonal language, meaning each "tone" can change the meaning of words, even if the pronunciation is the same. This is observed in other languages such as Chinese, Thai, Punjabi, and Vietnamese. From a non-native speaker's perspective, Tagalog and other tonal languages sound like they are singing but with less effort. Because of the change in tone like the common Filipino filler "eh" in "kasi eh", speakers have a mini vocalization sessions while they speak.

Since Tagalog is a language known by almost every Filipino, you could say that we got our musical prowess from the language. However, the language of the north is not the only tonal language that is spoken in the Philippines, Illonggo, Bisaya (Cebuano), Ilocano, and Kapangpangan are also languages expressed in intonation and different tones.

We are an expressive bunch

Filipinos are very expressive. This can be observed on the way we speak with hand gestures, facial expressions, body language, and even to the extent of making sound effects. If we were any louder, we would be vocalizing notes or performing a dramatic opera. Aside from that, we see singing or karaoke at that, as a form of expression and stress relief. Nothing beats singing and screaming your heart out after finding out you failed an exam or your crush is in a relationship.

Singing in public is acceptable

While the language may be a key factor in why Filipinos are good at singing, another reason could be singing in public. While many Westerners get too self-conscious when they sing in crowded areas, in the Philippines, it is even encouraged! Even if you have a so-so or a lousy voice, people would still encourage you to finish a song and that alone is uplifting.

Among the most common ways to sing in public, aside from school and community events, is through a karaoke or a videoke. It's like a jukebox with a library of different songs which you can choose to sing, complete with lyrics flashed to the TV and a background of skateboard bails or gorgeous women in bikinis. Celebrations like birthdays, New Year's and Christmas Eve is marked with your drunk uncle singing "My Way". Even if you don't know the lyrics, the tune of the song, or you're just a tone-deaf singer, singing in public is a-okay.

Today almost all Filipinos have their own smartphone, where they can listen to their favourite music and sing to it using a 3rd party application.

Singing is encouraged and is a part of Filipino culture

With an environment that greatly encourage singing in public, Filipino parents always make their kids sing in front of elder relatives. Parents often have a CD collection of kids nursery rhymes playing as they fall asleep and encourage their kids to sing along with it. Singing is also taught in school as a part of the nursery, preparatory, and kindergarten programs. Aside from that, school activities such as "Buwan ng Wika" and "Nutrition Month" have jingle-making and choir competitions for kids who want to participate.

Remember that time when you're so embarrassed but your mom still made you sing "Bahay Kubo" in front of your grandparents? You feel so shy but they gave you candy and a few pesos, so it was worth it. In a subtle way, Filipino parents encourage their children to sing even at a so-so level without giving them expensive voice lessons. In a way, we have cultivated a culture where we encourage singing so that those who are good at it excel even better and the tone-deaf ones become so-so.

Partnered with our daily vocalizations through language, and encouragement, the only thing left to tie everything together is our culture. In the Philippines, kids as young as three are encouraged to participate in singing competitions and perform with big voices. That's why when Ellen featured a great deal of young Filipino singers including Charice to perform, we are not surprised about it. You can hear these talents everywhere in the Philippines, and that's a good thing.

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