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Pregnancy Health and Nutrition / Re: Paano magpapayat ng TUMMY lang?
« on: April 14, 2011, 12:11:28 pm »
Hi sis, you really need to exert effort and do some sit-ups. Though I also suggets a low fat diet :) Actually, your waistline (especially the fat on your puson) is an indication if you are eating too much fatty food. Try to eat more veggies and lessen fried food. :)

green tea cream frap
vanilla cream frap affogatto style

Hi sis, my skin is also dry and I make it a point to moisturize it to keep it healthy and glowing. I use drugstore brands so I believe it'll be easy for you to find these:

- Dove soap for my face and body (choose the one that is made in US or Canada because the one that is advertised on TV at Php45 per bar is made in Germany. Dove soaps that are mae in Germany is not as great as the one made in US and Canada.)
- L'oreal Derma Genesis eye cream (I apply this every night)
- L'oreal Derma Genesis serum (I apply at night on parts of my face that are extremely dry -- usually my cheeks)
- L'oreal Derma Genesis day cream with SPF 15 (I apply under my make up)
- L'oreal SPF 50 tinted sunblock (What I use if I don't want to wear make-up

I highly suggest that you get a good moisturizer with SPF for morning use because the sun can really damage your skin. Hope this helps!

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